30 May, 2014


Why are you bothering us with your camera?  Can't you see we are sleepy?  Except for the photo of Chucky, which is a bit creepy!

29 May, 2014

Cool Shade

Can you see Mia in there?

Sammy stayin' cool

Mellow Patty
The temps went up!  The humidity went up!  The 'O' cats hid in whatever shade they could find...well, except for Patty who just hangs out.  Can you see Mama Mia's little green eyes peeking out from the hosta plants?  She is a master at blending in, don't you think?

27 May, 2014

Cats Everywhere

Falling Asleep
Beau?  Buddy?
I visited my co-worker at her new home on Saturday, and got to meet her kittens in person.  My gosh, but they are bouncy!  The girl is Annabelle, but the boy is still un-named.  When I got home after enjoying kitten power for an hour, my quiet and sleepy middle-aged cats seemed almost comatose in comparison!

And then while on my evening walk, I came across these two handsome fellows: Sneakers and Sly.  Such sweethearts!  I saw them wandering in a front yard, and knelt down to speak to them.  Both just flopped on down for belly rubs!  Their human said she often wonders if someone will just walk away with them since they love everybody.  Gorgeous floofiness!

24 May, 2014


My co-worker adopted two litter-mate kittens a couple of weeks ago; a boy and a girl.  They have not yet revealed their real and true names to her, so when we are on a break, we talk about names.  She already has two adult cats and two doggies, and she is slowly integrating the babies into that menagerie.  She is a little concerned that the adult cats are not taking to the kittens well, but the dogs just love the little, bouncy fur-balls.  She knows it takes time sometimes, and I advised her to visit The Way of Cats blog to read about cat personality and integration of a multi-cat household.  Lots and LOTS of good stuff there!

Patty O'Malley is better; the bumps on his skin are going away.  The bumps were the result of scratching and are not ticks like I thought, so hopefully he'll be bug-free for awhile.  Mia is very skittish after I gave her the spot-on treatment; she runs away if I lift my arm.  Must have scared her, so I will work to restore her trust in me.

No word yet from the people a few blocks over, with cats living under their front porch.  Don't want to appear to be stalking, but I do drive or walk by a couple of times a day.  Guess you'd say I'm compulsive...?  Maybe it's because they are all black and black-and-white, just like Chucky and Angel.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!  Some of us have Monday off for Memorial Day, to remember our fallen heroes.  It is the tenth anniversary of the passing of my father also, so there is a lot of feelings flying around as we work on the Cat Hotel, pull weeds, and hit the sales at the mall.  My father did not like animals, emotions that he never really explained to us.  Every one of his children (and most of his grandchildren!) have dogs and cats, however.  Chucky and Angel were in utero when he passed; Angel is named for him.  
Will always love you, Puba!

21 May, 2014


Sammy hiding under a hosta plant

Patty enjoying a post-lunch stretch

Chuck trying hard to fit in the Friskies box

Mommy & Kitten
The temps warmed up nicely today, and the 'o' cats hid in the shade and did not eat as much food.  Mia seems to be somewhat sneezy too.  I add L-Lysine to their food to boost their respiratory health.  The pollen count has been really high recently too, so every living thing is bothered.

Notice the last photo: I spied three kittens playing on the cement stairs at a house I walk by nightly.  When approached, the kittens retreat and hide.  Hmm, not like house cat kittens.  I drove by at lunch today, and there they were again; two black kittens and a black and white one.  No adult cat around.  I screwed up my courage and knocked on the door of the house!  A nice woman came to the door (at least I was wearing my work clothes!) and I asked if the kittens belonged to her.  She was astounded; said she doesn't have a cat and she knew nothing about any.  We both walked away, and the kittens came out of the bushes!  I gave her the Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue contact information, as well as a card for All About Animals.  Gave her my cell phone # too (shh, don't tell the hubby!) in case she needed some help.  Let's hope she calls.  The photo is from this evening, while walking past.  Mommy cat is beautiful, and her little ones are very squee.

