25 October, 2016

My Man Magoo

Magoo was a stray kitten who wandered into the yard of my sister and her family.  My niece cared for him, took him to the veterinarian, and brought him home.  My Bro-in-law put his foot down: NO CATS!  Then, he'd find the kitten in his daughter's room.  BIL said, 'I don't want any stinky litter boxes around', and my sweet niece purchased a covered one!  Before long, that kitten was snuggling on BIL's lap, and the two are quite devoted to each other.  "Ma-GUUUU, Ma-GUUUU!" he calls, and Magoo comes a-runnin'. Together, they roll and tumble, play fetch with a ping pong ball, and chase wand toys, (Magoo does that, not BIL!)

Except when I showed up, and Magoo slept with me!  Well, for one night at least...

I returned home from the weekend trip, covered in white cat hair, and very happy to have finally met Magoo in the fur.

Here are some additional highlights of my trip:

People dressed up their pooches for Halloween
A box turtle discovered on a walk in the woods

Fungus on a dead tree

Moss growing on roots

Must NOT forget Sandy, who ran around the woods with us like a puppy.  She is very sweet, and I loved when she sat on my feet.
Love ya, Sandy girl!


  1. Mr. Magoo is adorable, I am glad he has a great home now. Glad you had a nice trip.

  2. How sweet! Felines have converted many a non-appreciator.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the Magoo story! Cats go where they are supposed to be! Kisses to Sandy too!

  4. Nice to know cats can still win over the non cat humans. Great story!

  5. Awww sounds like Magoo totally captured your BIL's heart :-) Sandy is such a cutie pie. Glad you had a great trip!

  6. We're glad Magoo was able to win the BIL over.


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