30 September, 2016

She's got a cricket to ride...!

The lobby filing cabinet

The baited cricket trap

Sideways video of cricket chirping

There is a cricket under the lobby filing cabinet at my office.  Since I've rescued two crickets so far from this building, I feel it's my job to get this one too.  But the cabinet is too heavy for me to pull out.  I cannot see down the back or sides either, and pulling out the drawers makes it plain that this cricket knows how to hide!  For now, I've put out a plate with a apple slice on it, hoping the cricket is hungry.  It sure is singing loudly!  The video simply is to record the loud cricket chirp.

If anyone has any ideas on how to coax the insect out, please comment! Even having a cat in residence wouldn't help.  The boss is calling it, "Vicky's Cricket".  Everyone is amused by my tenacity at saving this critter.

How did I go from Creepy Cat Stalker to Everything Wild Huntress?

BUT WAIT!  The maintenance crew has decided to pull out the credenza for me...how nice!

The guys were amazing!

Other cricket, moved outside
One more cricket is wrested from the quiet, warm and dry interior, and placed under a dripping wet bush, on this cool, grey day.  Bon Voyage, cricket!  Tell all of your cricket friends that it's a wasted trip to get inside this building; I'll suss them out and put 'em back out.

29 September, 2016

More 'Hood Cats

See the little grey kitty?  He is very shy.
My guess is that he's a stray, but he's often
sitting on this person's front porch.
Trust me, I've got my eye on him!
This kitty came running up to me, and flopped onto
the sidewalk, so he could get more lovin'.
And then he followed me down the street!

"Oh, kitty...go back home!"

This sweet kitty has soft fur, and seemed
to enjoy having a fuss made over her.  She is owned.

Sly, my new boyfriend...

"Oops...No, Patty, you are still my main squeeze!"

Sly and Sneaker's human mom and I had a long talk the other day.  The next day, I was walking the 'hood again when it was already dark out.  I didn't see Sly outside so I stayed on the opposite side of the street.  Lo and behold, Sly meowed LOUDLY, and upon hearing my name being called, I swung around.  Sly came out from the bushes and flopped down for me to worship him.

And right then, his human mom drove up from grocery shopping, and she said, "It's you again!"  I told her that I'd been summoned, but now she probably thinks I'm some creepy neighborhood stalker or something!  But look, cats find ME...I'm not doing nuthin'!  Just keep my eyes open, and if I see a kitty, I make smoochy sounds and kneel down while offering a hand, and blink nice and slowly.  See...I am NOT a creepy cat stalker...nope.

28 September, 2016

Bummer, Dude...

Patty O'Malley does not look very happy now that Autumn has arrived!  To be honest, I have never witnessed him hiding in the hosta plants like this. Don't worry; I gave him a long, loving cuddle and snuggle fest before I left for work!

27 September, 2016


Chucky was in Puna's beddy when I got home from work!

"This will do nicely, human!"

Yep, Chucky was enjoying his new Finland beddy!  Doesn't his black furrs look wonderful against the royal purple?

AND...I had a bit of success with coaxing Patty O'Malley up to the balcony this weekend.  However, he ran up, looked around and went back down in a flash!  I was on a chair at the far end, reading my book, so I simply sat there for a long time, hoping he would come back again.  Next thing I know, I look up and it's Sweetie instead!  She was happy to get some kibble, happy to explode through the open door, and then ate some more kibble before descending again.  The Stairway to Heaven just may be working!!!
Do you see Patty's head coming up?

Yep, Patty joined me on the balcony!
And Sweetie surprised me by coming up!

She investigated the inside too...
"Your kibble offering pleases me, human!"

26 September, 2016

Gifts from Far Away

A package arrived from Finland!

Angel inspected it...

...then she spent a long time sniffing...

...and Chuck did a lot of sniffing too!

And who is this gorgeous fella?

That's Punapippuri!  I so admired Spitty's royal purple beddy (check it out here), that Karin shipped her original version all the way to Michigan for Chuck and Angel's enjoyment!  There were other toys in the box, as well as this handsome photo and a note.  How generous is that!?!