20 May, 2014


I noticed two lumps on Patty O'Malley's throat last week.  Tried multiple times to get a look at what these lumps are, but he's a squirmy cat and prefers nuzzling to examinations.  In addition, he's scratched the fur off of one ear, so I picked up some Die-Bug-Die stuff from the vet's office, and applied it to both Patty and Mama Mia.  The last time Patty had a lump, it turned out to be a big, fat tick!  I left Sammy off the list for now, since he'd had such a nasty reaction to last year's treatment.  

I try homeopathic things too, such as brewer's yeast and diatomaceous earth.  However, if a tick and/or fleas are already eating on them, then I feel I must go the distance.  Fortunately, the low-cost spay and neuter clinic also sells the spot-on treatments, and no appointment is necessary.  I enjoyed a few minutes petting doggies in the waiting area, then was on my way again.  

Patty really doesn't like the oily area on the back of his head, but a little safety may go a long way with that boy.  I included several photos of him, because his fur colors are just like a pint of Guinness stout!  Dark, almost black browns, creamy malty colors, and frothy hues too.  Makes me long for long-ago days, when traveling in Ireland, stopping at pubs and enjoying a rich glass of Guinness...or two.  Ah, yummy!

16 May, 2014

The Paw Project

Last night, I watched The Paw Project Movie, in which Dr. Jennifer Conrad DVM and a team of like-minded folks take on city hall to ban the declawing of cats in California.

"The Paw Project's mission is to educate the public about the painful and crippling effects of feline declawing, to promote animal welfare through the abolition of the practice of declaw surgery, and to rehabilitate cats that have been declawed."

I am passionate about this subject, because I feel that many veterinarians DO NOT explain declaw surgery in enough detail for most people to understand that they are mutilating their cats, and are causing irreparable harm to their animal.  A declawed cat is in pain, and no longer walks as nature made them to walk, bringing on early onset of arthritis and other bone issues, and possible behavioral issues like improper elimination and biting.

One person CAN make a difference!  I urge you to visit Paw Project Movie or The Paw Project sites to learn more.  You will cheer, as I did, when you watch the documentary as city after city in California made laws that banned declaw surgery for all cats, big and small.

13 May, 2014

Chucky Love

Have you no shame, boy?
When Chuck is in the mood for some lovin', he does not pull any punches!  He flops down and meows for attention.  And if I get a glimpse of his two white spots on his underside...well, I just comply with his wishes!  Who can resist a purring cat, with his feets in the air?  

11 May, 2014

Up on the Roof

Angel on the porch ledge

Sammy watching Patty jump around

Patty on the Hotel balcony

Patty enjoying the Second Floor accommodations

Mia lounging

Patty enjoying the rooftop accommodations
Yay!  Warmer temps have arrived for a few days, and everyone is enjoying themselves.  Angel now walks the ledge around our front room, and the 'o' cats are simply overjoyed to be able to lay around wherever they want to!  And of course, The Hotel has tenants every day; Patty has taken up residence on the top floor (Penthouse suite, no less), and he also enjoys a nap on the balcony or the rooftop.

Now, when I am outside to put out food bowls for the 'o' cats, I get lots of meows and am allowed plenty of petting time before the meal begins.  I adore this part of the day!

Oh!  And the flowers from my last post are Virginia Blue Belles and Spanish Blue Belles.  Fascinating, since they were probably planted over 30 years ago.  Yesterday, while visiting my Mom and enjoying the afternoon together in downtown Birmingham, Michigan, she gave me a HUGE crown of a hosta with big leaves.  When home, hubby and I immediately broke up the crown and planted the pieces in five holes.  Hostas love our super shady backyard, and I love watching the 'o' cats slide under the leaves for a nap on the cool ground during the summer.

Happy Mother's Day!

