22 June, 2024

Colorful Queen

For your enjoyment this Caturday, I present Queen Sweet the First, in a few of her favorite poses.

Using Prisma, I artified each one, then used Google to make the collage.
Click above to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle
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21 June, 2024

Selfie, Giraffe Style...?

21 June is National Selfie Day.

Celestial Paddy O'Malley and me, all from 2015.

Guess these are really usies...*shrug*

This annual, worldwide event creates awareness and sheds light on the Silent Extinction of giraffes.
October 2019, Giraffes at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio

20 June, 2024


A few Mock Stonehenges for your amusement:
Actually, it's difficult to believe we've made it this far into the year already!

However, am up for some dancing 'round the bonfire tonight.

Am thankful that there are others in the World who enjoy Mock Henges as much as I!

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