31 March, 2024

She Wore A Greyberry Beret

The closest Queen Sweet will get to wearing a bonnet!

The purrs were added at no charge.

Here's hoping that Spring is smiling down upon you today.

Still cannot upload photos to this blog; must copy and paste.

However, I've just discovered 67 comments stuck in my 'awaiting moderation' folder.

Have no idea why those were stuck there, but I've now cleaned it out, and will keep an eye on it from now on.

Thank you all for your comments, even if I got to them a bit behind schedule.

30 March, 2024

Double Noggin

It's Caturday!

Manny and Chili Bruce, artified by Prisma.
Click on the image to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.

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29 March, 2024

New Gear

It's been awhile since I've added to my Cat Lady wardrobe.
This beauty was a gift, and I absolutely LURV it.❤️❤️
Also scored some fun socks.

Other new clothes have dragons and otters in space on them.
Has anyone else been having trouble with Blogger?

I cannot download photos normally; I have to copy and paste.

Have also been made aware that folks using Follow-It for Eastside Cats sometimes have a hard time getting to the blog.

I've placed the Follow-It link at the top right; maybe a refresh is needed?

Let me know if anyone else is having difficulties; some of you have probably already solved these issues, since I am seriously non-tech-savvy, other than knowing to turn it off and on again if something isn't working right. 😹


27 March, 2024

Ball of Fire!

It's Sweetnesday!

Today, let's look at the many moods of Wee Cheetie Sweetie:

Yep, she's just a whirlwind! 😹

Sweetie's latest Solensia vet visit proved that she'd gained a whisper of weight, which is fabulous as I was really concerned that she'd lost.

As for the appetite stimulant, I've scored a few more times with pilling her by waking her up from sleep!

Yeah, it's not playing cricket, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
Angel Joanie flew away to The Rainbow Bridge.
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26 March, 2024


 It's Twozday, and here is evidence that I spent some time on my staycation as a human cat bed.
Chili Bruce
Manny on top, CB under the blanket, after I'd removed myself from under the dead weight of their sleeping bodies, to get a cup of tea.

25 March, 2024

Lovey Dovey

It's PO'Monday!

March, 2015; Celestial Paddy O'Malley and I were feeling the Spring love in the air!

24 March, 2024


After my delightful staycation, it's time to go back to work.

A few memes that share my absolute joy at the prospect...

23 March, 2024

A Regular Customer

It's Caturday, and Henry the 'O' Cat is our model today.

I Prisma'd his cutiepie face a few times, then made a Google collage.

Henry has not yet missed a meal, even in the heavy snowstorm here today!
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22 March, 2024

Some of us call them quitter strips

Please send some purrs:

Cat Daddy Zane at Comedy Plus is having health issues.

Angel Sampo flew away to The Rainbow Bridge recently; Catio Tales could use a few kind comments also.
While enjoying a few staycation days, I've been working through my To Be Read list of books.

Some bookmark sillies for your entertainment:

And then some of us stay up WAY past our bedtimes, just to finish a book so we DO NOT have to use a bookmark.

Well, that's what I'd heard...(typing this with red-rimmed eyes from lack of sleep...)

21 March, 2024


The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests in 2012 to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests. 

Countries are encouraged to undertake local, national and international efforts to organize activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns.

The two images above were taken at Hartwick Pines State Park.

Hartwick Pines State Park is a public recreation area covering 9,762 acres in Crawford County near Grayling and Interstate 75 on the Lower Peninsula of the U.S. State of Michigan. 

The state park contains an old-growth forest of white pines and red pines, known as the Hartwick Pines.

From about 1840 to 1900, most of the Michigan forests were cut down for farms and to produce lumber for buildings, ships, and mines. 

Michigan was the nation's leading lumber producer between 1869 and 1900.

Preservation of what exists, and encouraging new forest growth is beneficial in so many ways.

A walk in the woods is always a delight, but a walk in a forest turns that dial up to 11!

We all are thankful for forests.🌲

Also, thanks for the birthday wishes; y'all are fabulous.

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20 March, 2024


It's Sweetnesday!

Our Swee Wee isn't chowing down her chow, so I've been carrying her food bowl to her to tempt her into taking a few licks.

This works, but a Churu works even better!

I was successful with one pilling (appetite stimulant), and utter failure at the second.

Me: 1
Sweetie: 1
We visit the vet on Monday for Solensia, and I'll powwow with the experts.
Another trip around the Sun, and it's my birthday today.

Also, wishing Happy Birthday to Brian's Home Blog catmom.

I've only met a handful of folks who share my birthday, and it usually occurs on the First Day of Spring.

Had my horoscope professionally cast years ago, where I was diagnosed as a Pisces, but being born on the cusp of Aries means I really am combo of both.

Pisces: water sign + Aries: fire sign

Me: steam! 😹
I always take a day off from work for my birthday on principle, but the weather can be dicey.

That being said, below is my favorite image the tells it like it is:
Have a good day, y'all!

19 March, 2024

18 March, 2024


It's PO'Monday!

March, 2013:  Apparently, I took more bloopers of his nose than any really good pics...
...but we definitely catch on to his whiskerage!

Here's hoping that Henry someday will get close, yet we have all the time in the world.
Image taken through the window of the backdoor.

Am almost 100% sure he's got an eartip; what is your opinion?

As I spend more time with him, I think he's a young'un, and that may assist his journey to being a pampered outside cat in our yard.