Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nine Years

We brought Chuck and Angel, litter mates, home in a box.  They were six weeks old, and we had no idea then that we had simply no idea on how to raise kittens.  Sure, we had a litter box and a few cat-rearing tips collected from here and there, but when those little fur balls entered the house, truly, ours lives changed.  First off, they were covered in fleas and had worms.  We tried to bathe them, but were horrified by the rawness of their raw, scratched skin.  I rushed to the local pet supply store, only to find that our new cats were too young for any of the products available.  A co-worker recommended her veterinarian, and soon our problems were solved.  However, at the time I refused to let the cats onto the bed, for fear of getting bugs on me!  It's been over nine flea-and-worm-free years, and Angel still won't stay more than a few seconds on the bed; Chuck will take a nap alone once in awhile.  From that first 'no', I've never had a kitty to snuggle with at night.  We just didn't know any better (plus they were too young to leave their mama too).  These days, there are cat books and cat TV shows, and cat videos on YouTube that help a clueless cat owner, but just those few years ago...we thought we could figure it out with intellect or instinct.  Yep, Angel and Chuck changed our lives by expanding our family with furry love and silliness, and yet I still mourn that first 'no' to keep them off the bed.

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