Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Yo, S'up?

Kitchen door watching...
At the front door...
Who is watching whom?
Neither Paddy O'Malley, nor either of Da Boyz, seem overly perturbed about seeing each other through the glass.  After all, each cat can smell the others on my clothes, and they see our daily interactions.  I don't want to rub any cat's presence into the face of another, obviously, yet we have three cat families.  They all just have to know about each other, and live with it. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Farewell, Wally

Angel Wally
Please visit The Island Cats during this very sad time.

I've turned off comments for today.


Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy To See Sly!

I try to walk the neighborhood each evening, yet it's been difficult with the amount of snow and ice that we've accumulated recently.  Yesterday, however, I got out there, even walking in the street part of the time to avoid slipping, and image my delight and joy to see Sly!  I was so excited, that my photo is not level, but his glorious fur and green eyes are looking fantastic.  He's a floof-monster!


Please sends purrs to Wally at The Island Cats.  The lady with the yellow hair is very, very worried.


Friday, February 15, 2019

Blame It On The Hubby

Da Boyz really tore this kibble package up!
The Hubby said that the kibble bag would be fine on top of the refrigerator. "What's the worst they could do to it?"  Ah HA!  

Top Of The Fridge Double Trouble!

"We are innocent!"

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Ross and Demelza

Introducing Ross and Demelza, the furrpeople who live with my cousins in Georgia.

Ross and Demelza were adopted from the Hall County Animal Shelter in July, 2018 and are nine months old.  They are named after the lead characters on the BBC/Masterpiece Theatre show "Poldark," based on a series of novels by Winston Graham.

Double tuxie love!  So cute!

Demelza on left, Ross is right

Office helpers Ross, left, and Demelza right

Boxed Ross

Demelza, looking cute!

Ross, keeping watch!

Explorer Demelza
All photos used with permission

Thank you, K&M, for sharing your cuties with us!
Those white paws just slay me...


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Sad Cat Stories Wreck My Day

Image from the interwebs
I listen to NPR (National Public Radio) often, especially the "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!" show.  When I stumbled upon "NPR Driveway Moments Cat Tales", hosted by Scott Simon, on my local library's audiobook list, I was prepared to be entertained to the max, as usually happens with anything NPR.

Instead, it was a collection of reporters and hosts, talking about their cat, or a family cat, or some story that included a cat, and in my opinion, too many were about dead cats.  One was about a cat-eating owl, for goodness sakes!  Whoever produced or edited this thing just grabbed 'cat stuff', without regard for listeners WHO ACTUALLY LIKE CATS!  It's a 2-hour audiofile, and I almost turned it off after the first 30 minutes.  I stuck with it though, believing that NPR couldn't...nay, wouldn't...let me down...and yet, by the end, it had barely redeemed itself.

Sure, there were a few good items, such as Mr. Kitty's discussion on whether cats belong indoors only, or a Maine cat resort.  "Cat Named Hamish" actually had me laughing out loud, much to the amusement (or terror!) of nearby motorists on my commute home.  Yet, the damage was done.

And I find this is a problem with collections of cat stories.  I've picked up books which are compilations of writers or poets, and the same thing happens; dead or dying cat stories just wring my heart too hard, and I'm no good for any of the more pleasing stories further along.  Yes, our feline friends leave us, or have accidents.  Sure, that's true.  But do I have to listen or read about such horrifying things, for entertainment?!?  NOPE!

A book written about the author's life with a cat, who eventually dies...I can handle that!  There is a flow, and a purpose to that story.  But to slap together 'cat' stories, poems, or reports, just because they are about cats, is no good to me.  That stuff just wrecks my day.

Here are the details, should you be interested:

NPR Driveway Moments Cat Tales: Radio Stories That Won't Let You Go
Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged
by NPR (Author), Scott Simon (Performer)
Series: NPR Driveway Moments
Publisher: HighBridge Audio; Unabridged,Original radio broadcast; 2 hours edition (September 18, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1611748763
ISBN-13: 978-1611748765