29 March, 2019

Pet Photo Fails: Triple Oops!

Sly put his tailio in my face, thankyouverymuch...NOT!
Angel, your world in cock-eyed!
The PO'M is itchy!

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The questions this week:

1. I am allergic to ____________________.
2. My taxes __________________.
3. I don’t tell many people _________.
4. When it rains, _________.

My answers:

1. I am allergic to national news.  It makes me itch, and my skin gets blotchy. 😼

2. My taxes are done, thanks to our CPA! 😸

3. I don’t tell many people...wait a minute, I'm not telling you either! πŸ™€

4. When it rains, I'm often halfway into my 30 minute walk, and too far from home to make it back without getting soaked.  It's happened many times! ☔

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28 March, 2019

Thankful Thursday: Friends Who Flock

This Thursday, I am thankful for my friend Beth.

Beth and I met at a cat adoption event. 

Since then, we've found that we enjoy a lot of the same things, in addition to felines:

The mystical side of life
The is a bone throw that I had a couple of years ago, which predicted Chucky's passing (see the cat totem laying outside of the circle?)
A great cup of tea!
This image is a cat teapot, cup, and strainer all in one!
Monarch Butterfly
We dig butterflies!
Garden Walk
In St. Clair Shores, Michigan
My artsy-fartsy image of a fern fiddlehead
Beth inspires me to expand my photography skills, of which she has A LOT!

A window designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright
Taken at the Cleveland Museum of Art when Beth and I visited last year.
Native plantings, at Elizabeth Howell Park in Detroit, Michigan
We attended a flora and fauna lecture there
In front of "Marilyn x100" by Andy Warhol
Cleveland Museum of Art 

Beth also introduced me to her holistic veterinarian, and we are both believers in the work of chiropractors.  We like history, books and reading, and all things owl.
We are both adamant anti-declaw, and docking tails and ears.
Also, staunch adversaries of animal testing, and eating organic, natural foods.

I am thankful for Beth; we are birds of a feather who flock together!


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26 March, 2019

Postcard: Loganberry Books

Loganberry Books FB
Loganberry Books Website
Loganberry Books Photo by Beth Giannosa

Otis's Staff Information from Loganberry Books website

Otis, from Loganberry Books FB Page
Traveled to Shaker Heights, Ohio, to visit Otis at Loganberry Books.  Unfortunately, Otis was feeling under the weather, and wasn't at the bookstore that day, however...BOOKS!  Beth and I love cats, yet we love books too!  Funny thing; neither of us purchased a single book, but we both walked out with handfuls of greeting cards and bookmarks, most of them featuring CATS!  Then we ate at The Flying Crane, which was directly across the street, and the food was wonderful.

Flying Crane's yakisoba noodles!  YUM!
After lunch, we stopped at Eclectic Eccentric, where I found a delightful pair of earrings:

Laurel Burch!
Needs a bit of sprucing yet...
The store owner struck up a conversation, wondering aloud whether she was ready to adopt a cat. We suggested that she consider TWO cats! 😺😺

We next ventured into WOLFS, a fine art gallery and auction house.  Of course, I didn't snap any photos of items for sale.  It was like an art museum, and we looked at everything!  We also chatted with the owner, and his two puppy Sheep Dogs.  Guarding the front door, however, were these wonderful metal lions:

Reminds me of the "Dying Gaul" statue...
Big Paws!
Shaker Heights was only the beginning of our travels; coming soon:
Where oh where was this image taken?

25 March, 2019

Birthday Card Collection

These are birthday cards that I received via snail mail!
Does my family and friends know me or what?
Thank you all for the good wishes; next year's birthday number is a BIG ONE, so I was happy to enjoy this year's smaller digits with a quiet staycation, and a bit of travel with a good friend...where we did cat stuff!  I'll post about those adventures soon.


21 March, 2019

Thankful Thursday: A Year Ago

One year ago today, I tripped and fell while on a walk.

I bonked my noggin, scraped my chin, and my right knee hurt like crazy.
My left hand was hurt too, but I didn't know that until days later.
After laying on the sidewalk for awhile, I stood up, and limped home.  Not a car nor a person was anywhere to witness my shenanigans.

I had broken two bones, in two places.
Thankfully, the hand surgeon was able fix me up with pins, instead of surgery.
Thankfully, my office installed computer software that allowed me to talk-to-type.
Thankfully, the occupational therapy office was located less than a mile from my office, so I only used up my lunch times while getting my hand back in shape.

The very first x-ray of my wounded hand

The lovely nurses who assisted the surgeon were sorry that they didn't have 'Hello Kitty!' wrap for my post-op care, so they drew a cat themselves!
Folks, please always remember to take care!
Protect your body at all costs; no matter what age you are, your bones and body are invaluable.
Treat them wisely, and don't text and WALK!!!

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19 March, 2019

Sweetie Selfies

Sweetie took advantage of my iPhone as it sat on the deck yesterday!  She gets more lovey-dovey every day; and I even snapped an usie with her...before she tried to rip me to shreds.

I cannot help myself; I just slipped my hand under her soft, round belly, and lifted!  She allows head smoochies too, but if I am too grabby-hands, her blazing fast claws of hers will get the point across!

18 March, 2019

Awww...Neighbor Cats!

Sly, looking gorgeous!

"Harlequin", with foofoo in the air!

Adorable kitties as seen on today's walk!

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17 March, 2019

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Paddy O'Malley, on my lap this afternoon
March 17 is the Feast of St. Gertrude of Nivelles, who is considered the patron saint of cats, and it's also St. Patrick's Day, celebrated in Ireland as a solemn celebration of the country itself.  Here in America, folks started drinking Friday, and kept it up all weekend.  Parades and craziness abound; The City of Chicago even pours green vegetable dye into the river!

The PO'M wishes all a peaceful 'holiday', just as long as he gets his share of yummies and hugs!


15 March, 2019

March of 2012

'Way back in 2012, we had a plethora of backyard cats!
These photos were taken on the same day.

Paddy O'Malley, just days before his TNR

Sammy, at his healthiest, but we didn't know that yet.

The neighbor's cat, whom I called "Frankie", as in Frank Sinatra.
The neighbor never neutered this boy, and one day she had moved away and we didn't see Frankie again.

Hobo, our old friend
Our first feral; all others can thank him!
Sweetie, enjoying the car's sunroof from the wrong side.

14 March, 2019

Thankful Thursday: Whew, my toes are okay!

Manny was concerned that sunshine on his toes and ears would damage them in some way!  I reassured him that glowing extremities was an terrific thing, as it means that Spring is almost here.  He is thankful, knowing he needn't worry, although he looks unconvinced...

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13 March, 2019


Manny, with eyes wide and belly white patch on display!
CB is curled up, not caring one little bit that his brofur is airing it out!

12 March, 2019

Detroit's CatVideo Fest

I previously posted about this here:
Thankful Thursday: CatVideo Fest 2019

On Saturday, March 9, I met up with friends Sue from The Island Cats, and Beth (BG) to watch "CatVideo Fest 2019" at the Detroit Film Theatre.  We also bumped into Cheryl from Black Cat Pottery!

Beth, me, and Sue before the show started.
Sue was wearing her cat ears at one point...

Video of a person petting wee kittens...the crowd "AWWW'd" loudly!

Video shot of a man playing piano, using his cat's paw to hit a specific key.
Very cute!

This fellow was ringing the bell to get treats, and didn't seem to understand 'no more!'
The audience laughed heartily.

This kitty was filmed while enjoying catnip.
So hilarious!
Me, Sue and Beth had lunch at Seva in Detroit
It was yummy!
Vegetarian and Vegan foods

I purchased this shirt just for the occasion!
Thrift store, hanging in the wrong aisle, and in with the wrong colors.
Am thinking the cat gods meant it for me!

Go here: CatVideo Fest to see where it's playing in your next of the US of A woods!  I hope they decide to allow it to travel to other countries. The Detroit Film Theatre has already announced that they'll put the CatVideo Fest 2010 on the agenda, as the 2019 version was a rousing success.