Friday, December 14, 2018

Flashback Friday: December 2006

Chuck was husky and Angel a bit zaftig!

Um, we can still see you, Chuck!

"Stuff On My Angel"
(showing some serious attitude too!)

That's much better, handsome!

I have no idea what this was all about!  😹

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thankful Thursday: Cat Photos

Mango, under the tree in Florida
Used with permission from P&M
Sure, I love cats!  I take photos of the Eastside Cats, and the neighborhood cats, and any other cats that I am privileged to visit.

And I have friends near and far, who send to me a steady and LOVELY stream of images of their own critters, like Mango above.  Isn't he gorgeous?  Getting these images just make my day...I LOVE THEM!  Spied a t-shirt somewhere, that said, "Show me your kits!", and although it's totally inappropriate for a mature, professional woman such as I, it's the darn truth...whip out your phone, and show me your cat pictures!

Obviously, I have a bottomless well of desire to look at cats, and dogs too.  And my fellow too keep my need to peer at cats almost in abeyance!  This, I am thankful for.

Let's Hop!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Stay Away Wednesday

Image taken at 7:00 am this morning:

Angel:  "Don't get any closer to me, Mama!
Not until I've had my brekkie!"
Angel allows little to no touching before meals.  She's all business...the business of filling her belly!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


"No one can see me hiding!
How can you possibly see me...I'm invisible!"

Monday, December 10, 2018

Da Sunshine Boyz

So cute!
My bet is the Manny is half-upside down, and CB is looking away, but don't quote me on it!
This weekend was very cold, and not a cloud in the sky!  Everyone was basking in the warm light.  We are sorry for the folks who've been socked by storms to the south and east.

The PO'M and me!
On a very sad note, Mary Ann at Feral Cat Behavior lost her husband Mike to illness early this morning.  Please drop her a note, and donate toward her feral cat care if you can.  A link to do so is on the side bar of her blog.

Photo borrowed from Feral Cat Behavior
Mike and kitten

Saturday, December 8, 2018

New, um...Oval!

New oval litter box

Chili Bruce, reviewing my purchase
When Chuck was alive, we thought for a long, LONG time that his inability to use the litter box for 'solids' was due to his dislike of: 1) the type of litter, 2) the size of the boxes, and 3) the placement of the boxes.  I changed litter...slowly, carefully...several times.  We went from a covered box, to several boxes, then to the largest boxes available.  And I moved them, over weeks, to different locations.

Nothing worked.  In the end, the veterinarian suggested that Chuck probably had Irritable Bowel Disease, although we refused to have the invasive tests done that would confirm it.  We treated him as if he did, with a steroid, and his litter box habits improved.

When Da Boyz joined the household last year, we kept the same boxes in place on the first floor, while Angel received her own boxes in her apartment upstairs.  All has worked out nicely.

That is, until I decided that rectangular boxes are BORING!  The search for round or oval 'boxes' began.  Although pricier than the hardware store cement mixer tubs, the 40-gallon oval tubs are now my go-to household accessory for the cats. 

The Hubby remains stoic, because he doesn't scoop.

Da Boyz now have three ovals.  Angel's daily output is so small comparatively, and her apartment is not in our public house area, so I haven't 'ovaled' her litter boxes...yet.  I will be out and about this weekend, and I'll have access to the feed store where I purchased the ovals from, so we'll just see what happens...

Previous posts about our rectangular litter boxes, and the oval ones:

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Flashback Friday: Angel

"Who dat?"
This image was taken 14 years...and two iMacs...ago!  This was one of the only times that Angel paid any attention to the computer screen, and I'm glad I had my camera at hand to capture the moment.

With my new laptop, I have easier access to my thousands of photos, so I'll be flashing back more often.  Our kitties have made such a colossal impact on our lives, such as my desire for photography, The Hubby's need to sketch, and of course, this very blog.  Meeting all of you, getting to know your cats, their purrsonalities AND yours, is some of the bestest stuff on the planet, imho.