05 May, 2014

Found in the garden

Sammy yesterday

Sammy in May 2010
It's been a bit cool, yet when the sun shines between scuds of rain, I get outside to enjoy.  The flower photos are from our yard, but I do not know what the first two are at all.  The top one has been appearing every spring since we've lived here for over 20 years, and the pinky/purply one just appeared out of nowhere.  The third photo is of narcissus and daffodils, but again I don't know what the little blue flowers are (they aren't violets).

Then there's Sammy.  He appeared in the garden in the Spring of 2010, and he was robust and MEAN!  Today, he's looking a bit scruffy, and he's incredibly wary of me.  I stroke his fur only when he's tucked himself under the wooden cover, and I have to make some crazy body contortions to reach him.  Hopefully, I will be able to get him to the vet's soon, and with a shot of medicine or something, he'll be feeling in tip-top shape to enjoy the summer!  He's got an open reservation at the Cat Hotel!

04 May, 2014

Crossed Ankles and Kittens!

I love when the kitties cross their paws over!  Looks so delicate and sweet.  Angel does it all the time, but not Chuck so I managed to make some quick pics yesterday while Chuck was sleepy in the late day sunshine.  His fur changes color in the right lighting.

Cat Scarf
And yep, I picked up another piece of cat clothing for myself, and even wore it to the office already.  No one noticed the cats, until I unwrapped it to show the sweet kitties!  Matches well with my work outfits: black, grey, brown, tan and white.  Perfect!

Hanging out again with Paws for the Cause in Chesterfield, Michigan yesterday, and they have delightful kitten and adult cats available for adoption!  The bottom three photos are kittens that I got to play with, and don't be worried about those bars: the cages keep the cats safe, and people are not allowed to put their fingers in or handle the cats in anyway, unless everyone goes into the quiet enclosure with a representative of the rescue group, and the door is locked behind!  The top photo is of kittens born to a barn kitty who was taken in by a good Samaritan, and the whole family is looking for homes.  Hope to have more photos of them soon.

The temptation to add to our cat family is HUGE, yet we know that for now, two inside and three outside is plenty.  But that doesn't mean I can't go off on a Saturday afternoon (when the house and yard are in nap mode) and play with every cat I can!  Or...shop for more cat attire...

01 May, 2014

The Cat Hotel is Open for Business!

The Cat Hotel
Second Floor, Two Suites (lid open)
Patty's after-lunch bath outside The Cat Hotel
Patty used it first, then Sammy, and today I just watched Mama Mia head into the first floor suite of the newly opened Cat Hotel!  Okay, it's not much to look at, and the punch list has yet to be completed, like edging around the door frames and such, but it's built solid as a rock!  Old Man Winter can bring all the snow, cold and blow he wants to, but my friendly ferals will be tucked up warm as a bug in a rug.

You see that we put silvery duct wrap all around the sides, and on the bottom.  I'll complete the floor/ceiling and the lid later.  I filled the three suites with straw too.  There are porches to use for lounging or as steps.  Once we know the 'o' cats are happy with it, we'll move it into it's permanent position, then remove the old, beat-up styrofoam shelters.  Somehow, I have to entice them to try out the smaller, upstairs suites too.  The idea of the T-divider is to have wind-breaks, like hallways, instead of flaps.  I've tried flaps before, and the cats refused to use them.
On another note, Chucky seems much better today.  Still don't know why he was feeling poorly enough to go 'high' while in the litter box, so I continue to monitor him closely.  He could have had a tummy ache, or his hip arthritis started acting up.  The weather changes around here have been extreme the last few days too (although no where near as bad as the states hit by bad storms, and we wish everyone affected gets the help they need to clean up afterward), and my old bones are feeling extra achey and sore too.

And lastly, again I ask for purrs for Amber, who is fighting now to keep infection at bay.  Her human parents have a new veterinarian that really seems to have a feel for keeping kitties on the mend.  Amber's sister Sugarbear is doing better on her new sequence of meds.
Sugarbear, looking sassy!
Amber, I'm wearing my special orange cat socks in your honor, and sending all the warm fuzzies I can to you in FL.