11 May, 2014

Up on the Roof

Angel on the porch ledge

Sammy watching Patty jump around

Patty on the Hotel balcony

Patty enjoying the Second Floor accommodations

Mia lounging

Patty enjoying the rooftop accommodations
Yay!  Warmer temps have arrived for a few days, and everyone is enjoying themselves.  Angel now walks the ledge around our front room, and the 'o' cats are simply overjoyed to be able to lay around wherever they want to!  And of course, The Hotel has tenants every day; Patty has taken up residence on the top floor (Penthouse suite, no less), and he also enjoys a nap on the balcony or the rooftop.

Now, when I am outside to put out food bowls for the 'o' cats, I get lots of meows and am allowed plenty of petting time before the meal begins.  I adore this part of the day!

Oh!  And the flowers from my last post are Virginia Blue Belles and Spanish Blue Belles.  Fascinating, since they were probably planted over 30 years ago.  Yesterday, while visiting my Mom and enjoying the afternoon together in downtown Birmingham, Michigan, she gave me a HUGE crown of a hosta with big leaves.  When home, hubby and I immediately broke up the crown and planted the pieces in five holes.  Hostas love our super shady backyard, and I love watching the 'o' cats slide under the leaves for a nap on the cool ground during the summer.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. YAY for warmer days!
    We really like that Kitty Hotel!
    Nice to see the cats like it too :)
    It is finally feeling like Spring here too :)
    Happy Mother's Day !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  2. The cat hotel looks very busy and the kitties are really enjoying the stay! Love the balcony and rooftop...must feel extra nice to nap there on warm sunny days :-)
    It's great you found out the name of flower! (I was wrong as I expected!) Hostas are lovely. I might get some for our tiny yard, too.
    Have a great new week!

  3. you get to go outside ::sigh:: Happy Mum's Day.

  4. That's a great place for the kitties to live. :)

  5. Tonight we have a winter weather advisory. Talk about weird! We don't mind, though--my mom likes cool nights and we need the precip!

    Love the hotel!! I just knew the O cats would love it too!


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