Saturday, November 28, 2020

Paddy Puzzles

Caturday Art, starring The PO'M!

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Friday, November 27, 2020


Eww...chin drool on The PO'M!
Up Sweetie's Nose!

Manny wouldn't model the sunglasses
Chili Bruce caught in mid-yawn!
Tried to capture a rain storm, but mistakenly focused on the window!

Jigsaw Puzzle!
Artified rainy window photo fail!

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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Here's to New Gadgets

 I received a surprise today!

Image from website
As my iPhone 8 was on the fritz, the corporate mobile services unit sent a replacement phone, and it's an iPhone XR.  Very nice, and it's camera LIKES taking photos of black cats.

The Hubby saw a Thanksgiving/Christmas sale at a local store, and surprise!...I have AirPods Pro, to go with my new phone.  These will come in handy while walking in the 'hood; no cord dangling and getting caught up on my neck scarf.  

Sweetie will go after ANY cord or wire; she attacks my dangling earrings AND the ties on my she always has a field day with my wired earbuds, unless I hide the wires inside of my clothes!  Now, she is thwarted, and I don't have to fear her murder mitts.

I am thankful for my new gadgets, and for my family and friends whom I won't be seeing today.  I wish everyone who is celebrating, to have a Joyous...if cautious...Thanksgiving today, and be careful out there on Friday!  

Thank you to my blog readers, and to the blogging community; we may have our ups and downs, but there is a strong bond that warms the heart!

Da Boyz, taken with my new phone.
I didn't have to adjust a thing; the camera had no problem with their shiny black fur.

Jigsaw Puzzle
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Wednesday, November 25, 2020



Since our temperatures have begun to drop, I had the distinct impression that Sweetie was feeling a bit chilly.

When I climb out of bed, she dives into the warmth that I'd left behind.

She always naps in the sunpuddles, so I dug around.

Sunpuddle Napping
I found a heated beddy, and plugged it in.

I surprised her just now!
Sweetie, whatever you need, I'll make it happen!

💗I love you💓

Jigsaw Puzzle

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


 Yes, it's Twozday...but let's concentrate on Manny today!

Captured on top of the refridgerator...

Doing a triple dangle!

Jigsaw Puzzle!