Thursday, September 29, 2016

More 'Hood Cats

See the little grey kitty?  He is very shy.
My guess is that he's a stray, but he's often
sitting on this person's front porch.
Trust me, I've got my eye on him!
This kitty came running up to me, and flopped onto
the sidewalk, so he could get more lovin'.
And then he followed me down the street!

"Oh, kitty...go back home!"

This sweet kitty has soft fur, and seemed
to enjoy having a fuss made over her.  She is owned.

Sly, my new boyfriend...

"Oops...No, Patty, you are still my main squeeze!"

Sly and Sneaker's human mom and I had a long talk the other day.  The next day, I was walking the 'hood again when it was already dark out.  I didn't see Sly outside so I stayed on the opposite side of the street.  Lo and behold, Sly meowed LOUDLY, and upon hearing my name being called, I swung around.  Sly came out from the bushes and flopped down for me to worship him.

And right then, his human mom drove up from grocery shopping, and she said, "It's you again!"  I told her that I'd been summoned, but now she probably thinks I'm some creepy neighborhood stalker or something!  But look, cats find ME...I'm not doing nuthin'!  Just keep my eyes open, and if I see a kitty, I make smoochy sounds and kneel down while offering a hand, and blink nice and slowly.  See...I am NOT a creepy cat stalker...nope.


  1. Hey, cats have social media too. They know who the nice peeps are. Meows get around about these things.

  2. hey - the cats don't care if you stalk them :)

  3. The cats communicate so word on the street is you are very sweet.

  4. you do have an AWFUL lot of cats in your neighborhood! I was thinking the exact same thing as The Island Cats! catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. MOL for the grey kitty, He made himself at home !

  6. Creepy cat stalker! You are just totally under the paw.

  7. Wow, you have quite a group of kitties in your neighborhood. Our new neighbor Jackie is making our rose garden & driveway one of her favorite places to hang out. It's directly across from her house so she can watch for her humans to come home. And I have no guilt petting her when she's in our yard.

  8. LOL, creepy cat stalker! Whatever you might appear to humans, kitties know you are their sweet caring friend :-)

  9. LOL! I laughed about the creepy cat stalker! And I am so happy and delighted to see all these photos! They are all beautiful! :)

  10. You have lots of cat pals! Our mom's seen only 2 on here walks (which is probably good, considering the drivers around here). One day she talked to a Siamese and only then realized her owner was nearby and heard her! It was pretty embarrassing.

  11. You and our Mom could be twin cat, we mean, twin cat whisperers! The same thing happens with our Mom and at least one of the neighbors (who leave their cats outside all year long) thinks our Mom should mind her own business. Can't help if cats sense our Mom is a loving, caring soul!

  12. Aaaaaaaw What cuties. Altho' we hate seein' them all outside. There's just so many dangers...Glad they have you lookin' out fur 'em.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena


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