Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Sweetie's new hangout, since she is avoiding the bedroom
She enjoys looking out the windows; I stuffed my phone in front of her to take this!
I love seeing her so relaxed.

Sweetie continues to be a sweetheart!

Her trip to the veterinarian on Monday had some bumps and some positive things:

1. We arrived 30 minutes early
2. I was so flustered that I forgot to ask several important questions, like is she deaf, and how old is she?
3. Blood tests need to be redone
4. Sweetie is avoiding the bedroom (and The Hubby) where she was caught, manhandled, and stuffed into the carrier! 
5. She has a bad canine tooth that needs attention
6. Probably has an upper respiratory infection

1. The vet was able to take her in despite us being early
2. She tested negative for FIV
3. The staff said she was a real lady, allowing nail trims and pets!
4. Heart and lung sounds are good
5. For at least one day, I was able to give her the antibiotic capsule
6. Sweetie enjoys my morning conference calls, as she rubs against my ankles and meows loud enough for my co-workers to hear!


More information is forthcoming, as she will need to get to the vet again.
We await the blood and urine tests that they can run.

A shout out to the veterinarians and staff at Cats Veterinary Hospital!

I really want to be the human whom you look forward to seeing, not a stressed out, crazypants freak!


P.S. According to the Governor of Michigan, all elective veterinary surgeries are to be suspended at this time, including spay & neuter, dentals, etc. unless the animal's life is in danger.

We will do nothing that counters this important mandate.


Monday, April 6, 2020

Monday O'Malley

On my lap
On my lap
On my lap

The PO'M cares not what the temperature is, or what clothes I am wearing...if I'm sitting, then he's on my lap!

As mentioned before, I don't want my mug in his photos, but I guess you'd say we are are a bonded pair; can't get one without the other, as much as I try.

If you ever see me in person, you'll notice that most of my pants have pulls in the fabric, where The PO'M digs in his claws.'s a small price to pay for my handsome!


How are you all doing during quarantine?

I hope everyone is okay!


Friday, April 3, 2020

Ferndale's Catfe' Lounge

A month ago, I again visited The Ferndale Catfe' Lounge, to take a look at their new expansion.

They now have a food area, which is separated from the open cat area.

Of course, I didn't take any photos of the food area...just let me at THE CATS!!!!

Here are a few of the felines that I cooed over:

My apologies for including anyone's body parts!

We are fortunate to have Michigan's Premier Cat Cafe near enough to visit regularly, and the folks from the Ferndale Cat Shelter and The Catfe' Lounge get all of my admiration for the hard work that they put in for the area cats.

Not only do I get to play and pet kitties, but the conversations are wonderfully informative, collaborative, and heck, downright fun!

Cat people, surrounded by kittens and's a slice of heaven!

Anyone from elsewhere who may be in Metro Detroit after The Plague is over, let me know, and I'll escort you to The Catfe' Lounge, then probably to one of the many fine eateries in the local area.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this post. 
I write about things that interest me, and that I believe will interest my readers, and give my honest opinions.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Troubled Times

Da Man, Sly!
Paddy is my πŸ’–cat!
This morning, the president of my company had an online town hall meeting.

While no information provided was earth-shaking, we all know changes are coming.

My brain is calm, but my heart is thumping and I'm feeling nervous.

Sweetie gave me head-butts during the conference call.

Manny is currently sleeping at my feet.

Chili Bruce provided the sweetest meows, which make my heart melt.

Sly, my half-way 'round boyfriend, simply wouldn't allow me to walk past without much love and purring.

The PO'M, climbed into my lap, and provided his warmth and love.

I am beyond thankful for the cats in my life.

Despite these troubled times, they will receive 1,000% of everything that I can provide for them!


Let's Hop!

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