30 April, 2021

PO'M Week: Day 5

 Friday: Bad PO'M Photos!

Bright eyes!
Now, it's PO'M Week, not Shark Week!
Too up close and purrsonal
Dude, stop rolling around!
The End!
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29 April, 2021

PO'M Week: Day 4

 Tongue Out Thursday!

We are so very fortunate to have Paddy O'Malley in our lives, and thankful that he's a lover!

He's my πŸ’— cat; there's no doubt about it.

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28 April, 2021

PO'M Week: Day 3

 Wednesday: The PO'M plays well with others, unless you are the neighbor's cat.

Angel Sammy at left, PO'M in the middle, Sweetie is right
Nom nom nom...
Sweetie and PO'M napping
The neighbor's cat was a second away from being chased!
That's Ghost Cat statue in the middle.

27 April, 2021

PO'M Week: Day 2

Tuesday: Proof that The PO'M doesn't want to come inside yet.

 He used to step in a few feet, but nowadays, if I open any door to him, he runs off.

As if that will deter my intention to coax him inside!

Sad news - Pip from Catscue Blog, has flown off to The Rainbow Bridge.
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26 April, 2021

PO'M Week: Day 1

 The PO'M is an extraordinary feline, so I'm going to post about him all week!

Monday: Ooh, Those Eyes!

24 April, 2021


Caturday Art, using Prisma app.
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Happy Caturday, friends!


23 April, 2021

Prepareth to ope yond booketh!

April 23: Talk Like Shakespeare Day!

April 23: World Book Day!

 Thoust knaves, books and cats art a natural pairing!

22 April, 2021

Earth Day 2021

We had snow that turned to ice, but the morning sun made everything shine!

The PO'M was in fine fettle; what's a few snowflakes or ice chunks to him?

Please treat The Earth nicely; it's the only Earth that we've got.

And I, for one, am thankful for Mother Nature's critters and plants that run around on our planet!

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21 April, 2021



For years, Outside Sweetie avoided human contact, and I longed to stroke her fur and smooch her noggin.

Inside Sweetie may have a lazy appearance, yet she occupies a huge territory in the house, and in our hearts. 

She allows petting, and playing, and she falls asleep while perched on my chest as I read a book before turning in for the night. 

Sweets may never be a lap cat, but I giggle when I recall those years of yearning to be her friend.