Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Monday, April 23, 2018

Snoozy Sunday

My dear friends, the office has purchased software, where I talk to the screen and it types. I am just getting used to this process, but it may allow me to do more blogging stuff.  Luckily, there are few people in the office today to listen to me!  My left hand is doing well, but I need to not use it to type on the keyboard.

Sunday was beautifully sunny day, and I chose to lay down for a moment after breakfast. Manny came along and slept on me!  Such joy!  After about 15 minutes,  he moved from my lap into the shade. Guess that warm sunshine was too hot on his black furs!

Snoozing Manny
You see, Manny and Chili Bruce no longer sleep with me at night, because Angel has the upstairs apartment.  And because I work all day and am away from home, the opportunities for Da Boyz to sleep on or with me is very limited.

So, I had 15 minutes of bliss yesterday, and managed to take a photo too!

Monday, April 16, 2018


Chili Bruce's lone white whisker in evidence on Saturday...

...now IT'S GONE!!!  Blep...
Sure, we can tell Manny and Chili Bruce apart: Manny has large white spot on his belly; CB's is small.  CB has little bald spots on his back legs caused by his attempts at imitating a meerkat; Manny has all his fur on his legs.  Manny's fur is rough to the touch; CB's fur is silky smooth, and his head is smaller too.  But how can I tell them apart when they both jump on me when I get home? 

I hope that white whisker grows back!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Happy Birthday, The Hubby!****no one noticed that I misspelled 'happy' as 'harpy'!

Yep, it's a really big Birthday for The Hubby, but he didn't want any gifts.  So what was I supposed to do?

New cat nail clippers

Deciding that something cat-related would be good, I bought a new pair of nail clippers.  Now we can leave one pair upstairs for Angel, and the other stays downstairs for Manny and Chili Bruce.

So cute!

And I purchased these cute catnip-filled hearts too; pink for Angel, blue and green for Da Boyz.

Also visited the doc today; he was pleased with my progress, and they gave me a splint that I can remove to flex my hand a little.  Not too much, he said, 'cause he doesn't want the wires to move around too much.  If you aren't squeamish, here's this morning's xray:

My Thankful Thursday's cup runneth over: I am so very lucky to have The Hubby as my friend, my live-in stand-up-comedian, and he's looking terrific on this warmish Spring day.  Also very thankful for Dr. Kirk Cleland at St Clair Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, PC, for putting my hand back together again!

Let's Hop!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wild Bunch Wednesday

The PO'M's fur is growing back nicely, over his once bald area.  Looks almost like the shape of Australia!  It was a rather large area, and I am so glad that it healed.

He loves getting scritches right there too!

Sweetie, rubbing
Sweetie also appears to have weathered the harsh Michigan Winter in good form.  Sunday afternoons are my favorite time to sit on the deck with them, or to wander the backyard. 

The 'O' Cats are The Wild Bunch, not to be confused with those two wild ruffians Manny and Chili Bruce!

Oh, they look peaceful here...but it's a ruse!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cat Tile Tuesday

Love the cobalt color!
My friends, I stumbled upon Sligo Creek Tile Co. quite by accident!  First, I saw a gorgeous black cat tile of theirs while visiting The Island Cats last year, and came upon more beautiful tiles at an art show in Detroit.  Finally, I screwed up my courage and sent an email.  I had my tile within days!  A birthday present to myself, and it enjoys a prominent display spot in my home cat art collection.  Please go visit Sligo Creek Tile Co. and find some wonderful tiles for yourselves.
Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion; I did not receive any compensation for posting about Sligo Creek Tile Co.  I discovered and found them on my own, and believe that you all may enjoy their artwork too!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Oh NO, You Didn't!

Taken from the inside...
The damage


Even more damage!

Now, taken from the outside!

The culprits!
The reason

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thankful Thursday: Post Hospital

On Tuesday, the surgeon decided that he could stabilize my broken bones with pins, and did not have to make an incision.  I am thankful for that!  While they wheeled me around in the hospital bed, I asked the nurses to give me a Hello Kitty cast if they had one.  When I woke up, they'd drawn a cat face on a piece of tape, affixing it to my soft cast.  Wasn't that sweet?
Kitty sticker

The Hubby made this drawing while I was in surgery.

