27 September, 2019

Pet Photo Fails!

This month, our photo fails are of the neighborhood cats.
Now, as daylight is shorter, my evening walk ends in the dark!
Therefore, my already questionable camera skills get a hit due to lack of light.

Sly, not his usual beautifully posed self!
Unknown black kitty, barely visible in my photo fail

Photo fail, for incredibly poor timing of unknown kitty
This is Kiki, but in low light, it's a photo fail!
Terrible photo of unknown kitty, but nice image of the fence!

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26 September, 2019

Remember Me Thursday

With great sadness, two dear blogging friends are now Over The Rainbow Bridge:

Angel Noel, from 15 And Meowing Blog
Angel Tilly, from Darla M. Sands Blog

Please visit and leave a loving comment.

Image taken at Premier Pet Supply in Beverly Hills, Michigan

ALL OF THE CATS WERE ADOPTED over the weekend!

The Halloween decoration is just for fun...

The adoptable cats are from The Michigan Humane Society

And, this is exactly where I first saw Manny and Chili Bruce, and adopted them on the spot!

Twitter: #RememberMeThursday

Join the Remember Me Thursday® Awareness Movement!

"Remember Me Thursday® is a global awareness campaign uniting individuals and pet adoption organizations around the world as an unstoppable, integrated voice for orphan pets to live in forever homes, not die waiting for them.

On September 26, 2019, the entire world will share the importance of pet adoption, and shine a light on all orphan pets waiting in shelters and rescues. In 2017, people using #RememberMeThursday reached nearly 330 million people on social media.

Can we get even more people sharing the importance of pet adoption? It’s up to you to spread the word."

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Eastside Cats's List of Rescued Cats:

Chuck and Angel
Manny and Chili Bruce

Rescued is our favorite breed!

We are so very thankful for the cats who've been in our lives, and for the cat bloggers and rescue communities that give every minute of every day to helping feral, neonatal, and adoptable cats.

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25 September, 2019

Berry Good Cat Art

At a recent art fair, I discovered:


So sweet!

My future being told...I will get more cat cards!

A card for "Meow Like A Pirate Day"

Space Cat!

Business cards for Wendy Berry
Click on the links at the top, for more!

Disclosure: I purchased these cards for myself and received no compensation for reviewing them.  All opinions stated here are our own. Eastside Cats only shares information that we feel is relevant to our readers.

24 September, 2019

Two-zday, with gifts!

Da Boyz were jazzed with their gifts from Bionic Basil and The B Team Blog!

The gingerbreadman toy has such good stuff in it; they go bonkers!

Afterward, they napped on their new, soft, beddy, which fits inside their favorite double-wide scratcher:

CB left, Manny right
(Confirmed by The Hubby, but if I see their bellies, I know which is which...)
Thank mew, Basil's Blog, for the goodies!
I received a cat notepad, that is the bees-knees!


Sending lots of hugs and purrs to Margs Animals Blog; Marg needs some positive energy!

23 September, 2019

Monday O'Malley

 The PO'M and I had a little love fest yesterday...
My armpit is a favorite hangout of The PO'M


Happy lapkitty

But, his dismount needs some work...ouch!

Your comments on our Blogoversary post yesterday were touching!


22 September, 2019

Eastside Cats 6th Blogoversary!

I made our first post on September 22, 2013:
Parking Lot Cat.

The first comment appeared on September 23, 2013, Nine Years, and it was an emoji!

By January 14, 2014, we had received three whole comments, for:
I kissed a cat...and I liked it!

And so it goes.

Before this blog, I emailed stories of our cat life out to friends and relatives, entitled "Crazy Lady With Cats".  My first tale was about "Ghost Cat", where I freaked myself out when discovering a silent, all white 'cat' on my deck.  It turned out to be a gift cement statue, but in the moonlight, it was spooky!

Here are photos that I took, but didn't include, in that first post:

Through the years, I've found a rich, loving community of blogging friends, from whom I've learned so much.  With the addition of Facebook, my cat world has expanded, and then the addition of Instagram and Twitter...the sky is the limit! 

I've loved your cat, dog, fish, etc. stories, and I've mourned deeply for your losses, and been joyous when new furry and finned family members have joined the ranks.

Thank you to The Hubby, for his support!
I credit my mother for her encouragement to write about our cats.

I give props to the cat mom at William's Kith and Kin, for hers was the first cat blog that I followed.

And to a couple whom I met many years ago, P&M, whom have shown me great friendship, and who have supported my 'Cat Kook' lifestyle from afar.

Thank you all!

My bloggy business cards!

20 September, 2019

Farewell, Grandpa Mason

Grandpa Mason’s Story
"In October 2016 we trapped an injured feral cat named Mason.  

A surprise diagnosis of advanced terminal kidney disease meant we couldn’t return this fierce warrior to his home in the wild due to daily medical and feeding regimens with a special diet.

