31 July, 2019

Learn to Communicate!


My recent post here, I detailed the information that I received from Linda Roberts the animal communicator, and had some terrific comments!  Many folks would LURV to be able to hear the thoughts of their cats.

Turns out, I'm enrolling in a day-long class on September 14, in Midland, Michigan, to learn how to do just that!  Here's the blurb form the Ways To Wellness website:
"Animal Communication Training with Lisa Turek 
SaturdaySeptember 14 @ 9:30 – 5:30pm
 In this class, you will learn how to telepathically connect with the spirit of all animals. Discover how you can find lost animals, how to communicate with animals that are dead and dying, how to connect with wild animals, as well as how to address animal behavioral issues of your own pets. Please bring a photo of your pet. Lisa Turek has been communicating with animals for 20 years. She guest lectures, holds workshops and helps animals of all types. Cost: $95"
I met Lisa Turek years ago, and listened to her story about learning to communicate with animals, and now she teaches the skill to others.

I'm driving up from the Metro Detroit area, so if anyone wants to hitch a ride, let me know!  


BUT WAIT, there's MORE! 

Linda Roberts, Animal Communicator, whom I met at Meow Meetup Chicago and mentioned above, is hosting a free seminar!:
"FREE 30 minute Webinar for Animal Communication 
​September 11, 2019
7:00 pm central"
Go here for more information: Whispers Of Love.

Disclaimer: I am only offering this information because I believe my readers may be interested; I was not compensated for this post by any entity mentioned.

Paddy and I already communicate!
But I want to know MORE.
Besides, I still have to 'talk' to Sweetie!


30 July, 2019


Da Boyz, living large!
Image taken yesterday, as they napped on the covered pool table.

No one has played a game of pool on our pool table in years.

It's pushed into a corner, so the cats can look out two different windows and the front door.

Or use it as sleeping quarters...


29 July, 2019

Postcards from Rosemont: Purchases

I attended the Meow MeetUp Chicago recently, in Rosemont, Illinois.  My previous post about the trip was: Postcards From Rosemont: Pft-pfft!

How cool is this!
There is an instruction book.
I've wanted to learn to read tarot for years!

Yep, it's a scarf!
Multi-colored cats...oh YEAH!


I purchased a 40-minute session with
Linda Roberts, Animal Communicator from

Here is what she told me:

Being separated from Da Boyz is great, and she wouldn't mind a bit more human contact.  
She asked for more attention to her hairball issues.
Angel is fine with Chuck's death; his spirit visits her.

His soul is at peace, and he wants me to let go of my guilty feelings from his passing.
He isn't particularly impressed with Da Boyz, since they have no manners.
He's visited several times, usually in our dreams.

Da Boyz: 
Are happy to be in the house, and they LURV their favorite wand toys!
Manny likes the ribbon; CB the Neko Flies bug.
They are unafraid of The 'O' Cats; just curious about them.

The PO'M: 
He loves me, but wants to be wild; he does NOT want to come inside...ever.

Linda told me that Angel and Chuck knew they were our 'starter' cats, and that they volunteered to join the family as teachers and guides through the tough times ahead, such as my multiple job losses and the death of my father.

Da Boyz are our 'fun' cats; they are here to teach us to play and enjoy life.


Dr. Lori Coughlin, cat veterinarian at The Cat Practice in Oak Park, Illinois, was a speaker at Meow Meetup Chicago, and she kindly answered my questions about Chuck's euthanasia.  She assured me that his passing was peaceful for him, despite how things seemed.  She explained the entire scientific process.

Linda had told me earlier that Chuck was at peace, and that his death was quiet, however Dr. Lori's words allowed me to release the dark nugget of pain that I held in my heart.

A priceless 'purchase'


26 July, 2019

July 2019: Pet Photo Fails

Da Boyz really enjoy this specific window, but snapping good photos of them against the outside light is a challenge.  There are definitely more rejects than good images; here are some of my photo fails.

Blurry and over-exposed!

Yeah...not good!
Look at those tails!

The curtain is the only thing in focus...

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Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries and Meows

25 July, 2019

Thankful Thursday: New York State Bans Cat Declawing


Seriously, this is the first of many hopeful gains in the movement to end the practice of onychectomy, which removes all or part of the distal phalanges of cats.  Commonly called declawing, the surgery forces a cat to walk on the ends of their dismembered toe bones, which can lead to the lack of litter box usage, personality changes like aggression and biting, and the onset of arthritis and other skeletal problems caused by the off-balance gait that a cat is now forced to walk.  

