Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I kissed a cat...and I liked it!

Mama Mia on bottom shelf, Sammy on top shelf
Funny thing with this nasty, cold winter...it's made Mama Mia into a love bug!  She purrs now, and allows me to pet her so much more than ever before.  Sometimes, she won't start eating until she's gotten her fill.  And yesterday, the three 'o' cats swirled around, getting as much 'hands on' time they could get from me, and I leaned over and gave her a big smooch on the noggin!  She did not back away, and...lucky for me..she did not swipe at me with her sharp claws.  Maybe she's witnessed my repeated kisses to the others, so she just decided to give in.  Yippee!

Been smooching kitties since Angel and Chuck were kittens.  Sometimes, I look like Gomez from the Addams Family, when he's kissing Morticia's arm.  Smooch, smooch, smooch down Chucky's back, or even Angel if I can get a hold of her squirmy body.  When Patty O'Malley allowed me to pet him, and now demands petting, head bunts, and licks of my hair (!), I started smooching him too.  Then Sammy got in on the act, and now...ta da!...Mama Mia.  How cool is that?!  

A downside to kitty smooching...fur and motor oil.  Yep, one can get plenty of loose hairs stuck to one's lips and face.  And, of course, the time that I discovered that hubby's old car leaked oil, because a cat hid UNDER that car and I got more than I had bargained for.  Pfft!


  1. My mom does the same thing! Only with me, it's not oil but surprise cat litter sometimes--we use wheat litter and I am 1.) all electric and b.) quite the digger!

    1. Yeah, the taste of litter is not pleasant, but it's worth it to get a snuggle!

  2. I just ran across your blog. Mia is very pretty. I get lots of smoochies from my mom. She doesn't mind the fur as long as it doesn't get in her eyes. Dad is allergic to me so no smoochies from him. But he does cuddle me.

  3. Skootch likes Mom to kiss him on the head, and Mom is trying to teach Louie [about the joys of head kisses], and Wilbur, when he's in the lap mood, likes head kisses. Mom really likes neck huffing too - especially with Louie (who has very plush furs).


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