31 July, 2015

Where to sleep when it's hot outside?

Chuck is inside a box, which is draped
with my fleecy jacket; are his toes out to catch
a cool breeze?
Aries, the neighbor's cat,
laying on cool concrete
Patty O'Malley will sleep anywhere
Angel on the front steps, with The Hubby's
feet behind...
when they are outside, the humans
stand guard duty!

29 July, 2015

This is an outrage!

I cannot formulate words to describe my intense sadness, and violent anger towards the men who did this awful killing.

Chuck roars for Cecil!

Angel roars for Cecil!

23 July, 2015

My Socks Are Disappearing Again

This is how it looks when I go to bed or off to work...

What it looks like when I wake up or come home...

One sock found in the hall...

...other sock laying near the rocking chair
Nine days after Chuck's 'blow out' (go here for more information), and he's returning to his old ways!  Which means; meowing for attention, sleeping in the clothes baskets, and rearranging my socks. We continue to give him an anti-inflammatory for his guts, and have scheduled an cardiogram of his heart, and an ultra-sound of his abdomen.  We no longer add canned pumpkin to his food, believing that it could have contributed to his problem.  Will review ALL with the new veterinarian, who came highly recommended.  When Chuck was feeling really sick, he slept in the bed on top of the old bureau in the parlor, which put him quite a distance from his people. Having him sleep in the baskets means he's close at hand, and feeling better.  Yay!  I've never been so glad to NOT see my socks, or to hear Chuck's song of his people.  Angel has discontinued hissing too...whew!
Chuck hanging out on the pool table, something he discontinued
when feeling poorly.
Thanks again for the well-wishes, and I am off on a long-weekend vacay with my girl-pals.  If I have any cat-related news to share, I'll do it from on the road.  The hubby will take on the mantel of food service human to both the indoor and outdoor cats, and he says he'll scoop the litter boxes too.  Wow!  Will miss my furry friends, but some R&R should be delightful.  I'll miss the hubby too...

21 July, 2015


Gar-boyel and Gar-goil
Gar-goil on her favorite perch!

Yep, she'll scare away any evil spirits...that's what Gargoyles are supposed to do, right?  (Actually, she just sits there, watching the squ-oirrels and the boir-dies).

18 July, 2015

Happy 11th, Angel and Chuck!


Kitten Chuck

Kitten Angel
Angel and Chuck turn 11 years old today!  Above photos from when they were kittens.
A rare together shot

Happy B'day, Chuck!

Happy B'day, Angel!
And some more recent photos.  I'd invite y'all to come for a party, but for now we are keeping things here rather low key so Chuck can build up his strength.  Each day, he ventures out of his bed a little bit longer, and investigates a wider territory than before.  Made the hubby put a room air-conditioner in the window, just so Chuck can stay in a less humid area during our sudden heat snap.  But hey, it's July in Michigan...we should expect this, instead of it being unusual!  Have a fantastic Caturday, my friends!

P.S. If you are in Macomb County, Michigan today, stop by Petco at 23 Mile and Gratiot Avenue from 12 noon to 3 pm to check out Paws For The Cause adoption event.  I'll be there!

17 July, 2015

Chuck Update

Thank you all for your warm wishes for Chuck's recovery.  Per the vet, Chuck does NOT have thyroid issues nor is he diabetic...whew!  He does have a heart murmur though; she called it a 'gallop', and wants an ultrasound done.  In addition, it's obvious that he's got something going on with his intestines, which deserve an ultrasound too, per the vet.  She called it Irritable Bowl Disease.  Chuck is eating a bit more at every meal, but he's definitely staying very quiet and has not been stealing my socks.  We will continue with all the meds until gone, and keep analyzing his progress.

Angel has stopped hissing at me, yet still goes after Chuck once in awhile.  Hopefully this weekend will bring an end to that.  The hubby and I understand that she still smells the vet's office on him, so she is just reacting naturally, so we give her lots of love when she is AWAY from Chuck.

On the funny side, we received a call from the veterinarian that I took Patty and Sweetie to this spring, see here for details.  Somehow, their notes show that Patty's birthday is coming up, and were wishing him a Happy Birthday!  Hahahaha!  Patty is feral; we have no idea when his birthday is, and it just tickled our funny bone to get that call.

However, there are birthdays to be celebrated soon...see my post tomorrow!

