Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Dream Cat


In dreamland
In the midst of playtime
Sweetie lets me know when it's time for bed, by getting between my face and my book.
She knows when it's time for me to get up and get moving, by walking on my chest.
If I'm working too hard, she lets out a series of loud meows, which always attracts my attention away from the computer.
Too much grabby hands, and there is a fast paw.

I adore her!

Living life on her terms; you've got to admire that in a kitty!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Monday, August 10, 2020

Handsome Tabby Mancat

Monday O'Malley!


Monday Fool!
These images are of Thomas, who lives on Smith Street!

He looks a lot like Paddy O'Malley, no?

Here is my handsome, in all of his tabby and green-eyed glory, as the sun lights up his furs!

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

August 9: Book Lover's Day

Image found on the interwebs

Bibliophiles, UNITE!

Today, we celebrate books and reading!

Image found on the interwebs 
A terrific quote, dontcha think?

Image from Society6 by Louis Wain
During this lockdown, I've found it difficult to read; my mind wanders easily, and there are so many distractions from the news.

I discovered that rereading a book series that I'd once enjoyed was just the ticket!

Comfort reading?!?

Since mid-March, I've read and listened to audiobooks for:

Laurie R. King: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Russell series
Ben Aaronovitch: The Peter Grant series
Jim Butcher: The Dresden Files series
Alan Bradley: Flavia De Luce series
Richard Castle: Nikki Heat series
Kelley Armstrong: Rockton series
Shirley Rousseau Murphy: Joe Grey series
Catherine Coulter: A Brit in the FBI series

Thankfully, when the library building was closed, I was able to check out ebooks and audiobooks via phone apps.

Now the library is open, and I've enjoyed reconnecting with my favorite librarians and staff.

In addition, I volunteered with a group to help convince voters to pass a millage for our local library.

I put up yards signs, attended Zoom meetings, and hung door hangers with a handful of other local library enthusiasts.

Image from "Vote Yes for Mt. Clemens Library" FB page
Image from "Vote Yes for Mt. Clemens Library" FB page
And the millage passed, by a good margin!

Our 1969 library is going to get new HVAC, lighting, and electrical systems.
New meeting rooms, new children's area, new furniture, and computers and genealogical set-ups.

Yes, I am an avid book lover!

And yet...

Mother Nature soothes the soul.

Being outdoors while listening to the birds, watching the squirrels and butterflies, and simply breathing; this too has helped me negotiate these unusual times.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Pic taken at Kensington MetroPark, where The Hubby and I enjoyed an excursion this Friday.
I used my Prima app to play with the colors.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

International Cat Day 2020

Image taken from International Cat Day Facebook Page

World Cat Day was established in 2002 by The International Fund for Animal Welfare.

However, all of us who are owned by feline overlords, know that EVERY DAY, 365/24/7 belongs to cats!

In addition, it's the birthday of internationally famous professional tennis player, Roger Federer.

From July 2019
The Telegraph

I search high and low for a photo of Roger with a cat, but no go!

Surprisingly, there are plenty of cats around the world who are named Roger Federer...who knew?

Okay, so I love:

Sherlock Holmes stories
The X-Files TV show

Just how weird is this list of hobbies?!?


Today, there is sad news...

Georgia, from Mickey's Musings, ran off to cross The Rainbow Bridge.

Image of Angel Georgia taken from Mickey's Musings Blog

Please visit Mickey's Musings Cat Blog to leave kind words.