Mason’s many scars told us how hard he had fought to survive this long.  So, instead of euthanasia, we felt Mason deserved a chance to experience comfort and freedom from pain in his sunset months.  We didn’t know if he could accept life in captivity, but we needed to try.  

Mason adjusted better than we were expecting, although he doesn’t want Humans to touch him.  That was the best we thought it could get for him, and he seemed quite content.  

What happened next shocked us.
He met some rescue kittens one day, and his life suddenly was complete.  He had a purpose again, and every day since he met his first litter, we have seen a carefree kittenhood emerge that he clearly never had a chance to experience growing up feral.  

He adores his kittens, and teaches them manners, lets them “comfort nurse”, and chases them around the house with great glee.  We’ve never seen anything like it, and we will try to keep him surrounded by kittens as much as possible.    

What he taught us in the last year has been shocking and remarkable. This “lost cause” “worthless” old feral cat has enriched our lives in ways we could never have imagined. Follow his adventures at Grandpa Mason and his kittens.
We don’t know how many days he has left, but we know each one will be filled with happiness, comfort, adventure, love -- on his terms -- and the dignity every living creature deserves after a life well lived."

Yesterday, Grandpa Mason was helped into his angel wings, surrounded by love and kittens.  A unique story; a unique cat.  Rest In Peace, Angel Mason...you were the embodiment of love.

Grandpa Mason and a kitten
Image from Grandpa Mason and his kittens FB site
Tiny Kittens Rescue is in British Columbia, Canada.

19 September, 2019

Thankful Thursday: Meow Like A Pirate Day!

"Weigh anchor, and climb the mizzenmast, ye scalawags!"
"ARRGH!  Walk the plank, landlubber!"
"Avast ye scurvy bilge rat...belay eyeballin' yur cap'ns!"
Seriously, who could not be more thankful for a 'holiday' that is so much fun?
Life is short; be silly once in a while!

And let's not forget one of the very best pirate portrayers EVER...

Errol Flynn, as "Captain Blood"
"Sink me, it's a hop!"

18 September, 2019

Postcards from Meow MeetUp: Summer and Janiss

Previous Postcards from Meow Meet Up posts:

Folks, I've been a fan of SparkleCat Featuring Summer for a long time, and had hoped to meet Summer in the fur one day.  Imagine my excitement, when Summer and her human Janiss were at Meow Meet Up Chicago!

Funny enough, I have photos of Summer, but none of Janiss...not even from her birthday dinner!  

Sorry about that, Janiss.  

So, here are a few pics (I took a TON!) of Summer, Therapy Cat and Kitty on the Go!

My first time meeting Summer!
I was starstruck; she was a professional.

I met another Summer fan who showed me her photo!

Summer, showing off her bell-ringing prowess.

 Janiss put the heart-shaped sunglasses back on Summer for me, because I think she's adorable in them! What a cutie!

I was blown away by Summer and Janiss; giddy even!

I met other terrific blogging friends too; stay tuned for more from Postcards from Meow Meet Up!


17 September, 2019


Manny left, Chili Bruce right
(Identification confirmed by The Hubby)
Napping together on a chair
Love the way they hug each other!

And a jigsaw puzzle for your amusement!
CB right, Manny left
(Identification confirmed by The Hubby)


13 September, 2019

Femcat Friday

Today's episode:



To watch Sweetie make biscuits while being petted, is such a treat!

Someday, I hope she'll allow us to stroke her fur while she is reclining.


No Friggatriskaidekaphobia around here!

12 September, 2019

Thankful Thursday: The New York Cat Film Festival

On Tuesday, September 10, my friend BG and I attended The New York Cat Film Festival at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan.  Portions of the proceeds were donated to The Ferndale Cat Shelter and The Catfe Lounge.

Image from The New York Cat Film Festival website

For a tad over two hours, we watched the following short films:

The Pet Effect: prescription for happiness is cats!
Little Works of Art: The man behind the American Museum of The Housecat and Catman2 Rescue
Art’s Automotive: animated robot who finds a kitten
The kitten from "Art's Automotive"
Akamatsu the Cat: Disabled cat with a devoted human
Akamatsu, sadly, was hit by a car
Pure Fluff: Who will give spa treatments to cat who are hard to handle?
Winter Break: A school teacher waxes on her down-time with her kitty
Guardians of Recoleta: A cemetery in Buenos Aires with feral cats
Scaredy, the Cat: A New York City tennis club adopted her to chase away the rats
Marnie: The Cat Guru: Existential musings
Cat Nation: A Film About Japan’s Crazy Cat Culture: Yep, Japan is cat crazy!
Nitama, the station master at Kishi Station
Japanese company that allows employees to bring their cats to work daily
Instagram Cat Mom: Over-the-top people who will do almost anything for likes
Samantha and the Rock Cats: traveling cat show, that many of you already know about
Mittens from Kittens: Romance from knitting shed cat hair
Beth Is Not a Cat: She isn't, and neither is her fella, but they both love their cat.
Although this kitty would like Beth to be a cat...she isn't!

