31 July, 2023

They See Me Rollin'

It's PO'Monday!

From July, 2013, Celestial Paddy O'Malley enjoyed rolling...
...then he was covered in clover!

30 July, 2023

You've Got A Friend

 International Day of Friendship

The International Day of Friendship was proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.

Mr. Puddy
Image from Puddy Meowrel
We enjoy friendships with folks from all over the globe:
and one specific friend in Thailand: Mr. Puddy

The Pudster isn't well, and is currently staying over at the veterinarian's office to monitor his lungs.

Many folks in the pet blogging community are friends with Pud and his meowmy, who is beyond worried about her sassy boy.

Any spare purrs and prayers sent to Mr. Puddy are gratefully appreciated.

Puddy's FB page is listed under the photo above, and blog is on the right side --->

Friendship has no boundaries, no social position, no requirements, other than delight in each other's company and words.

If I missed listing any friend's country, mea culpa.

Afterall, The United States is big enough for us to consider parts of it as 'beyond the pale', and most likely a different country from our own wee community in Michigan, and we are gobsmacked every time a European friend takes a holiday, and manages to visit two or three other countries during that time!

Here, we can drive for 8 hours and remain in the same state of the union.

However, we do have Canada to the south, east, and north of our location, so already we feel internationally inclined.

29 July, 2023

Four Ears, Two Heads, One Body

It's Caturday, where we play around with our artistic skills.

Presenting: Da Boyz, from behind.

Use Prisma filter Daryl Feril, then iPhoto Mono.
Click on the image above to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.
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28 July, 2023


Curious and nosey, cats want to inspect every bit of food, whether they want it or not!

27 July, 2023

HopCat A2

Had the distinct pleasure for visiting The Ann Arbor Art Fair last Saturday, with my sister and niece.

Hundreds if not thousands of gifted artists displayed their work, as well as nearby shops, musicians, restaurants, and many non-profit community outreaches.

It was HOT, it was SUNNY, and we were PARCHED.

Imagine how delighted we were to find: HopCat Ann Arbor
Logo from HopCat website
Drinks board
HopCat Catsup!
Thanks to my sister and niece, we chowed down on Caesar Salad and Mac-N-Cheese with bacon, for them, as I ate Vegan Tacos and drank multiple glasses of delightful unsweetened iced tea.

We won't mention the Cosmic Fries as they disappeared as if a mirage...
Revitalized, we spent a few more hours strolling, absorbing, chatting, and really enjoying ourselves.

Love finding cat-related items when least expecting it!

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We are not affiliated with HopCat restaurants, and did not receive any compensation for today's post.
We post about items that we believe our readers will enjoy, and not for any monetary gain.

Funny thing!

I posted about visiting HopCat Royal Oak on 25 July, 2017!

26 July, 2023

Sing Out!

 It's Sweetnesday!

Close your eyes, and image you are speaking with me on the phone or online meeting platform.

The video below will let you know what will often be a part of the background noise: 

She may be deaf, but she has excellent timing.

This is a purrfect presentation of her whiskey-and-cigarettes voice, even if the video portion is blurry.

25 July, 2023


It may be Twozday, however Manny is again flying solo.

The Manster LURVs this old beddy in the bay window, yet he cannot seem to keep all of himself inside of it.
As if he was a molten liquid, slowly oozing from the crucible.

24 July, 2023

Pommy's 2nd Gotchaversary

26 July, 2021: Wait...WHAT?!?

24 July, 2022: Elation, One Year Ago

Celestial Paddy O'Malley was so fine...

His teefs were fine!
His ears were fine!
His whiskers were fine!
His paws and legs were fine!
His eyes...SO FINE!
Even his tailio was fine!
While I miss him
 the photo library is a balm to my soul.

Every bit of him was so purrfectly Pommy!

P.S. Thank you for the kind words of comfort for Angel Eric on yesterday's post.

23 July, 2023

Farewell, EricπŸ’”

Eric, the 21-year-old cat, left the Earth on Saturday.

His humom is devastated.

Posts about Eric:
28 March, 2020: Farewell, Sparky
6 January, 2023 Celebrating Eric
6 June, 2023: Eric is 21
22 July, 2023: Starry

He left peacefully, just as he lived his life.

We will miss you, terribly.

Hugs and purrs to his meowmy.

22 July, 2023


It's Caturday!

Using LunaPic's Space filter, then adding a border, it looks like Eric is sparkly.
Click on the image to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.

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20 July, 2023

Moon Cats

20 July, 1969: First human lunar landing.

Some of us know that Earth Felines are from Outer Space, and that they hang out on the lunar surface at will.

Others believe so too, and have created the following:
July 2023 Wall Calendar

 Thankful for those brave folks who traveled far from Earth, just to walk around a huge cat box.😹

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19 July, 2023

Street Cred

It's Sweetnesday!

15 July, 2017

Sweetie allowed me close enough for some epic photos.
She hasn't lost a bit of that street cred cattitude.

18 July, 2023

Lazy Crazy Hazy

Da Boyz are laze masters in Summertime!

Manny, stealing my chair.
Chili Bruce lets it all hang out.

Let's face it; they do this no matter what the season, eh?
17 July 2004
Celestial Chuck and Angel were born.
They changed our lives, and put our feet on the path as furrever cat adorers!
Miss you, my babies.

17 July, 2023


It's PO'Monday!

We've posted before about Celestial Paddy's intense need to be the center of attention; he photobombed Sweetie at every chance.

These images were snapped in July, 2017.
PO'M: "I'm the star of this show!"

16 July, 2023

Garden Walk Cats

Our city had a garden walk yesterday, with rain included in the ticket price, and the starting point was the local history museum and garden.

Image my surprise when I found cats!
A sleeping cat stuffy, in the front parlor at The Crocker House Museum
This shy kitty was watching the garden lovers.
Cool mat!
Sly's humans opened their lovely yard to sightseers; I was greeted with, "Hiya, Sly's Girlfriend!"
Himself did not deign to appear; this image is from last week.
Saxifrage, according to my iPhone; the homeowner didn't know the name.
Some sort of succulent, on the edge of a delightful swimming pool.
What a delight chatting with the docents and homeowners, despite the wet.


-A retired cat veterinarian (!)

-A professional gardener

-A Michigan-loving UK transplant

Convos about:



The library and a few book titles (!)


Plants: bamboo, strawberries, milkweed, lavender, sedum

Garden decorations: Japanese dog sculpture, ponds and waterfalls, mosaic, wrought-iron chairs/railing/fencing, and the desire to use found/recycled objects.