Monday, December 11, 2017

Meet Manny!


Manny, a riff on 'Batman', which is what the rescue named him, is rambunctious, carefree, and loving.  He's the larger of Da Boyz, but only heavier by a few ounces.  Yesterday, at the veterinarian's office, Manny climbed all over the counters, and tried to push the dog biscuit jar off the table a couple of times.  The vet says both cats are about 1-1/2 years old.  Manny likes the Cat Dancer toy, and if he's not playing with it or eating food, he gets into mischief, such as jumping on the kitchen counters or getting as close to Angel as he can to make her hiss!

Manny, trying to get at my food!

Manny has tried to eat my sandwich, and wants to see everything on our plates.  He also licks my (or The Hubby's) shirt or sweater, and purrs and makes biscuits.  When I lay down on the futon in Da Boyz's room, Manny is always at my head or across my throat.

Manny is a delight!  He is also a rascal.  I haven't heard The Hubby laugh like this in a long time.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Waiting For Chuck

Just hung up the phone from Chuck's veterinarian's office: his cremains have not been returned, and there is no real ETA.

Yesterday, The Hubby mentioned that our house looks a bit shabby, should we have any guests over, due to the puppy pee pads pinned up around litter boxes.  I did that when Chuck was standing up while urinating, due to his bowel issues.

So, I cry.  We have only the detritus of his existence, but no Chuck.  Yes, Da Boyz are a handful, and Angel is beginning to find her place as big sister in the new Eastside Cats order.

But the pain underlies the joy, the busy-ness, the play, the feeding, cleaning,  loving, and keeping my eye on The 'O' Cats, now that it's gotten cold.  We continue to observe bardo for Chuck's death, honoring his memory and his life.  Having two Chuck look-alikes is interesting, yet neither mimic his personality in the slightest. 

The puppy pee pads remain.

And so, I wait, with love.

Prisma Image of Chuck

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thankful Thursday: BK

BK, rocking the cone!

Pensive BK...
...which lasts one nanosecond!

Too cute!

Radiograph of BK
**All photos used with permission by BK's foster parents**

BK is being fostered by a co-worker, after having surgery to try to repair his bones and internal organs after some trauma.  BK has use of all of his limbs, except he is incontinent.  Hopefully, with regular therapy and acupuncture treatments, he won't have to wear diapers for the rest of his life.  BK is a regular kitten though; running, jumping, crazy at play, and as you can tell, as cute as the dickens!  I am thankful for people like my co-worker and his wife, who are willing to do what it takes to keep this little fella healthy and warm.

This is Thankful Thursday's Blog Hop from Brian's Home!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

So, Do You Want Some Photos Of Da Boyz?

Manny has scaled Mount Refridge

"Chili" not sitting still for a photo

Um...yeah, this is what most of
my photos look like...

This is the best I have done so far!  As I arrive home after the sun has set, and I leave again when it's just gotten up, the lighting STINKS for photographing black furrs.  And they are on the MOVE constantly, plus when I get near with my phone, they headbunt me and lick my fingers.  Or, they lay all over me and purr, and how can I make a good image of that?

As for Angel, she's doing sorta okay.  The Hubby isn't keen on her constant hissing and growling, but it's getting less every day.  I tell him to remember that she's had run of the place for over 13 years, and now these noisy, nosy teenagers get all up in her grill so FAST; I'd growl too!  But, there is no angry stuff, no fluff suits, no whapping or charging.  And it's only been four whole days...

Manny will forever be Manny, but we are still on the fence with his brother's name.  We've switched to Chili, however that doesn't seem quite right either.  Heck, I've called him Buster Brown enough times to make THAT his name!  (Actually, I say "I love you!" in his soft fur so often, he may start responding to it!) 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Farewell, Angel Memphis


Please visit Clarissa's House Of Cats to offer condolences for the passing of Memphis.  Memphis is the fourth cat of Clarissa's to leave for The Rainbow Bridge since September, so they are all heart-sick beyond heart-sick.

Farewell, Angel more pain, and you left this mortal coil while wrapped in love.