15 July, 2015

PTU Trip for Chuck

Chucky, before the storm
The hubby called me at the office yesterday, told me that Chuck was sick and not acting right.  Plus, every orifice on the cat was leaking something.  Made an appointment with the vet, and I drove back home. Chuck easily went into the PTU, so we knew he really wasn't feeling well.

Blood work came back normal, although they are running a T4 blood test to make sure Chuck's thyroid is okay.  If it's not thyroid, then it's Irritable Bowel Disease, and the hubby is at the vet's office now, picking up anti-inflammatory medicine.  We already have anti-diarrhea and anti-vomit, plus Zoloft (for the cat, although the peeps need some...)

Today, Chuck ate a bit, and drank some water.  The hubby has gotten over the horror that he witnessed yesterday morning when coming in from his errands: Chuck had apparently tried to run away from his poopy rear end, and ended up loosing his lunch and emptying his bladder in places that were NOT the litter box.  Good thing we have hardwood floors!   (Oops, sorry if too graphic!)

Angel, however, is hissing up a storm at Chuck and at me, because I too smell of the vet's office.  She does this EVERY time we take one or the other to the vet; it should pass in a day or so.  However, the look in Chuck's face is enough to break one's heart, since they've been together since in utero.  We have tried every trick in the book, to lessen her reaction but nothing really works, except time.

13 July, 2015

Sweetie Fur!

Not great photos, but proof nonetheless that Sweetie has taken a fancy to me!

That's me, petting Sweetie...she used to shun contact.

My trousers, covered in Sweetie fur
Patty does NOT always like the attention that I give to Sweetie, as he thinks I belong to him. Sweetie has figured out that Patty does not seem to care if I pet her instead of him, when it's the last visit of the night, so that's when we usually have ourselves a love fest before my bedtime.  

This morning, however, she tried it in the bright sunshine, and I got two pant legs of cat fur before I drove off.

The bestest wardrobe malfunction EVER, to be covered in car fur at the office!

08 July, 2015


Yay!  I figured it out, and here are some 'movies' of Patty O'Malley, 
The Clown Cat.

07 July, 2015


Silly Patty!
I filmed the most adorable video of Patty O'Malley yawning and being a clown...but somehow my computer saved it as a JPEG image instead of video! RATS!  You all would have enjoyed watching him being a doofus, but I have nothing.  These photos just do not convey the supreme goofiness of the boy.
On the driveway
Napping in the garden

Sniffing my armpit...gross!

Patty owns me!

"You cannot resist my belleh!"
I suppose there was some operator error involved, so I'll try to resuscitate the video later.  I only have about 3,000 photos of Patty, but that video was classic...bummer!

02 July, 2015

Cat Spit

Do all cats drool?  Maybe I've never noticed it much before, but both Angel and Chuck tend to drool when they are enjoying a hands-on session with their humans.
Chuck, after carrying my socks and before drooling

Angel, already rubbing her face on the box edge
Both rub their jaws and cheeks on the edge of a box, and the drooling begins!  I'll spare you any photos of said spit puddles; the description of them is enough.

Even Patty O'Malley will send bits of spit out into the universe, when he shakes his head, like a big, drool-y dog.  Eww.  

Patty appears to be smiling!

01 July, 2015

Update on Lulu, Reggie, Shelby and Sophie!

Reggie has a home!
Marco has a home!
Sophie says, play with me!
Lulu has a home!
Shelby is a lap cat
Since Friday, June 26, Reggie, Lulu and Marco have found their furrever homes!  I left Marco off of my earlier post here, because I thought he was already adopted, but he travels to his new home this weekend.  Reggie is already gone, and Lulu gets picked up tomorrow.  I met her new pawrents, and they are fantastic folks!  YAY!

Now, we need to find a home for Shelby and Sophie, and there is Max, the cat surrendered by his owners when their home was destroyed by fire.  Max actually ran out of the burning building and hid inside the engine of the firetruck, only to be discovered and quickly taken to the veterinarian. He lost a bit of his tail due to burns, but he is a sweet and loving ginger, and needs his real furrever home!

I know you blog readers already have your own hordes of cats, so please pass the word along.  Older cats are wonderful pets; they've left the crazypants of kittenhood behind, and already know the ropes. For more info, click on Petfinder and search in zip code 48051, and you'll see listing for Shelby, Sophie, Max and many other wonderful cats and kittens under the care of "Paws For The Cause Feral Cat Rescue".

Thank you!