31 March, 2016

Whacha lookin' at, kitty?

What do you do when your cat suddenly starts watching something behind you...but there's nothing there?  You turn around, look for a bug or a dust mote.  But you don't see anything.  It's a bit creepy, no?  Whacha lookin' at, kitty?  A cat never tells.

30 March, 2016

Be On The Look Out

Years ago, a neighbor rolled an old upright piano to the curb for trash pick up.  We grabbed the bench before the garbage guys arrived, covered it with a towel, and it sits at the unused front door* for Angel and Chuck to use as a look out station.  It's Chuck's favorite spot in the mornings.  I love to watch his tail twitch, as he watches the wildlife!

*We have two front doors.  Our old house was originally a single-family home, then it was separated for a smallish rental apartment upstairs.  We have two front doors, and two back doors!  I love this quirky old home, (as The Hubby grumbles about old pipes, old windows, and the old people living here now...), and it's perfect for catification, both inside and out.

P.S. Thank you all for your comments about yesterday's Declaw Awareness.  If we stay silent, uninformed people and veterinarians will continue the harmful surgery.  Every one of us can make a difference, just by talking to friends, neighbors, the guy in line with you.  The United States can be a progressive, loving country...after all, you and I are in it!  Canada too, is on the brink of banning declaw surgery, so let's keep the pedal to the metal.

29 March, 2016

March 29: Declaw Awareness Day


More info at: http://bit.ly/1XZmjSo

Celebrate by signing the petition to pass a no-declaw bill in New York. Just go to:http://bit.ly/1PNEs3I

borrowed from The Paw Project Facebook site
(Just posting this image, simply breaks my heart.)  Please, spread the word that declaw is a savage and cruel...and permanent...surgery that can ruin a cats life.  Veterinarians who continue to perform this injustice ARE NOT doing it for the animal; research shows over and over that many declawed cats end up homeless due to behavioral issues such as litter box problems, biting, and temperamental upset.

Please do what you can to support the no-declaw bill in New York State. Many countries around the world have OUTLAWED declaw, and it's time we speak up for cats to be treated with humane dignity.

If we tell our veterinarians that we won't stand for it anymore, they will change!

Come on, my fellow cat lovers!  Let's do what is right and humane.

For more information, go to The Paw Project.

28 March, 2016

The Great Coconut Oil Goop Event

Coconut Oil container
Patty O'Malley eating coconut oil
Greasy kid stuff
It's been over a week since Patty O'Malley's trip to the vet for an antibiotic shot, to cure the sores down his spine.  The vet told me that if he hasn't improved in two weeks, then I should bring him back.  REALLY?!?  How often do they think I can trap a cat?  Although Patty's skin seems better, progress isn't fast enough for me. As usual, I searched online, read my books, and decided that instead of calendula tincture, use of good old coconut oil could do the trick!

So, I carefully cleaned a container that once held my face cream, and The Hubby loaded it with coconut oil. It sounds like it's a liquid, but it's not!  It's more of a paste, that will become liquid if warmed.  I carried said container outside, and proceeded to smear the stuff on Patty O'Malley's back as he ate his dinner. I have to use two hands, to part his fur and rub the paste onto his skin.  Needless to say, the cat looks fairly greasy once I'm done. Fortunately, he did not put up much of a fight on the first day, Saturday.

Sunday, I dutifully gooped up his back again, even though he jumped up on the food station top, and even tried to bite me, in a faint attempts to get me to stop messing up his fur.  I let him sniff the container, and he ate some too.  I explained out loud my motives to both Patty and Sweetie; not sure if either was listening, however...

Since it's only been two days, I won't crow about success.  I certainly feel less scabs, but I will keep at it for awhile, to see if he really begins to heal and the sores disappear.  He may not like to way his fur looks, and I may have to trap him again, but I'm hoping that the coconut oil does the trick. So lucky that Patty and I have a great relationship, otherwise I would never be able to grease him up like that.  Today it's been raining heavily, and the wind!  Temperatures are above freezing, however, so tonight after work...while he's eating his dinner...I'll be gooping up his back fur again!