I snapped these few photos during the evening, and it was a grand time!  Whomever put this festival together, tried to keep things equal: silly versus serious, the amount of cat women and cat men, how hard it is to rescue cats...and do all of them need rescuing?

Am thankful that I found out about the event, and very glad that I went. Check out the website; you may be able to see the festival showing near you soon!

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11 September, 2019

"The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland"

The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland
Jim DeFede, Author
HarperCollins/Regan, publisher
ISBN 978-0-06-051360-3

When the US airspace was shut down, the tiny town of Gander, Newfoundland (pop. near 10,000) welcomed thirty-eight jetliners, their passengers and crews, which totalled over 6,500.  The residents opened their homes, their pantries, and their hearts.  Schools were used for staging areas and for respite for the travelers.  The animals in the holds were cared for by veterinarians and staff. 

For an entire week.

9/11/01 was a horrific date for not only Americans but for the entire world, and the Gander population showed their true colors by being kind, giving solace, and befriending all.

I cannot recommend this book enough.  It's written in an easy, readable style, and as one relives that date in our memories, this story about Gander will ease your heart.  Gander wasn't the only location that aided stranded travelers during this unfortunate time, yet this book makes one glad to know that Canada has always been a friend to America.  Always.  And in a heartbeat.


We will never forget


10 September, 2019


"You put your left arm in,
You take your left arm out,
You put your left arm in,
And you shake it all about!

You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around...
That's what it's all about!"

A jigsaw puzzle for your entertainment!

07 September, 2019

Book Reviews for National Read A Book Day September 6

National Read A Book Day: September 6

In honor of yesterday's holiday, here are three books that I think you may enjoy.


Arthur: The Dog who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home
Author: Mikael Lindnord
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Greystone Books (September 12, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1771643374
ISBN-13: 978-1771643375

Arthur is an amazing dog

What do you do, when love strikes you, even at the worst possible time and place?

Mikael Lindnord and his three companions were in an extreme adventure race in Ecuador, which included biking, walking, and kayaking through mountains, jungles, and huge expanses of wild terrain for days.  The racers barely sleep, live on starvation rations, and push their bodies and minds to endure hardship, just to get to the finish line.  When a scruffy dog shows up, the foursome share some of their meager food stores with him.  Then, as they set out on the next leg of the race, the dog follows.  And follows.  And follows.

This book is written by the man who found a way to embrace the gift of the dog's love, at the harshest and most unpleasant time, and what he did to make sure they were never parted again.

Finding Gobi: The True Story of a Little Dog and an Incredible Journey
by Dion Leonard
Hardcover, 272 pages
Published June 1st 2017 by HarperCollins UK
ISBN 0008227950 (ISBN13: 9780008227951)

Seriously, isn't this doggie simply the cutest?!?
Ultramarathoner Dion Leonard, originally from Australia but living in Scotland, is running an four-day race in China.  A little dog starts to follow him, as he strides out huge distances over sand, rock, mountains, and woods.  Extreme heat, lack of hydration, and the sheer brutality of the race is enough to wear down a grown man, but a little dog?  Dion tells us of his desire to bring Gobi back to Scotland, but what ensues is more of a test than any ultramarathon he's every encountered before.

The combination of human competition and compassion, the ups and downs of finding a life-form that fills you with happiness and unquestioning love, and the technology of bringing a world-wide group of supporters together while solemnly walking door to door in a Chinese community, really drew me into the book.

Ellie's Story: A Dog's Purpose Puppy Tale
by W. Bruce Cameron
Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Starscape; First edition (April 14, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0765374692
ISBN-13: 978-0765374691

Okay, this book is written for the youngsters, but I've enjoyed several W. Bruce Cameron books, so why not another?  The book is told by Ellie, first a puppy then an working search-and-rescue dog.  Her handler Jakob trains her, but when he is wounded, she works with Maya who also shares her household with three cats!  Maya and Ellie go out on one mission where Ellie's impressive sniffing skills are damaged by chemicals.  So they begin working in classrooms and schools, to teach children what to do if they get lost or cannot find their family.  One day, a little boy is lost while Maya and Ellie are at the school; does Ellie still have what it takes to save that boy?

I didn't know this was a children's story, until just now as I researched the publication information!  It's a good story, and I gulped down a lump in my throat more than once.  I recommend it to anyone.

Two true stories, and a fictionalized one, and YES, I know these are about DOGS, but four-footed, furry love is what we are all about, right?!?  RIGHT!?!


Happy National Read A Book Day!