Friday, September 9, 2016


Angel and Chuck are not fans of noise.  They dislike the airbrakes on trucks and rattly metal ladders on work vans as they drive down our street. Thunderstorms, fireworks or dropping a pan in the kitchen will send them flying through the house to their special hidey holes.

The Hubby, who loves coffee, takes his bean grinder into the other room, shuts the door and does the grinding as quietly as he can, so the noise does not disturb the cats.  Isn't that just the sweetest thing?  He will also say out loud, "Making some noise!" if he's doing something in the kitchen that might make the cats (or me!) jump.

"Quiet, humans!"
Now, conversely, the cats are NOT quiet when they feel that their humans aren't paying enough attention to them, like early morning when we've been quiet for SO LONG...all night, for gosh sakes! Angel has her personal song and dance routine, that gears up before our normal alarm time, as she sings the song of her people AND does a cute prowl action to encourage human activity.  
"Stop being so quiet, humans!"
And there is no such thing as quiet when I am carrying food bowls laden with stinky goodness, to be set down for the cats.  Meow MEOW merrow...until I set the bowls down and THEN quiet descends again, only punctuated by cat gobbling/smacky noises.  



  1. That is too funny that the cats can make noise and you can't :) That is sweet of your hubby to grind the coffee quietly.

  2. Yep. It's the felines' world and hoomins just live in it.

  3. your husband sounds like a living doll! What an incredibly thoughtful kitty daddy!!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. Yes, we have something similar here. Sampo hates the sound of foil or baking paper rustling , yet when the same foil or paper has salmon roasting on top of it the yelling in celebration is deafening.

  5. MOL... you has a beautiful daddy !
    My dad love to train me to be tough boy but I'm not on to it. Me run real fast =^x^=

  6. Cats have a schedule, and there is a time for quiet and there is a time for noise

  7. Your husband is so thoughtful! Goro doesn't like the noise large trucks make, but he doesn't care vacuum machine at all. Niko is usually reserved but he talks most loudly when he wants some snacks :-)

  8. MOL Da things peeps do to keep their kitties happy. Altho' mommy does some of da same things, there are some noises she thinks we should get used too. And we do, so guess we compurrmise here in our house. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  9. But human noise is always way too loud and annoying. Cat meows on the other hand, or paw, are just so sweet!

  10. But human noise is always way too loud and annoying. Cat meows on the other hand, or paw, are just so sweet!


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