Saturday, December 8, 2018

New, um...Oval!

New oval litter box

Chili Bruce, reviewing my purchase
When Chuck was alive, we thought for a long, LONG time that his inability to use the litter box for 'solids' was due to his dislike of: 1) the type of litter, 2) the size of the boxes, and 3) the placement of the boxes.  I changed litter...slowly, carefully...several times.  We went from a covered box, to several boxes, then to the largest boxes available.  And I moved them, over weeks, to different locations.

Nothing worked.  In the end, the veterinarian suggested that Chuck probably had Irritable Bowel Disease, although we refused to have the invasive tests done that would confirm it.  We treated him as if he did, with a steroid, and his litter box habits improved.

When Da Boyz joined the household last year, we kept the same boxes in place on the first floor, while Angel received her own boxes in her apartment upstairs.  All has worked out nicely.

That is, until I decided that rectangular boxes are BORING!  The search for round or oval 'boxes' began.  Although pricier than the hardware store cement mixer tubs, the 40-gallon oval tubs are now my go-to household accessory for the cats. 

The Hubby remains stoic, because he doesn't scoop.

Da Boyz now have three ovals.  Angel's daily output is so small comparatively, and her apartment is not in our public house area, so I haven't 'ovaled' her litter boxes...yet.  I will be out and about this weekend, and I'll have access to the feed store where I purchased the ovals from, so we'll just see what happens...

Previous posts about our rectangular litter boxes, and the oval ones:

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Flashback Friday: Angel

"Who dat?"
This image was taken 14 years...and two iMacs...ago!  This was one of the only times that Angel paid any attention to the computer screen, and I'm glad I had my camera at hand to capture the moment.

With my new laptop, I have easier access to my thousands of photos, so I'll be flashing back more often.  Our kitties have made such a colossal impact on our lives, such as my desire for photography, The Hubby's need to sketch, and of course, this very blog.  Meeting all of you, getting to know your cats, their purrsonalities AND yours, is some of the bestest stuff on the planet, imho.


Thursday, December 6, 2018

Thankful Thursday: Pretty Angel

Angel loves that old hooked rug that I made a bazillion years ago!
She has attitude, our Angel.  One can never tip-toe around the house without Angel knowing about it, and meowing the news to all!  Her fur is super soft, but she isn't a softie, and won't give an inch.  I love her with all my heart, and sit next to her chair in the evenings, as I read a book, and listen to her purr.  We are beyond thankful for our precious ladycat!

Let's Hop!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Wobble Like A Weeble Wednesday

This video was taken in 2014, but I have dozens of images of The PO'M rolling back and forth like this.  If you are of a certain age, you may recall toys that came out a LONG time ago, that rock on their base but don't topple over.  They are called 'Weebles'. That's my Paddy!

Random fact: The last scene from the film, "Throw Momma From The Train", starring Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito, Billy's character Larry makes fun of Danny's character Owen, calling him a 'weeble'.  So there! 

😺Happy Wednesday!😺

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Magoo, Other Ohio Cats, and Horses

My niece found Magoo as a kitten, wandering in the yard.  He LURVs his people, and any other human who comes along.  I've posted about him before:

Magoo claimed my mother's lap immediately!
Magoo on my lap
(Note the cat scarf...)
Magoo sleeping on nephew

Magoo in the arms of his mom!
We didn't just stay inside just to play with Magoo, although I spent a lot of time with the 'chonky boi'!  While shopping in Lebanon's historic downtown, I found other cats:

I would have purchased this in a heartbeat, but couldn't do $150!

Photo of bird in a ceramic cat's mouth was for sale

This groovy statue sat on the counter at a sandwich shop, but I'm thinking that there are too many toes on each paw...

An honest-to-gosh shop cat!
After this image was snapped, said cat disappeared from view
After I spent all of my money (a pair of shoes, organic lotion, and the black cat statue from yesterday's post but no scarves), we stood in the rain to watch the daytime Lebanon Horse Drawn Carriage Parade.

One horse pulls a carriage

Mini-horse and rider!
Wells Fargo coach, pulled by four horses
Old-fashioned delivery truck!
We went in the evening to watch the nighttime parade, as horses and carriages were adorned with lights and jingle bells galore!  Here is a taste of the fun:

Needless to say, leaving my family and Magoo behind was difficult to do, and plans are to drive back again in the spring.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Thank you all!

Thank you all for the kind Gotchaversary comments
for Manny and Chili Bruce!

Instead of staying home and celebrating with them, however, my mother, sister, and I traveled to visit another sister (and I have one more...and two brothers...) in a far northern suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio.  My niece and two nephews visited for some family hilarity, and major chin wagging.

I'll post more about this mini-vacation later, but I HAD to show off this adorable statue that I found in a terrific shop in Lebanon, Ohio.  

Close up on the cat heads; one is licking the other!
Seriously, do you see why I couldn't pass it up?!?
My two housepanthers could have been the statue models!
So, it's a Happy Gotchaversary gift for ME!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Da Boyz's First Gotchaversary!

Da Boyz's first photo!
Chili Bruce, with one white whisker, in the back
Manny, under the cage, in front
Can you believe it?!?  Our sweet boyfriends have lived at Eastside Cats for a whole year now!

Manny is adventurous, destructive, and playful.  He likes to jump in a cardboard box, so I can then carry him around the house.  Every toy, every table, every piece of his!  He's chewed the rock salt bag near the front door.  Manny loves the Neko Flies toy, which we must hide when not in use, or he'll chew the string.

Chili Bruce is a champion squirrel and bird watcher, and trills a wee squeaky meow when he's wants something.  He wolfs down his food, and pushes Manny off of his bowl if we aren't vigilant.  CB is our head-bunter, and will purr when you pet his belly when he's sleeping!  His favorite toy is the Cat Charmer ribbon, made from a long, thin piece of fleece fabric.  It must be hidden when not in play, because he's already bitten through half of the length!

The Hubby and I mention daily that Da Boyz are delightful, with silky fur, and crazy attitudes that keep smiles on our faces.  The two of them snoozing together generate 'awws' from us often!

Am pretty sure it's CB on the left, Manny right...maybe...
How we tell them apart:
Manny has a bigger head, skinny body, and a large white patch of fur at his bikini line.
Chili has a smaller head, and a pear-shaped body, and circles of missing fur on his back legs.
Or, we say, "Hiya, handsome!" and "I loves me a housepanther!" until we can figure out which one is which...

Happy #1 Gotchaversary, Chills and Mans!
We love you two to pieces!