25 March, 2016

Sweetie in Spring

Sweetie is a lovely kitty, but snapping a good photo of her is difficult!  First off, she dislikes the camera, whether I use a 'real' one, or just my cell phone.  She walks away or sits far off, just to show me that she does not enjoy being a cat model!  Secondly, the contrast between her fur and daylight...even if it's overcast...is problematic.  Rest assured, I will continue my quest of getting good photos of Sweetie, whether she likes it or not.

The Hubby has also thrown down the challenge of petting her this summer, and I know he will meet his goal.  What The Hubby does not know yet, is my plans for additional steps nailed into the backyard deck and beams, resulting in two ways to access the second floor cat flap.  I believe Sweetie will not even try to jump up, because Patty O'Malley could block off her escape route.  You didn't think I'd given up on coaxing them inside the house, did you?

24 March, 2016

An Ordinary Cat Can Make Life Extraordinary!

Looky at the coffee mug that I found while shopping resale on my lunch break.


Every cat is an individual, and therefore is as perfect as he or she can be.  I love every cat I meet, and never tire from talking about cats, listening to happy stories about cats, or viewing photos or live images OF CATS!  I fight for the rights of cats, for the rights of people to TNR cats, for the end of declawing cats.  I have ended friendships over one or all of the above, and will coo at, pet, or play blinky-eyes with any kitty that I come across.  When I find someone who thinks like me, they are my instant friend, which is why I love my kitty blogosphere community!

“When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without 
further introduction.”
Mark Twain

22 March, 2016

"Papa's got a brand new bag!"

Well, not really.  "Papa" is really Chuck, and it's not so much a brand new bag, but a long-unused bed!  Chuck has just re-discovered his old beddy, one that he and Angel used to sleep in together as wee kittens.  The bed was relocated to the parlor floor when The Hubby had a project going, and now it's staying there because Chuck is sleeping in it all of the time!  The nice orange crocheted fishy toy is courtesy of Ellen at 15 and Meowing; click here to visit her kitty blog.  Thanks again, Ellen!

Note!  A rare sighting of Chuck's white belleh fur!

"Papa's Got A Brand New Bag"
Lyrics by James Brown

Come here sister... Papa's in the swing 
He ain't too hip... about that new breed babe 
He ain't no drag 
Papa's got a brand new bag 

Come here mama... and dig this crazy scene 
He's not too fancy... but his line is pretty clean 
He ain't no drag. 
Papa's got a brand new bag 

He's doing the Jerk... 
He's doing the Fly 
Don't play him cheap 'cause you know he ain't shy 
He's doing the Monkey, the Mashed Potatoes, Jump back Jack, See you later 

Come here sister 
Papa's in the swing 
He ain't too hip now 
but I can dig that new breed babe; 
He ain't no drag 
He's got a brand new bag 

21 March, 2016

O'Malley At The Vet

What's over there?

What's over here?

What's up there?

Gotta be something over there

Maybe down on the floor?

Patty inside trap, wrapped with old sheet, and in the car

Patty's back was a mass of sores under his fur.  So, I set up the drop trap, made an vet appointment, and took the day off from work.  I trapped him at 8:00 am on Friday, and we were home again by 9:30 am!  The vet said his scabs were infected, but one shot of Covenia antibiotic should take care of that. She also gave him a CapStar pill to kill any flea eggs, even though she did not find any fleas.  His ears were clean too.  She called him, "A Big Boy".  The best guess was that he had been infested with fleas once which made him itch.

Patty was such a good kitty; he allowed me to hold him the whole time, and even explored a little bit. When released afterward, he simply walked down the deck stairs to rub against my ankles!  

Once again, setting the drop trap up for days on end, did the trick.  The 'O' cats began to ignore it, so when I put food underneath in the morning, they just raced inside and I dropped it around them.  I opened the exit door so Sweetie could run out, then we coaxed Patty from the drop trap into the portable TruCatch trap.  I threw an old dark blue sheet over that, and away we went!

