30 June, 2020

Before The Big Heatwave


When the temperatures aren't too hot, Da Boyz snuggle up for napping.

Now that we are flirting with 90 F/32 C, they are in separate locales.

But no worries; they do so many things together; they are adorable that way!

Jigsaw Puzzle

29 June, 2020

The Goof

Monday O'Malley!

The PO'M has a bare spot on his tummy.

It furs over, then goes bald again.

A vet visit for him is on the list of summertime activities!

I don't know if he'll allow me to burrito him and stuff him in a carrier, or if I'll need to use the drop trap.

As adorable and goofy as he is, he is still very much his own cat!

And, I wouldn't have him ANY OTHER WAY!


Jigsaw puzzle

28 June, 2020

...and More...

I posted photos of unknown cats that I'd seen...

And then, two more!

Can you see, 'way back?
Here's a close up!
Haven't seen this kitty before.
Now, this kitty is an old friend, however window sightings are rare!
I am considering making a neighborhood map, with notations and locations of every cat that I see!

The Hubby rolls his eyes at this suggestion, but he'll admit that I am an excellent cat-spotter.

Jigsaw Puzzle


27 June, 2020

New 'Hood Friends

Unknown cats seen today!

This neighbor cares for stray cats, and TNR's them.
New-to-me all black cat, hiding behind a house on the alley
First time seeing this kitty at this home!
Horrible image, but the cat scrunched down and froze when I began to talk!

Trust me, I'll work to get acquainted!


And here is my half-way 'round boyfriend, in jigsaw puzzle.

26 June, 2020

Blame the pawparazzi!

Are you ready?

The last Friday of every month is...

...Pet Photo Fails!

Too close up of Sweetie
CB asleep on an ugly box
Looks like The PO'M is worried about me!
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Jigsaw Puzzle

A photo fail of a random cat that I spotted in my 'hood...

25 June, 2020

Three Tiny Tabbies

I've been following a quiet cat foster blogger for awhile.

Such adorable photos!

Here are her current fosters:

Vanilla Bean

Jelly Bean

Coco Bean, mama

These images are from Three Tiny Tabbies Blog

Someday, I will foster, probably after I retire, or win the lottery, or strike gold...

I am so very thankful for folks who foster, like Three Tiny Tabbies, Catscue, I Have Three CatsRandom FelinesTails from the Foster Kittens, and so many more!

This is impawtant work, and I am humbled by those who foster and TNR.

Let's Hop!

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24 June, 2020

Pretty Eyes

Happy Cat World Domination Day!

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Sweetie's Day!

Cutie Sweetie, taken when she was still an outside kitty
Seeing her so comfortable makes my heart sing!
We've allowed Manny to travel upstairs into Sweetie's apartment a few times.

Manny is so mellow; we figure he'll be a good ambassador!

Seriously, we are taking the introductions slowly...very slowly.

Jigsaw Puzzle


22 June, 2020

Lazy Cat

Monday O'Malley!

"Egads! It's Monday again!"
Gorgeous Green Eyes
"I'll just go back to sleep..."
Jigsaw Puzzle


Sad news...

Kate from Glogirly earned her wings over the weekend, and has flown to The Rainbow Bridge.
Our sympathies are with her pawrents and brofur Waffles.

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Image from Glogirly.com