Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Sorry 'bout this, folks...but I did NOT run these images by The Hubby!

My best guesses are under each image.

Manny in back, CB with paw out in front
I'm 90% sure that I've got this right.
Sharing the double-wide scratcher
CB right, Manny left (?)
Synchronized napping
Manny right, CB left (?)
In real life, I can tell them apart...I swear it!

When I snap photos, I always tell myself, "Oh, I know who is whom", then a few days later, I cannot remember, and am sunk.

Guess I could fib, and tell you all that this one is Manny and that one is Chili Bruce, but I don't want to be that person.

Who is: Cannot tell which gorgeous housepanther is which in these images...


Monday, January 20, 2020

Monday O'Malley

Aww, The PO'M lets me smooch him!

He really doesn't like stepping on snow

Kitten-like profile

Inside the feeding station
Sweetie was being very shy...or else, she was moving fast to avoid being in the cold air!

And a sad Farewell to Angel Millie at 15andMeowing 

Angel Millie had a long talio!
Please visit 15andMeowing to leave a note of condolence.


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Late Update

Angel, at Saturday's vet visit
This morning, as she noms a little
An update!

Saturday's vet visit went much better than I'd dreamed of.

By adding an appetite stimulant and pain meds, the doc is sure Angel will eat more soon.

The snowstorm took my mind off of my concerns for Angel, then the wonderful staff at Cats Veterinary Hospital easily gave me instructions and loaded us up with needed items.

I left the office with wings on my heels, and my heart as light as air.

She isn't cured, but she will stay with us for awhile longer...YAY!


As for that storm, Paddy and Sweetie are fine!
The PO'M, using my lap as his look out
We received about 6 inches of snow...with huge drifts, and then it rained.

We shoveled the heavy, wet snow.

Overnight, the temperature dropped into the basement.

The photo above was taken at 5 pm today, when the windchill was in the single digits F.

Sweetie and The PO'M were happy to have dinner and fresh water, and I was delighted to pet them and give them love.

I'll share more photos tomorrow.


Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Femcats

Sweetie's photo, using Prisma app
Original photo

We are expecting some nasty snow/sleet/rain Saturday, so my concern about Sweetie and The PO'M ratchet upward!  
Yes, they have a warm shelter, water, and food, but you know...
After this storm, the temperatures plummet for a few days.  
This is typical Michigan Winter weather, yet The 'O' Cats will always be on my mind.

Despite the storm, Angel has a veterinarian appointment Saturday morning.
She's stopped eating robustly, as she originally did when we first put her on her meds.
Keep your paws crossed that the vet has something up her sleeve, to encourage more nomming!