So far, no cat has ventured inside the purple beddy, but they've sniffed and sniffed and sniffed it.  Judging by past behavior, The Hubby and I will be searching the house for a missing cat in about a month, only to find him or her tucked up inside the new bed.  They like to keep us humans guessing, don't they?

Thank you, thank you!  I love it; the color is gorgeous, and I know the cats will come around.  And now I shop for a new cat photo frame, to add Punapipuri to my collection.  Look at those toehawks!

24 September, 2016


We all have our cutesy widdle sillums names for our kitties, but do we tell other people about it?

NO, we don't!  Sometimes they are too wacky, and would take too much explanation.

That is...until today!  I'm going to broadcast for all to read, the goofy nicknames that I call our cats.

Chucky gets called:
BBC (Big Black Cat)
His Sleekness
My Boy
His Largeness

Angel is called:
B&W (Black and White)
Wee One
My Girl
Her Highness
Bunny Rabbit

Patty O'Malley
We call him:
Pattus O'Mallus
Fat Boy
Alley Cat

Sweetie's nicknames are:

Well, we really haven't had too many nicknames for Aries, other than that we used
           to call him Romeo before we discovered that he had humans and a home.
He has been a bit aggressive when I walk out with food bowls in hand; even Patty has taken to hanging back rather than face him, but I don't like dropping into negative-land with Brat or Bad Boy.  Aries needs MORE love, not less!  He is a real sweet kitty, when he isn't afraid to show it.

Thank you all for the terrific comments yesterday!

23 September, 2016

My 3rd Blogoversary!

My first blog post, on September 22, 2013: Parking Lot Cat

I didn't even post a photo!

Prior to starting this blog, I sent occasional emails to family and friends, telling amusing stories about Angel and Chuck, or the 'O' Cats.  My inspiration for cat blogging was the first one that I discovered: William of Mass Destruction (now called William's Kith and Kin).  Then I found Ingrid King at The Conscious Cat and Way of Cats by Pam Merritt.

So many of you have been instrumental in furthering and expanding my posts, and I read many blogs daily that just light up my world.  We have a terrific online community, and it's a pleasure to be a part of it. Each one brings a separate viewpoint, but we are bonded together by our love of the cats in our lives.

The Hubby is very supportive of my need to reach out with my cat stories and information, just as long as HE isn't a feature.  Well, too bad...he is very important, but I've honored my promise to not include him in any photos.  He had no idea that I've been at it for three years!

Thank you all for reading about Angel and Chuck, Patty O'Malley, Sweetie, Aries, Hobo, Sammy, George, the neighbor's cats, and everything else catty!

Vicky and Patty

P.S. Please visit Katnip Lounge; Sylvester left for the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly, and his peeps need some purrs and head bonks from all.

22 September, 2016

9/22/16: Remember Me Thursday-Adopt, Don't Shop

Orphan pets should live in forever homes, not die waiting for them. Get everyone you know on social media to talk about pet adoption on Thursday, September 22, 2016, so the world can shine a light on all orphan pets waiting in shelters and rescues right now.

21 September, 2016

All We Need Is Love: International Day of Peace 2016

1970, by The Moody Blues

Why do we never get an answer
When we're knocking at the door
With a thousand million questions
About hate and death and war?

'cause when we stop and look around us
There is nothing that we need.
In a world of persecution that is burning in its greed.

Why do we never get an answer
When we're knocking at the door?
Because the truth is hard to swallow
That's what the war of love is for.

It's not the way that you say it
When you do those things to me.
It's more the way that you mean it
When you tell me what will be.

And when you stop and think about it
You won't believe it's true.
That all the love you've been giving
Has all been meant for you.

I'm looking for someone to change my life.
I'm looking for a miracle in my life.
And if you could see what it's done to me
To lose the love I knew
Could safely lead me through.

Between the silence of the mountains
And the crashing of the sea
There lies a land I once lived in
And she's waiting there for me.

But in the grey of the morning
My mind becomes confused
Between the dead and the sleeping
And the road that I must choose.

