24 June, 2024

Cat World Domination Day 2024

Cat World Domination Day is always 24 June, the birthday of Celestial Sparkle.
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 Cat humans already know that our feline friends dominate the world.

The Eastside Cats speak out:
Manny: "YEAH!"
Chili Bruce: "Huh?  There's a bird..."
Swee Wee: "Seriously, you are bothering me about that?"
Henry: "Hmmm...let me respond to that after a rest in the shade."
There you have it, folks!

Cats know that they rule the world, whether they really want to or not.

23 June, 2024

It's Too Damn Hot 🥵


Adult Language Ahead...

Not Kidding!



For kicks and giggles, during this early heatwave in The Midwest.
Don't know when I'll be able to wear my new-to-me cat-ear hoodie!

Isn't it darling?

22 June, 2024

Colorful Queen

For your enjoyment this Caturday, I present Queen Sweet the First, in a few of her favorite poses.

Using Prisma, I artified each one, then used Google to make the collage.
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Let's Hop!
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