Although there are some people who swear that their cats never had a lick of problems with being declawed, and think we anti-declawers are all alarmists and shamers, the real onus of this type of legislation is on the veterinary world.  They are the ones who 'sell' the surgery, without proper information given to cat parents, on the possible (and probable) ramifications to their feline housemembers.  

I live in Michigan, which apparently is the hotbed of declawing vets, according to research done by City The Kitty.  I am so very thankful for City, and The Paw Project, and other hard-working, cat-loving advocats who fight against the powerful veterinary lobbies. How can they say they do no harm, while performing such harsh surgeries?

What's right for the animal should be paramount, not that 'that's the way we've always done it', and 'if a kitten is declawed, it won't know what it's lost'.

Onward, and let's keep working to save the claws everywhere!

Paws Need Claws!
Manny shows off his toe beans

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24 July, 2019

Two-zday on Wed-nzday

On my right forearm
Resembles Manny, showing off his starfish...

Left forearm
Chili Bruce is always elegant
I scored two temporary tats over the weekend!
I still have them today; hope that they will last until the weekend, when I can surprise some family members...
*wicked evil laugh*


23 July, 2019

Postcards From Rosemont: Pft-pthft!

I've been away for a long weekend, and boy oh BOY do I have stories to tell you!

Per my post title, I was in Rosemont, Illinois, for Meow Meetup Chicago.  
Several of our fellow cat bloggers traveled together.  

Monday afternoon, when I arrived home, Manny and Chili Bruce greeted me at the door, and I petted their sleek black bodies, and smooched their furry noggins.


I climbed the stairs, and Angel was wary of my reappearance in her apartment. I reached out to let her sniff my hands, and I whispered sweet nothings to her.  
Soon, she allowed petting, and she purred, and I smooched her noggin.



I scooped all of the litter boxes.


Next, I carried food outside to The 'O' Cats, and I was so happy to see The PO'M and Sweetie!  There was a head-bunt-fest, and so much petting and purring.

I kissed their noggins, and even pressed my face into The PO'Ms furry back...


The Hubby suggested that I stop smooching cats, so I wouldn't have to spit out cat fur.

AS IF!!!


The joy of being able to hold my beloved cats close enough to kiss them, is a joy that knows no bounds, and I'll NEVER stop, even if I cough up my own hair-ball someday!

Yes, I even smooched this sweet kitten!
Fur as smooth as silk, and a sweet disposition!

18 July, 2019

Thankful Thursday: Happy 15th Birthday, Angel!

 Angel and her brofur Chuck were born fifteen years ago today, July 18, 2004.

Chuck has left us to run at The Rainbow Bridge, while Angel continues to thrive and be adorable!

πŸ’“Happy Birthday, Bunny Rabbit!πŸ’“

We are so very thankful that you joined our family.

Sharing some images taken over the years...

Baby Angel, in 2004

Angel, being a cutie in 2012

Window Angel, from 2009

Back when Angel wore a collar!

Nice mood lighting!
The Birthday Girl, today!

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16 July, 2019


Synchronized Napping
Chili Bruce has the curled tail, Manny is showing his underwear splotch!
Yes, they were asleep, but that did not prevent me from smooching those sweet faces, and petting the exposed bellies!  


15 July, 2019

Scam Warning!

An elderly relative of mine was scammed out of over $15,000 USD when someone called her to tell her that "her favorite nephew" was in hospital for a drug overdose.  She was told to send cash, and to keep silent, since this was a 'private' matter.

They received her first payment, then called and asked for MORE!  I am told the bank repeatedly asked my relative for a reason for taking out so much cash, but she refused to answer.

When her 'favorite nephew' called her just by chance a day later, she was floored to find out that he wasn't in drug rehab!  She was immediately told to call the police, which she did.

She'll never see that money again.  All of her family would NOT have believed that she of all people would fall for such nonsense.  

Pay attention to your elderly friends and relatives, especially those who live alone!

This could happen to anyone, at any time.  The scammers are VERY GOOD at convincing folks that what they are saying is the truth.

This weekend, while I was picking ripe mulberries from a neighbor's tree, this wee raccoon showed up to join me in the feast!  I hope his mama was nearby, 'cause this little guy was much too young to be on his own.  Once I'd stepped away from the tree, baby racoon raced up the trunk and hid in the leaves, and munched away.
Raccoons are considered masked lawbreakers, just like the scammers that 'got' my relative, however, I would have taken this fellow home in a heartbeat...so dang CUTE!