I'm looking for someone to change my life.
I'm looking for a miracle in my life.
And if you could see what it's done to me
To lose the love I knew
Could safely lead me to
The land that I once knew.
To learn as we grow old
The secrets of our souls.

It's not the way that you say it
When you do those things to me.
It's more the way you really mean it
When you tell me what will be.

Why do we never get an answer
When we're knocking at the door
With a thousand million questions
About hate and death and war?

When we stop and look around us
There is nothing that we need.
In a world of persecution that is burning in its greed.

This song was written during the Vietnam War, by a British rock band after touring in the United States.  I mention it today, the International Day of Peace, because every day, the feeling of LOVE for each other and everything on this planet needs to be expressed.  Surely, when bad things happen, like terrorism, we humans cannot understand the evil, and become hurt and dangerous.  Having the love of a cat...or if you are lucky, many cats!...can seriously improve one's outlook.

I held a purring Angel to my chest this morning, and her love and warmth just melted the knot of frustration that was building in me before commuting to work (which seems like a battle, let me tell you!)  So therefore, I say unto you...Get a Cat, and Know Peace!

"Angel" created by BGianossa

20 September, 2016

Chuck And Angel's Saturday Vet Visit

On the way...

Afterward, Chuck was hiding a bit...

...but then he came out again!

Angel just wanted to nap

Both Chuck and Angel received good marks from the holistic vet!  He feels that Chuck's organs are doing very well, and Angel's recent bladder infection is over, and she has no lasting effects from the antibiotics.  Chuck did have an 'accident' on the way, and he smelled BAD from sitting in it, and I felt badly too.  The vet people had some nice organic cleaner stuff, and Chuck smelled fabulous after I wiped him down.  He was so embarrassed, but everyone treated him well.  We are decreasing the amounts of herbs and vitamins that are mixed into their every meal.  Chuck goes back in two months, and I've scheduled another chiropractor visit for him too.  Angel can wait longer for her next visit; we'll discuss her again when I go back with Chuck in November.

Wait...did I just type NOVEMBER!?!  OH NOES!!  I'm not ready to give up on Summertime yet, folks.

19 September, 2016

"I Was Here"

Patty O'Malley, showing off his handiwork
Sweetie prefers to use this post
Cats need to scratch, so they can exercise their bodies, remove nail sheaths, and mark their territory with scent glands in their paws.  We've wrapped sisal rope around a post on the deck, but Patty prefers the feeding station, and Sweetie likes the unwrapped post.

"I prefer if you'd get that camera away!", says Sweetie

16 September, 2016

Funeral For A Feathered Friend


WARNING: Images of dead bird but no blood or guts...proceed at your own risk!!!
Folks, as I walked up to my office building this morning, I saw this on the sidewalk:
Willow Flycatcher, image from the internet
No, that's a 'before' photo...here is the 'after':

Poor birdie!
I think it flew into the glass of the office front door.  I hoped it was just stunned, but the poor thing had expired.

Wrapping the body in tissue, I dug a hole in the garden under the flag pole, and buried the bird.  I placed a few interesting stones on top, then tried to cover the grave with mulch.

Okay, a stone and a piece of brick
Farewell, birdie.  I didn't know you, but I hope St. Francis lifted you up to heaven.

Have seen only two (count 'em, TWO!) dead birds in my yard since 2009, due to my feral cat colony, but I've not seen an intact body before.  And how many co-workers had walked by, until I arrived?

Some quick research on the interwebs, and I believe the poor deceased bird was a Willow Flycatcher.

15 September, 2016

Blue Kitty

I like the smiley face!
SHHHH!  Do NOT tell The Hubby!  I picked up this cutie at a resale shop; haven't decided whether it will fit in best on the office credenza or the home collection.

That looks good
Okay, it's going to stay in the home collection for now.  Yes, that is an antique glass mailbox; we only removed it from use outdoors a couple of years ago.  The tall kitty painted with flowers was discovered in the basement when we first moved in; believe it was childhood artwork left over from The Hubby's sister.  Do you think The Hubby will notice the new addition?  Let's wait and see.