Seriously, can these two kitties get any cuter?
Double the trouble, but double the love!
I spent the rest of Tuesday, and all of Wednesday at home: napping, watching seriously bad TV, and even doing a bit of work on my laptop.  Today, I'm at the office, but taking it very slowly.

Thank you all for the well-wishes!  Seems more than appropriate to join Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Sunday In the Sunshine

My hand surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, so I spent lots of quiet time with the kitties yesterday.

"Mom!  I'm sleeping here!"

Manny, left...
Chili Bruce, right

Sweetie, and snowdrops

Something is coming up!

The POM is keeping it real

Sweetie watches The POM and me from
the corner of the barn

Seriously, this cat is just too funny!
Even one-handed, I can pick up and snuggle kitties...whether they want to or not!  Today, the office is fairly quiet, so I'm attempting to get caught up...ha!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Kitchen Armageddon

The Hubby called me at the office a little while ago.  I quickly filled him in on all the craziness I've been through today, to schedule a CT scan on my injured hand, and an ortho doc appointment after.  He was silent for a beat, then described the disaster left by Manny and Chili Bruce in the kitchen this afternoon.  Apparently, those crazy cats managed to open the screen door, and explored everything on the counter tops.  They opened the kibble cupboard, and pulled down everything on the shelves!  Some items fell, subsequently pushing over the filtered water pitchers, which tumbled down... smashed...creating mighty puddles on the ancient linoleum tile.  Water under the stove, broken pieces of stuff everywhere, the whole nine yards!  I DID NOT laugh; instead, I made appropriate noises to mollify his hurt feelings.  Even offered to come home early, to help with clean up, but he rebuffed me.  Although The Hubby WANTED to be mad...he simply could not.  Really, he was mad at himself, since it's been clear for days that Da Boyz had been working hard to get that screen door open.  Outsmarted by the cats!  No photos will be taken of the destruction; you'll just have to let your imagination fill in the blanks.  No cats were harmed either...that's the most important thing!

"Who?!?  US?!?

P.S. The stairway, scratching post and runway in our house were all designed and manufactured by The Hubby, using wood found around the house and donated by my brother, and flotsam and jetsam gathered over time.  We keep tweaking things, like adding pieces of carpet to the steps, because the cats run so fast and were prone to slip.  The son of a carpenter, The Hubby has mad skills, plus a basement and barn filled with tools, nails, hinges, drawer pulls, rope, old carpet beaters, doors, windows, cigar boxes of screws, staples, and every other whatnot and doohickey from the past sixty years.  Seriously.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mealtime for Manny & Chili Bruce

Please pardon the mess; it was a spontaneous video taken without any forethought to lighting, water bottle placement, exercise equipment storage, etc. 
Wait to the end; you'll get a rare Hubby sighting! 

Monday, March 26, 2018


 Look what I found in my office this morning!!!

They put it up on the wall next to my cat colletion!
It's one of those wall decals, and it's the purrfect 'get well soon' gift EVER!  From our warehouse supervisor and my friend.  My boss's gift, is telling everyone that I hurt myself by smacking him upside of his hard head.  This makes us all laugh, and that too is a purrfect gift.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Maybe Surgery Saturday

My Left Hand

Angel makes an inspection

Manny making sure that I'm relaxing

The first doctor said I had a fracture.  He sent me to an orthopedic specialist, who is pretty sure I have three breaks.  My CT scan is scheduled for early Tuesday, then I talk to the specialist again once he's looked over those results.

Odds are that surgery is in my future, if doc doesn't think a reset and cast will do the trick.  Meanwhile, I'm in a soft cast, with instructions to keep my hand elevated, iced, and rested. 

Therefore, I may be absent from blogging a bit.  I can type one-handed, though, and will miss you all too much to completely disappear!  The Hubby says I've got street cred, having gone days with broken bones like a real toughie, but I only hope that they have Hello Kitty bandages!

And I have a terrific furry nursing staff...The Hubby included (hardyharhar!)  Take care all; I'll do the same.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly



  • The Hubby erected a screen door at the top of the stairs, so Angel has even more room to traverse.
  • The Hubby did the laundry.
  • I picked up vegan sandwiches on my way home from work, and we dined with relish!
  • The final episode of my favorite TV show "The X-Files" was terrific!
    Angel is my sweet bunny girl!