12 July, 2019

Cats In A Row

To my delight, I had three mancats waiting for me!

Here's how they were positioned
An old kitty, but full of life
Round, mound o' love; The PO'M
Who'd had enough of my stalking...er, um...attentions.
Don't worry, he's a good kitty!
Kiki lives about five houses south of us, while Jasper is the same distance to the north.  The PO'M oftens waits for me to finish my evening neighborhood walk, by sitting on the sidewalk.  It was charming to have three mancats in a row, just for me!


11 July, 2019

Thankful Thursday: 7/11

Today, I'm feeling lucky!  Just a little while ago, I looked at my phone and found this:

Today's date is July 11th, which is written as 7/11 for some.  7/11 is considered a lucky string of numbers!

In addition, seeing the numeral '1' means that your angels are watching you at that moment, and a double '1'...eleven...is extra special!
Today, being 7/11, and a double eleven captured as well!
Our Angel is my phone's lock screen...

I'm just overflowing with thankfulness and luckiness and Angel and LURV!


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10 July, 2019

Cat Yard Art

Look at those cute whiskers!
I think three metal cats look just right!

Last year, I scored two metal cat pieces at a local art fair.  I posted about it here.  

Well, imagine my delight to stumble across the same artist at a completely different art fair!  I HAD TO HAVE an upright kitty, and handed over my money quickly.  The Hubby grumbled about it.  But come on, the three cats look FAB together, and since we have two black cats and a cow-colored kitty, isn't it purrfect?

If you'd like to contact the artist for yourself, email me so I can pass along their information.  I didn't ask permission to post about them, nor do I know about shipping, etc.  

Sure, they are metal, and will get some wear and tear from the elements, but that's part of their charm.

09 July, 2019


Sitting on the newspaper, so technically, they are NOT on the table!
CB left, Manny right


Bonus image!

The rose milkweed garden in our yard had a Monarch butterfly visit this weekend!  Hope for more butterflies, hummingbirds, or native bees to stop by for sustenance!

Or go here: https://youtu.be/bs0x-WCG-Ig

05 July, 2019

Sweetie's Silly Spa Day

Sweetie has tons of loose fur.
Yesterday, I simply finger-combed her, and the stuff just flew everywhere!
See the gob of loose fur on Sweetie's head?
 I broke out an old hairbrush, and once Sweetie got into the groove, we had a pile of fur!
I staged this image below...but wait!

and then...

and more...

That Paddy O'Malley, what a silly cat!
He'll photobomb anything...

In a second spa session last night, I brushed Sweetie for a full 30 minutes.

Yep, that's a HUGE pile of Sweetie's fur!

Funny how her fur has a shade of pink to it; that's not a camera glitch.


04 July, 2019

Happy Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest!

Click here for more info: Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Image from the interwebs

Every year on July 4th, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is held on Coney Island, New York.  Contestants eat as many hot dogs and buns in as they can in 10 minutes.
The male and female winners are awarded The Mustard Belt.  

Image from Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest website
For many, watching this display of abject hoggery is sick and unamusing.
Yet, The Hubby and I have witnessed this spectacle on TV year after year.   
Last year, Joey Chestnut ate a record 74 dogs and buns, while Miki Sudo won after downing 37.
Often, The Hubby calls Chili Bruce, "Joey Chestnut", making a joke that CB vacuums up his meals like he's in the contest! 

Why are hot dogs such a big deal in America?

Image from the interwebs

πŸ₯πŸ’–Happy 243rd Birthday, America!πŸ’–πŸ₯

P.S. Don't believe for a second that I am encouraging hot dog eating: I'm vegan, for gosh sakes!
America is the home of the free and the brave, which includes free to eat whatever the manufacturers sell us, and brave enough to do it with TV cameras!

02 July, 2019

Two-zday & Farewell, Marvin

Lazing on the pool table
Manny in front, CB behind
A close up of their tails and back pawsies, being oh so cute!
Their bodies were purrfectly mirroring each other, until I tiptoed into the room. Manny looked up and skewed the look.  Well, no matter...they are adorable!


Angel Marvin
Marvin fought valiantly, but in the end, his purrsonality was stronger than his body.  Please stop by Four White Paws Blog with a few words of comfort.
We'll miss you, Marv; we've been pulling for you.