28 February, 2022

Wintertime PO'M

It's PO'Monday!

Our blogging friend Katie Isabella wanted to see video of Celestial PO'M on the paw, maybe even working on my hairstyle.

I've grabbed a few February videos for your...and Katie's...enjoyment today.

26 February, 2022

In Plaid

Napping Sweetie...artified!

Used my Prisma app then fussed a bit more with Lunapic.

Added the plaid border in honor of the new season of "Outlander" TV show that starts next week.
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24 February, 2022

Black Cat Coffee

Our town has a new coffee joint!

Image from Black Cat Coffee FB page
The focal point over the fireplace:
A black cat with a birdcage hat!
Photo by Eastside Cats Blog
Love the shiny ceiling and chandeliers
Photo by Eastside Cats Blog

It's hard to see, but the red wallpaper has the design from The Chrysler Building in New York City.
Image from Black Cat Coffee FB page

I do not drink coffee; the caffeine makes me nervous and jerky.

However, Black Cat Coffee as a wonderful selection of teas (which I drink with abandon!), plus snacks and desserts.

Every time I've visited, the place was doing a brisk business, and all of us in our small city of Mount Clemens, Michigan hope their success lasts for years!

Disclaimer:  I've visited Black Cat Coffee for my own pleasure.  I post about things that interest me, and that I believe will interest my readers, and for no monetary compensation.

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23 February, 2022


 It's Sweetnesday!

Her Ladyship is always stylish.

Racing stripes are new this season!
Posed and proper.
Beautiful in a sunpuddle!

22 February, 2022

Two Two-Two Two-Two!

It's Twozday!

It's 02/22/22...or 22/02/22...too!

Let's celebrate with our twins, Manny and Chili Bruce.
Their eyes turned pink from the reflection off the blanket.
Just too cute!

21 February, 2022


 It's PO'Monday!

Celestial Paddy O'Malley knew he was a star, and really didn't like when the camera was pointed on some cat other than himself!

Sorry, