Saturday, March 28, 2020

Farewell, Sparky

A very dear friend lost her cat Sparky.

It happened in a very short span of time; days.

If there was ever a time to give someone a hug, it's now.

As I cannot in person, nor should I during this pandemic, here is my tribute.

In honour of Angel Sparky.

Brofur Eric left, and Angel Sparky, right.
Weren't they adorable together?
A jigsaw puzzle, to entertain you while sequestered at home:

preview108pieceAngel Sparky and Eric
I used the Prisma app to prettify, but here it the original...beautiful ginger mancats!

Image from E.T.

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  1. My sincere sympathies to the loved ones of Sparky....that you remembered is all important.
    Not to get morbid but since the virus took over our lives. While reading the obits, I have felt so sorry for humans that have passed. Their families cannot have anyone except family at their service. And most I read are only have graveside service. Friends cannot attend. I expect they too are having to find ways to pay tribute.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. I am sorry for your friend's loss of Sparky. He was a very handsome mancat as is his brother Eric.

  3. We are sorry for Sparky's brofur Eric. It is so sad. We send purrayer to the family.
    We did LOVE the puzzle of the 3.

  4. That really is very sad. Run free dear Sparky, your love will live forever.

  5. That is so very sad. Each loss breaks our hearts all over again.

    Tama and Genji

  6. What a beautiful tribute to a gorgeous ginger boy. Sending online hugs to your friend.

  7. We are sorry to hear about Sparky. Purrs to his human....

  8. That is so sad. My condolences to your friend. Thank you for the puzzle. XO

  9. Oh that is so sad about Sparky. What a sad sad thing for Sparky's family. We have all been in this situation and it is one of the hardest things we have to deal with.

  10. We are so sorry about you friend's cat Sparky. With all the stress and uncertainty in everyone's life now, the loss of a beloved companion is just too hard. We send purrayers to all who loved Sparky, especially his human family and his brother Eric.

  11. Yes, I read of that on Facebook. As hard as it is for Sparky's human, it must be baffling for Eric, not to know where his brother has gone.

  12. That is beautiful. We are very sorry to learn of Sparky's passing. Sending prayers to the family

  13. Oh, how sad😿Soft Pawkisses to comfort you and Sparky's brother Eric and family. Fly free beautiful Soul👼💗

  14. So sorry to hear about Sparky's passing.

    Purrs to the family xx

  15. Your tribute to Sparky was lovely we are sure your friend appreciates it. It's so sad we can't hug each other as everyone needs hugs sometimes. Sending purrs of sympathy and paws of comfort to Sparky's family.

  16. Sparky is beautiful. Sending a virtual hug to his people.

  17. I’m so sorry to hear about Sparky. He was such a handsome kitty. Sending warm thoughts and hugs to his family.

  18. Oh noes. I am so sorry to hears about Sparky. What a handsome ManCat. Sendin' lots of loves and {{hugs}} to his family.
    Ruby ♥

  19. This is truly the hardest and sadest of times for so many.... Such sweet memories and delightful felines will not be forgotten, and come the day things calm down, then you can hug and share the pain of their loss with your friend...
    Gentle purrs for Sparky

  20. Oh I am so very sorry. I was reading a book on GRIEF and realized I grieved more for Bear, than my father.....
    Sudden loss of a pet is so difficult. Hugs to you. Yellow kitties are so so sweet

  21. Rest in peace Sparky, and big hugs to your hoomans <3

    Oh wow that puzzle is hard... at this rate on the laptop it'll take me an hour - OOPS!

    Stay safe XOX

  22. We send our purrs of support. He was a good looking fellow fur sure

  23. What a hard time to lose a furry friend. RIP, Sparky.


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