31 March, 2020


Chili Bruce wants a piece of the action!
Or rather, some of our human food...
Manny isn't supposed to be there!
Squirrel Watch
Two peas in a pod

30 March, 2020

Monday O'Malley


Look at that chonkster!

He's my magnificent round mound o'love!


28 March, 2020

Farewell, Sparky

A very dear friend lost her cat Sparky.

It happened in a very short span of time; days.

If there was ever a time to give someone a hug, it's now.

As I cannot in person, nor should I during this pandemic, here is my tribute.

In honour of Angel Sparky.

Brofur Eric left, and Angel Sparky, right.
Weren't they adorable together?
A jigsaw puzzle, to entertain you while sequestered at home:

preview108pieceAngel Sparky and Eric
I used the Prisma app to prettify, but here it the original...beautiful ginger mancats!

Image from E.T.

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27 March, 2020

Goof. Ball.

We humbly present...

Paddy O'Malley at his finest!

In sequence:

Perhaps not so much photo fails, as ridiculously silly...


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26 March, 2020

Open Wide

Can almost see all of the way to China!
"Bring me my dinner NOW!!!"

It's a devastating time.

I find that my optimism hits heights, then drops very low as each day wears on.

When this happens, I am thankful that I have my kitties to soothe my sore heart.


A whole library of cat photos full of silliness like these!

Enjoy images of Celestial Chuck and Angel; isn't it amazing just how LARGE their mouths seem to be?!?

Take care, each one of you; you are precious to your loved ones, and please count your blogging friends are part of your family too.


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25 March, 2020


On the bed
Napping in the sunshine

We are finishing our first week with Sweetie inside!

She kept me awake by meowing on only two nights: the first night, and last night.

*blink blink*

She's eating well, using the litter box like a champ, and has found a favorite toy to bunny kick.

Sometimes, she looks at the back door, and meows; she knows that it is the way outside.

The Inside Sweetie Experiment Continues...


24 March, 2020


CB left, Manny on right
Manny is left, CB right
Manny left, CB right
The image is poor, but their two long bodies are too cute!

And a jigsaw puzzle!


23 March, 2020

Monday O'Malley

Just so you know, I did NOT post the images of his tailio raking my head, with his starfish right up in my face...

Am still not 100% convinced that The PO'M is okay with Sweetie's absence.

The Hubby says that I just need something to worry about...as if there aren't MORE choices right now...

However, The PO'M is purrfectly fine with treating me as his purrsonal toy and bed!

I simply love this cat with all of my heart.


Listen to what they tell you and STAY HOME!
Assume that you already have it; do you really want to spread it to others?

We've got to throw some of our polite ways away from us...it's not RUDE to make yourself safe!


20 March, 2020

Ain't no way...

Flower girl for my godmother's wedding
Let's just say it was a while ago...
Dig the crazy glasses!  I was four years old.

It's a strange thing, having a birthday when the age you are doesn't compute!

I tried to hide from today, by taking the day off from work.

My plans were to have The Hubby treat me to lunch, take a long walk in the woods, and maybe do some harmless resale shopping.

However, restaurants are carry out only, it was raining like heck and is getting COLD, and the stores are closed.

So, Manny, Chili Bruce, Sweetie, and Paddy O'Malley must amuse me for now!

Thank you all for the well wishes, here on my blog, on FB, and via mail.

Have a jigsaw puzzle of The PO'M to amuse yourselves!

19 March, 2020

Welcome Spring!

Spring Equinox 2020 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 11:49 PM (Eastern) on
Thursday, March 19.

As each one of us deals with the current situation, let's rejoice that we are moving into a new season!

Anyone have an ancient stone monolith setup, that we can dance around?!?

A segment of ancient Avebury stones, from my visit in 2018
Read more about Avebury by clicking here


I am so very fortunate to have friends who


with a birthday party!

Thank you all!

From Sue D. at The Island Cats!
Handmade greeting cards,
from librarian extraordinaire, CT!
Cat planter, from TG!
Glass sleeping cat, from BG!
And those St. Patrick's day socks from ML, as shown on Tuesday.

BG was the culprit; she planned everything, and I had no idea!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


My birthday is tomorrow, but I cannot count that high...


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18 March, 2020

Whoa! What?!?

Yes, this is Sweetie, and she's inside!!!

To make a long story long,
I've wanted to bring Sweetie inside for a long time.
We TNR'd her in 2009, and she's no spring chicken anymore.
Since Celestial Angel's apartment is still vacant, I hatched an idea to bring her into the unused space.
The Hubby agreed.

I carried her inside yesterday at dinner time, and allowed her only into a small area.
She used the litter box immediately, ate some food, and investigated the room.

She woke me a few times last night with meowing, but she settled down again after some petting and cooing.

This morning, while on a conference call, she made her voice heart loud and clear, much to the delight of my co-workers.

Sweetie is currently napping on my old sweater.

She will remain separated from Da Boyz until we get farther into this experiment, and after Sweetie has seen a veterinarian.

As for The PO'M, he appears to be nonchalant about being alone.
Trust me, the thought of breaking them up has kept this project from moving forward for awhile.
We'll see.  

If either cat begins to express distress or behavioral indications that they are unhappy, we'll rethink everything.

The cat's needs are paramount in this!

The PO'M has been brought inside before, in fact several times.
He doesn't like it!
Perhaps, now that he's older and Sweetie is separated from him, he'll change his tune.
We'll be ready for that eventuality also.

In the meantime, wish us luck!
Sweetie was obviously once an owned cat, who learned to live rough.

Why not give her a cushy life in her retirement years?


17 March, 2020

The Feasts of St. Patrick and St. Gertrude

The patron saint of gardeners, travelers, widows, recently deceased people, the sick, the poor, the mentally ill, and travelers in search of lodging. 
People call upon Gertrude for protection from mice and rats, fever, insanity, and mental illness.
Cat lovers revere Gertrude of Nivelles most of all.

The patron saint of Ireland.
He was a Christian missionary given credit with converting Ireland to Christianity in the AD 400s.
Irish legend says that Saint Patrick used the shamrock as an educational symbol to explain the Holy Trinity to non believers.

(Above information found on the interwebs)

A St. Patrick's Day gift!
Please take care my friends; some of what we must do is counterintuitive, yet cool heads must prevail for the maximum number of humans can escape unscathed.


Let's not forget, it's Two-zday!

Manny in the bed, Chili Bruce with his tailio over the side.


Sending all of my love to Sparky and his mom;
May the powers of the universe converge to keep Sparky with us for awhile longer.


16 March, 2020

Monday O'Malley

Seriously, can this cat get any more adorable?!?


Over the weekend, my job was turned into work-from-home, so I rescinded my vacation just to help my team negotiate during this bizarre time.  

While home, I get to hang out with Da Boyz and The 'O' Cats!!!

Oh yeah, with The Hubby too...

Take care out there, folks!

We can get through it with some humor, lots of compassion, and patience.