31 July, 2020

Final Friday Bloopers!

The final Friday of every month is:

Pet Photo Fails!

Out of focus PO'M, with ears chopped off
Blurry Sweets, in a indelicate position.
Nope, even Sly thinks this is a poor image!
Da Boyz, but not their faces!
Jigsaw Puzzle

Let's Hop!

Show us your bloopers...we know you've got 'em! 😹😽😹

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30 July, 2020

Window & Garden Cats

Thankful Thursday!

Here are a few of the recent cat sightings I've seen:

Sly is so handsome!
As I work from home, I walk twice; in the morning before it's too hot, and again near sunset.

Breathing air, getting dewy (read: sweat like a stevedore), and whispering 'pstpstpst' to kitties can really help a person's attitude!

Nothing seems too dire, when you've exercised your muscles and bones.

Just stay hydrated!

Jigsaw Puzzle

29 July, 2020

Sweetnesday: Our Cutie Pie

See how easy it is to full out her loose undercoat?

I keep trying to capture her eyes.
Watching a sleeping cat is so peaceful!
Again, with her favorite toys.
Jigsaw Puzzle

Again, I used the Prisma app on my phone:

28 July, 2020

27 July, 2020

Deck King

Monday O'Malley!

The PO'M is king of our backyard deck.

The PO'M enjoys having his photo taken!
At nap.
Working the stairs.
Using the Prisma app on my phone.

Jigsaw Puzzle

24 July, 2020


Guess what?

I erased ALL of my jigsaw puzzles, from Jigsaw Planet.


A complete and utter mistake.

I recreated the one's for this week's posts only, to save face.

Don't think I'll go back and remake the others; there are many of them, and those who like to play have already played them, no?

So, if there is a specific jigsaw puzzle that you'd like, send me an email so I can recreate it for you.

Otherwise, enjoy these new ones...

...and I hope to do a better job of not deleting them.


Who'd have thought?!?


23 July, 2020

It's Not All About Cats...

Today, I am thankful that my neighborhood has such wonderful items to keep me entertained!

And it's not always cats...

 A Little Library, shaped like a British Call Box!
This is a Tardis Little Library, from the Dr. Who series.
Who knew there were deer in downtown?
Some sort of beetle, making its way on the sidewalk.
The Hubby and I pick mulberries from several trees growing around town...YUMMY! 

This gorgeous kitty enjoys some attention!

Jigsaw Puzzle