  • The laundromat that The Hubby normally uses was closed for renovation, so he drove 30 minutes to the place we used to visit before we got married.  Due to long driving time, my clothes are all wrinkled!
  • While working on the frame for Angel's screen door, a board fell sideways and broke a pane of glass in our picture window.
  • The Hubby left the grocery store without purchasing any bread, which was the main reason he'd gone to the store in the first place.
  • The final episode of my favorite TV show "The X-Files" was THE FINAL EPISODE!
Sausage fingers
  • After watching that final episode of my favorite TV show "The X-Files", I went for my usual neighborhood walk, and managed to trip on an uneven sidewalk flag.  My foot bounced back, and I fell face first.  My right knee, both palms, several fingers, and a spot on my chin have scrapes, and my left hand is swollen and parts are turning purple!  The Hubby is a most attentive helpmate; the bags of frozen produce keep coming, to ice my hand.  I will see a physician if the pain or swelling do not improve.  The Hubby fed all cats, and scooped the litter boxes too.  Manny and Chili Bruce are helping too, by sitting on the laptop as I type.  Angel will purr for me as I rest in bed.  Yep, it's ugly!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Two Purrfect Ways To Cafe'

Where do I go to cafe'?  Why, to Catfe' Lounge of Ferndale, Michigan!  A part of the Ferndale Cat Shelter, Catfe' Lounge allows adoptable cats and kittens to roam freely, so potential adopters can meet their new family member, looky loos can look, and folks like me and my friends can visit and simply get their hands all over more CATS!  No names, please...most of these kitties will all be adopted before this post is published, but we had a terrific time playing with them, and engaging with other cat people, plus there is a gift area too.

Yes, I've posted about The Catfe' Lounge before, here and here, but why wouldn't I want to go back time and time again? 

Official Catfe' Lounge Logo

All that cat play made us hungry, so we next 'cafe'd' at Three Cats Cafe in Clawson, Michigan!  The food is excellent and freshly made, and the ambiance is terrific.  There are yummies to fit anyone's taste buds; even my vegan ones.  Another purrfect cafe' for our day!

"Here's A Tip: All Gratuities Go To Charity"
Now, how cool is that!?!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


The Vernal Equinox is today; we've all waited for Old Man Winter to retire, and today it happens!  Regardless of the continuation of cold weather, at least we know things are on the right track.  In addition, today is another anniversary, of sorts...it's my natal day!  Too many years ago to count, but it's a thrill to be associated with the change of seasons.  Long ago, I worked for a company that gave every employee a paid day off on their birthday, and I've continued that tradition for myself ever since.  

Welcome, Spring!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day Part 2

Happy St. Patrick's Day Part 1

In the summer of 1980, I traveled to Ireland for a 33-day excursion as credit-earning class, which helped earn my bachelor's degree.  If everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day...or St. Gertrude's Day, who is the Patron Saint of Cats...then anyone who has traveled to Ireland is an honorary Irishman or woman forever.  Having breathed the Irish air, put my toes into dark Irish rivers, eaten Irish-caught wild salmon and butter fresh from Irish cows, and tasted a few *wink* pints of cellar-temperature Guinness Stout while chatting with the locals at a pub...I figure I'm as Irish as anyone else!

Looking through crummy photos taken on that trip, I cannot remember a great chunk of what we did, other than: traveled for seven days by bus, sight-seeing monuments, natural and historic sites; spent two weeks at Trinity College, Dublin, attending classes on Irish history, arts, archaeology, literature, and current events; ten days of bike-riding and bed-and-breakfasts around The Dingle Peninsula (where they still spoke Gaelic); and learning to enjoy 'soft' days (misty rain), roads covered in cow pies, astronomical gasoline/petrol prices, and visiting abandoned monasteries, church yards, cemeteries, ancient Irish mounds, and 'leapin'-the-bogs' and sheep trails.

Poulnabrone Portal Tomb, County Clare and
nearby rock formations

The Cliffs of Moher, in County Clare
and ancient fort

Castle and monastery ruins

And did I mention, that drinking Guinness was a fairly LARGE part of my travels in Ireland?  When it comes 'straight from the cow', Guinness is smooth, delicious, and quietly inebriating.  Best enjoyed when in the company of acquaintances, while you converse, tell jokes, and pass the time. 


So, I know of what I speak when I say that Patrick O'Malley's fur is the color of Guinness, and his eyes are Irish green!

(Traditional Irish drinking toast, for 'health')