26 February, 2024


It's PO'Monday!

February, 2016: A few images that show off Celestial Pommy's whiskers!
What a handsome he was!

25 February, 2024


Some sillies for those of us who are working stiffs!
 At least am working remotely, and the commute to work is simply walking upstairs.

Have appointment with my tax CPA on Tuesday, and he's gonna ask about the 'r' word.

Am slightly...no, VERY...terrified of the concept of living off our funds and stuff.

And am beyond thankful to have a good job, with health benefits.

Guess I haven't yet hit that "That's enough; I'm done!" point.

Yet, it's on the horizon, peaking over the ridge with glowing eyes locked on me.

24 February, 2024


It's Caturday!

Sweetie was enjoying the rumpled blanket, with window-blind shadows illuminating part of her furry self.

The Porthole filter on my Prisma app made it all come alive with textures and color.
Click on the image to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.

 Let's Hop!