Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Chili Bruce is left; Manny, right
We have had a surplus of wet and below average temperature days.  Here, I managed a photo of Da Boyz on the stool, backlit with the sun shining through the backdoor, on a rare instance of Sol breaking through the clouds.

I'm off on vacation for the next few days, so my commenting will fall off.  The Hubby is home to care for all Eastside Cats, and he'll watch those old cowboy TV shows that he so enjoys.  Actually, he watches them whether I'm home or not!  😹


Monday, May 13, 2019

Bohemian Rhapsody Review

"Bohemian Rhapsody", released in 2018, is a film that follows the life of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the rock group Queen.  Yes, it was in theatres months ago, but I caught a free showing at a local library recently.  They served popcorn and soft drinks too!  I snagged a seat in the front row, and snapped photos of any cats on screen.  You see, Freddie loved his felines! 

Of course, this is a Hollywood movie, and the facts and timelines aren't purrfectly accurate, but kitties in a movie...Yes, Please!  There were only a few quick glimpses, but my phone camera was ready.

Rami Malek, the actor who portrayed Freddie, won an Oscar for his unique skills in representing an icon in music history.  While watching the film, I'll admit to singing along (quietly) and wriggling my booty a bit in time with the music!  Queen's music is quintessential, and Freddie and his band members made beautiful, and everlasting songs.  I recommend this movie!


Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thankful Thursday: Star!

I've mentioned a neighborhood cat that I called 'Harlequin' a few times:

Well, I met her owner, and her name is:
He stepped outside when he noticed that I was sitting on his sidewalk, playing with his cat!
I thanked him for allowing me to interact with Star, and he seemed fairly amused.

You'll notice, she's very intent on something across the street.

A one-eyed ginger kitty, wearing a collar!

I've never seen this cat before, and Star's human said that these two cats do this stare standoff every day.  I tried to entice ginger kitty to come up to me, but it was a no-go.

So, I've discovered one hood cat's name, but now I have another to track down!
I'll call him 'Blinky' for now...

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Am Torn About Book Review: Rant

The Girl Before
Written by J. P. Delaney
Hardcover, 341 pages
Published January 24th 2017 by Ballantine Books
ISBN 0425285049 (ISBN13: 9780425285046

I listened to the audiobook version, and was enthralled from the very beginning by the uniqueness of the characters, the premise (an architect's dream home for rent), and the 'who really is a monster' mystery that winds through every chapter.

Why I'm torn: I really, REALLY liked this mystery.  But there is one problem:  a kitten is killed.  Savagely.  It's actually a teeny tiny part of the story, and yet it broke my heart.  Sure, it's not a living cat, as this is just fiction.  But why even think it, let alone write it into a story?  If that wee part could be excised, the story would have been fine.   

Why do that?

On the flipside, am I too sensitive to cats (dogs, birds, you name it) being mistreated, in books and movies?  Another case in point, "The X-Files: I Want To Believe", which was the 2nd movie made from the hit TV series, which I love.  My friends and I gathered in Memphis, Tennessee, to see this movie premier together.  I left the theatre in tears, and shaking.  Fake animal mutilation pushed me over the edge.  Everyone else stayed for the next showing of the movie; I refused, and instead went to see "Mama Mia"...and was traumatized again by Pierce Brosnan singing.

I must not be alone, because I've seen t-shirts with "I Don't Care Who Dies In The Movie As Long As The Dog Lives" written on them.  In this book, I had no idea the kitten was even a part of the story, until about 75% way into the book.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have started it.

*stepping off soapbox*


Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Why not two photos of our twins today?


Squirrel TV is good!

'Helping' dad fix the chair leg

But Wait!
Let's see those gorgeous faces!

Bonus photo!!!

"Mom, do you think you could let us get back to our synchronized napping practice?"

Monday, May 6, 2019

Another Cat Surprise While In The Woods

Sunday, May 5, I attended two separate Spring Wildflower Walks.  Although the day was sunny and warmish, the ground is still saturated from all of the rain we've experienced.  Not only were my shoes and pants very mud-spattered, I stepped straight into a hidden swale with five or six inches of water, so my socks and feet were soaked too.  I didn't wear boots, in order to be stylish, but I paid the price!

First, I was at Balduck Memorial Park, in Detroit.  This walk was sponsored by The Detroit Garden Center.  There were about ten of us; nice and informal.  Unfortunately, I lost my native plant guide, andso I do not remember the names to some of these.
See the little serrations on the leaf edges?
I thought it was cool.

Our guide said that some plants have extra tannins in their spring leaves, causing them to be reddish.
Some critters don't like tannins, so this is a way for the plants to ward off being eaten up during this important growing time. 

Heck if I can remember this one, but it's cute!

White sharp-lobed hepatica

Jack-in-the-pulpit buds

In the afternoon, I was in Tenhave Woods, in Royal Oak.  The Royal Oak Nature Society was on hand to show about 50 people around.  We saw:

A bank of trillium

The expert didn't know if this was a Grey Tree Frog or a Cope's Grey Tree Frog.  The only known difference between the two frogs, is their mating call, and this frog wasn't saying nuthin'!  The expert released the frog onto the nearest tree...

...Can you see the frog on the oak tree?
Blends in extremely well, yes?

May Apple

Jack-in-the-pulpit bloom

And, as the tour was wrapping up, a man came along, wearing this t-shirt:

Cats drive us crazy first, THEN we consult them for therapy, amIright?
He graciously allowed me to snap a photo, and I am again amazed at how my attempts at hanging out with Mother Nature seems to throw some feline action at me too!  It's beginning to get weird!

See previous post: To My Surprise...Thrice!


Sunday, May 5, 2019

Farewell Sweet Pea

Angel Sweet Pea
Image used with permission

Friends, Katnip Lounge has lost their beautiful Sweet Pea.   Angel Rupert left on 4/15/19, so this is a doubly hard passing.  Although the blog is on hiatus, Trish and Scott can be reached here via FB Messenger.