30 June, 2024

The Sound of Silence

Let's Go Quiet.

Loud noise is harmful to wildlife, animals, and to humans in so many ways.

Fireworks are warlike, angry, and it's time to STOP.

Below is a video that I captured while at my local July 4th display, and it was breathtaking.
However, it's dangerous to our environment, unhealthy to many who are affected by the noise and flashing lights, and again, it's a reminder of WAR.

Fireworks were embraced by our early politicians, when the United States of America was newly minted.

Okay, that's fine...but we've grown up.

Time to focus on peace, quiet, and embrace each other with pride and love instead of banging away like we are watching cannons shoot at the enemy in battle.

Time to embrace our fellow creatures and our ecosystems.

Put the needs of those without voices to be heard above the racket.
My thoughts: Let's silence this tradition.

29 June, 2024

In The Frame

29 June is National Camera Day, and for my offering this Caturday, here is one of my very favorite images of Celestial Paddy O'Malley.

The driveway surface he was laying upon has wonderful texture, those green eyes, lovely tummy, and his smile; nothing captured his supreme goofiness as well.
Click on the image to enjoy an online jigsaw puzzle.

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28 June, 2024

Give Us A Sign!


The possibility of getting an ear worm is ahead...




For your gentle amusement this last Friday in June:

It's the end of a long week, and some smart-ass humor seemed like a good idea!

27 June, 2024

I Read Like It's My Job

I love to read and to listen to audiobooks.

Am so very thankful for the public library, otherwise I'd have to get a second job to fund my reading habit.

Some books that I've enjoyed recently:

Ray Clark's DI Gardener Series, Books #1 to #6 (#7 to #11 are not yet available at the library)
Kelley Armstrong's "Finding Mr. Write"
Ron Chernow's "Alexander Hamilton"
Andrew Cartmel's "Death in Fine Condition", Book #1 in his The Paperback Sleuth Series
M. A. Frick's Fate Unraveled Trilogy
Fez Inkwright's "Botanical Curses and Poisons"
Nicci French's "Has Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter?"
J. Bree's The Bonds That Tie Series

Give me a good mystery, whether it's a police procedural from the UK, a fae princess defending her kingdom, thrillers, wizards fighting crime, true crime, dragon-riding soldiers fighting dark forces, or magical cats who catch the baddie!

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26 June, 2024


For Sweetnesday, here is a photo of Sweetie actually eating!

Nope, it's not a fancy, well-staged image, but the sight of it makes me happy.
Sweetie won't eat more than a few licks for days, then miraculously digs into both her wet food and the dry kibble again.

One never knows what she'll do next.

Thankfully, her weight is good, and the fretfulness of making sure she eats may be all in the mind of the food-giver.

She gets a dab of appetite stimulant once a day, rubbed into her ear.

So, let's take a look at Outside Cat Sweetie, from June 2012.

I was already in love with her back then, before she'll allow me to touch her.
Look at that face!

25 June, 2024

Global Summer Bros

It's Twozday!

Despite the heat, Da Boyz choose to be near each other.
These photos were taken in the front room of the house, which once was an exterior porch.

In the warm Summer temps, we separate this room from the cooler, air-conditioned rooms, and Da Boyz seem to like the heat.

Plus, there are lots of windows and a door, through which they watch outside critters.
You can tell them apart in these pics, can't you?

Brown: CB
25 June is Global Beatles Day

A few comical meme's for our readers; very tongue-in-cheek!
A joke from the 1974 film, "Young Frankenstein".

24 June, 2024

Cat World Domination Day 2024

Cat World Domination Day is always 24 June, the birthday of Celestial Sparkle.
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 Cat humans already know that our feline friends dominate the world.

The Eastside Cats speak out:
Manny: "YEAH!"
Chili Bruce: "Huh?  There's a bird..."
Swee Wee: "Seriously, you are bothering me about that?"
Henry: "Hmmm...let me respond to that after a rest in the shade."
There you have it, folks!

Cats know that they rule the world, whether they really want to or not.

23 June, 2024

It's Too Damn Hot 🥵


Adult Language Ahead...

Not Kidding!



For kicks and giggles, during this early heatwave in The Midwest.
Don't know when I'll be able to wear my new-to-me cat-ear hoodie!

Isn't it darling?

22 June, 2024

Colorful Queen

For your enjoyment this Caturday, I present Queen Sweet the First, in a few of her favorite poses.

Using Prisma, I artified each one, then used Google to make the collage.
Click above to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle
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21 June, 2024

Selfie, Giraffe Style...?

21 June is National Selfie Day.

Celestial Paddy O'Malley and me, all from 2015.

Guess these are really usies...*shrug*

This annual, worldwide event creates awareness and sheds light on the Silent Extinction of giraffes.
October 2019, Giraffes at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio

20 June, 2024


A few Mock Stonehenges for your amusement:
Actually, it's difficult to believe we've made it this far into the year already!

However, am up for some dancing 'round the bonfire tonight.

Am thankful that there are others in the World who enjoy Mock Henges as much as I!

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18 June, 2024

17 June, 2024

Polly Want A Flower?

Let's celebrate all things that make our pollinators happy!

In our yard, we have:
Thimbleweed, which I think are adorable.
Penstemon or Foxglove Beardtongue, with bee friend
Red Columbine, after flowering, look a bit outer space alien, no?
Spiderwort, with Red-Banded Leafhopper
Spiderwort is named from the super-sicky sap, which is what the Leafhopper is after.
Early Meadow Rue, not yet flowering; those wee leaves are cute!

Pollinators include: