30 June, 2021

Sweetie's Den

It's Sweetnesday!
Sure, Sweetie spends time on the bed, looking cute...
...but she also uses her den...
...where getting photos is bit tough.

 This upsidedown bin, Sweetie's Den, was a prototype litter box.

We used it for various things after it's failure as a litter box, then it was cleaned, turned over, and a blanket added as a pad.

Sweetie spends 1/2 of her day here...except when I try to take photos of her.

She stalks off to the bed in protest.


29 June, 2021



A few readers were traumatized by last week's post, which featured only Chili Bruce!

In order to soothe the scandalized, here are Da Boyz, in all their glory.


Rest assured, Manny...flying solo...will appear someday.

It's only fair!

28 June, 2021

The Many Faces of PO'M


It's been hot here, and our area had torrential rains a few days ago, with the result that many folks were flooded.

Thankfully, Eastside Cats was spared, but we are purring for those who've got piles of soaked and destroyed items sitting at the curb, ready to be taken away by the garbage trucks.

To brighten things up, here is my love Paddy, showing his many moods:

His ever-so-ernest look
"Wake up and bring food!"
"Watch me scope out the yard!"
"I love you!"

There is a patch of fur missing from PO'M's tummy, and it's gotten worse as the season progresses.

Not at all sure why he licks himself bald.

In an attempt to help him, since I cannot just grab him and take him to the veterinarian, The Hubby and I removed the straw for The Cat House, and carefully placed freshly laundered bath towels inside.

Of course, cloth is DANGEROUS when the temperatures are near the freezing mark, since the fabric holds moisture and can be deadly if it turns to ice.

This is a temporary warm-weather experiment, to see if the straw is the culprit (which is The Hubby's theory, and I'm going along because my half-dozen trials and errors have had zero effect!)

26 June, 2021

Oh, those two!

Manny and Chili Bruce, snuggled together.

I couldn't tell where one cat ended and the other began, so figured adding some Prisma colors would make things even more confusing!

Three ears, and two rumps is all I can make out.

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25 June, 2021

June Bloopers

Manny, trying to do a pole dance on the leg of the table?
Blurry blep Sweetie!
Blurry up-your-nose PO'M...
...and my own fail, trying to drink tea while petting The PO'M.
Notice the floating cat hairs!

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Sad News...Timmy has earned his Angel's wings.

So long, Angel Timmy Tomcat!
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24 June, 2021

It's Cat World Domination Day 2021!

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And they rule our house too...upstairs, downstairs, inside...and the whole neighborhood!

In case you hadn't guessed it already, we are beyond thankful to have CATS RULE OUR WORLD!

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23 June, 2021

Aptly Named


Our former feral seems to be slowing down some.

Could be the super hot and muggy weather.

Could be her age; she was a youngster in 2009 when we TNR'd her, but she's at least 13 years old now...and not all of them were good years.

Could be my tendency to worry about the cats too, which means she could be purrfectly normal!

All I know is that I love her, despite the murder mitt claw rips in the quilt...and in my clothes...and the scratches on my arms!

It's my fault that I try to hug her...after years of watching her from afar, having her close enough to gather into my arms just overrides that "Danger!" signal!

Notice the tiny white patch on her tummy
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The curl in her tail as she is zonked out...SQUEE!!!

 But, she head bonks me, and head bonks my book or phone, and the purring!

I pat my chest when lying down as a signal, and she steps up to snuggle in.


22 June, 2021

Chili Bruce

It's Twozday, with the spotlight on Chili Bruce!

Vital Statistics:
-Adoption agency name: Bruce Wayne
-Had one white whisker when adopted
-Is a bit rounder than brofur Manny
-Very small white patch on belly
-Dislikes being held
-Helps with the Sunday newspaper crossword puzzle by sitting on it.
-Once CB starts to purr, he keeps it up for a long time
-Favorite toy: Neko Flies dragonfly

21 June, 2021

Connemara Marble

On today's episode of PO'Monday, let's feature his eyes.

Connemara Marble from Ireland is all shades of glorious green.

Obviously, Paddy takes after his Irish heritage!

The PO'M, trying to meow me out of bed and outside to please him!
"I was sleeping here, Lady!  You are only supposed to come when I call!"
Mustn't forget his goofball tendencies.
Trust me, Pommy received a big ol' smooch after this image was snapped!
I drown in those twin pools of GREEN.

19 June, 2021

International Box Day

Around Eastside Cats, any box becomes a cat toy, a beddy, or a hideout.
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This is Chili Bruce, loafing in a cardboard box.  I then Prisma app'd it.

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18 June, 2021


We've removed the Feedburner email subscription form, and added a new one, but your email addys did not transfer.

We reached out to most of you, but if you'd like to follow us, simply sign up in the upper right hand corner of the blog...again...and thank you!

And now, for a few silly cat memes and cartoons...


17 June, 2021

'Hood Cats

Oh, so very thankful to visit with my 'hood cat friends!
Jackson has a new sisfur whom I haven't spied at the window yet.
Sneakers, showing cattitude!
Heartthrob Sly
Yes, his eyes are that green; the photo has not been altered at all.
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16 June, 2021

Lazy Sweetnesday!

Sweetie: "Sure is comfy and cozy on this here bed!"
"WHAT?!?  Where did the quilt go?  And what is laundry day?!?"
"Hurray!  Back to normal again...Ahhh!"
The Mom: Note Sweetie's lack'o teefs!

She has one canine on top, and one on the same side on the bottom, and just two wee teefs in front that no one can see.

Nickname: Fangs!

15 June, 2021

When it's hot and muggy

It's Twozday!

Da Boyz snuggle, even when it's hot!
Manny, taking it easy, and alone!
Meanwhile, Chili Bruce is on the other side of the giant scratcher, also airing himself out!
And then, back together again on top of the refrigerator.

14 June, 2021



Thanks for the words of comfort for Angel Sammy, from Saturday's post.

12 June, 2021

Angel Sammy: 6/12/14

Today is the anniversary of Angel Sammy earning his wings and flying off to The Rainbow Bridge.

Sammy was a master at being comfortable, shown here as he hid under the shady leaves of a hosta plant to escape the hot weather.

Appears like he's wearing a Carmen Miranda-type hat, no?
Using Lunapic, I jazzed the image up a bit, in an effort to disguise the neighbor's paint peels.
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We miss you, Angel Sammy.

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