This morning, I did a quick check of his back, and he is better but clearly not completely healed.  I will make a calendula tincture, and rub the liquid into his fur when the outside temperatures are warm enough that I know I'm not freezing the poor kitty.  Calendula has natural antibiotic and healing qualities, and Patty will enjoy my ministrations as I massage his body.

Next on the Patty agenda: weight loss!

16 March, 2016

Sad Kitty

Sad Patty O'Malley
As I jumped into my car this morning, I snapped a photo of Patty O'Malley, as he gave me a forlorn look while sitting in the garden next to the driveway. Yes, it stormed last night, and I have been cutting back on meal sizes...and Patty has been itching, itching, itching so much...but he looks so sad!  Now you know why I am on fire to coax him inside, even though he doesn't want to come in.  Patty, I love you so...please come inside and live with me!

15 March, 2016

Cat Shout for Joy

I started reading the Joe Grey Mystery series back in 2009, when I was laid-off from my job and looking for a new position.  Those were difficult emotional times for me, plus I had just begun my personal TNR campaign for the cats in the neighborhood.  I was taking TNR classes, learning how to make my life integrate with twice daily feedings outside, while attending every resume-writing, interviewing for beginners, how to network online, free class I could find!

Spending lots of time at the local library, I searched the book catalog for 'cat' books, to soothe my nerves.  Reading is my great escape!  Author Shirley Rousseau Murphy's name came up, and I saw there were already several books in the Joe Grey Mystery series.  So, I checked out the very first book, "Cat on the Edge".  The mixture of murder mystery, metaphysical cat lore, and the bond between humans and cats was a powerful punch! I then secretly bought every book in the series, which was a very big deal for someone living on a VERY fixed income!  I devoured every book, and then reread them again.  Now, for years, I wait impatiently for the next volume, and I was NOT disappointed in "Cat Shout for Joy", which was published last month.

Last night, I stayed up past midnight, as I read the last of this tale.  I cried multiple times...tell me, how often does reading fiction make you cry?!?  I will not give the story away; there are too many spoilers for me to even tell you much about the characters of Joe Grey, the mostly grey-colored cat with a short tail, and his lady tabby cat Dulcie.  Along with their human companions, plus many members of the Molena Point Police department, a band of very special feral cats, and calico Kit and her special cat friend Pan, Shirley Rousseau Murphy has created a landscape of fascinating...and mysterious...stories that I hope you will enjoy reading.

Cat Shout for Joy: A Joe Grey Mystery
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780062403490
On Sale: 02/23/2016
Pages: 336

14 March, 2016


Now that we have several different veterinarians (Chuck's heart vet, our regular vet, the holistic vet, and then services needed for The 'O' Cats)...I decided that I needed to get all our cat health paperwork collated and organized.

Easier said than done!

Piles and piles of paperwork!

I went through stacks of paperwork, and I found a lot of receipts and detailed information, which I then organized.  But, there was some stuff I was still missing:  where were my receipts from my first days trapping The 'O' cats: Hobo, Sweetie, and Honey?  I searched high and low.

There you are!
Turns out, I had neatly stashed that paperwork in a envelope years ago...and then tucked it away!  No wonder I couldn't find it.
Took over an hour, but I now have everything stacked up by cat.  Think I may buy some three-ring binders, and file every page from oldest to newest.  Seeing the paperwork from Sammy's euthanasia and the missing Honey gave me a touch of sadness, but now I am organized.  This means I can look up dates of last vaccinations, or when Patty O'Malley and Sweetie had their rabies shots.

On the other hand, losing an hour definitely bothered us more than the cats. Angel did her usual early morning yowl: here is the photo I took of that!

Notice the white blob on the floor
outside the bedroom door
And Chucky was so happy to have both of his humans dancing attendance on him, that he ran up the cat climb in the dining room, and hung out there, watching us from on high!

"Silly humans!  I am above you!"

Love the tail tip

11 March, 2016


How do I tell my new boss that he and my cat have the same name?

My 'old' boss of almost five years is moving to a new position within our company.  Today is his last day here.  I wish him good luck and fair sailing! My new supervisor is someone whom I've worked with in the past, and I think we'll get along just fine.  I may cry a tear or two, as the day slips away and the future comes marching in.  In a way, I am mourning the loss of a good relationship, and finely-tuned teamwork.

After this weekend, I will embrace the new!  If I live through the missing hour, that is....

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

P.S. I found out who sent the text of the cat in my last post!  Hahahaha!  A co-worker, and her cat is LeRoy.  She says he's a pill, since he glares at her other cats, making them hide from him.  But he's adorable!

10 March, 2016


Received this text yesterday, but I have no idea who sent it!  Cute kitty, and I would love to know more...but so far, no answer to my response. Researching online nets nothing.

It's a regular cat mystery!

09 March, 2016

Why empty one bowl first?

Yesterday's breakfast, Angel's bowl is up top
Angel and Chuck finish off one food bowl before the second bowl.  The first-empty bowl is Angel's, and it's the one that I mix in her special holistic vitamins.  Chuck starts on his bowl, then walks off as Angel keeps eating from hers.  After awhile, the two cats alternate eating...one at a time...until that first bowl is clean.

Slowly, the second bowl is consumed afterward.

Why do they do that?

Are the vitamins such a tasty add-on, that it makes Angel's bowl more enticing?  Let's experiment!

This morning, I added vitamins to both bowls...and voila!  Chuck ate at his bowl, and Angel at hers. By the time I left for work, both bowls had a few mouthfuls left, but they were mostly equally eaten.

I really thought that I was being so SNEAKY when I mixed in the vitamin powder, but obviously I was about as subtle as a freight train.  I have already gotten the okay from Dr. Sheppard for Chuck to ingest Angel's vitamins; I am sure I'll get a fist-full of Chuck's own vitamins when we go in early April.

Today's breaky...sounds like "nom nom nom!"

04 March, 2016

A Sign Of Spring!

The Detroit Tiger's MLB team has mailed out their regular season tickets!!!!!

Photo of Comerica Park statues
(image from season ticket packet)

Ferocious Tiger!
(image from season ticket packet)
I have always been a huge Detroit Tiger's fan, having grown up in Metro Detroit area.  How cool is it that their image is a Bengal Tiger?  As a cat lover, I love this, and I love the game.  Seeing these images, feels to me that we've rounded the corner on Winter, and are sliding into Spring.  You too?

03 March, 2016


The camera loves Angel

Wha-ooh...look at all the fur!
While taking photos of Angel in one of her favorite beds, I was struck by the huge amount of fur that she has left behind. After she'd vacated her nappy spot, I attempted to clean it out with a damp cloth...
I scored two spent whiskers (score!), and a pile of fur and stuff.  The Hubby wants to use the upright vacuum on it! I think I'd rather leave Angel in a nest of fur rather than chance making her unhappy with a cleaned beddy.  She will roam the house, wondering why we messed with her perfectly good set-up.

Any fur is good fur to Chuck
A bed full of Angel's fur does not appear to bother Chucky in the least...

When we can open the windows again, all of the cat beds, sleeping spots and hidey holes will get a thorough shake out, wash, vacuum...whatever is needed to de-fur, so they can begin the process again...

01 March, 2016

Angel's 2nd Holistic Vet Visit

Angel, in her favorite napping spot
On Saturday, Angel and I visited Sheppard Alternative Animal Care, and she is doing very well! With some slight adjustments to her daily vitamins, the doc said she's in good shape.  I made a follow-up appointment for Angel and Chuck's first visit for early April.  I believe the holistic approach may really help Chuck's intestinal issues.  Hopefully, we can do away with his IBD medicines, by using vitamins and a diet change.  Dr. Sheppard will know the way!

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday, and I walked the yard a bit, with Patty O'Malley trailing my every step.

Snow Drops!
"Pet me, pet me, PET ME!"
We are under a Winter Storm Warning for this afternoon and evening...some inches of snow are coming.  But...up in more spring-like temps on the weekend!  YAY for that!

Thanks all for your words of encouragement about my last post.  The whole incident really shook me up!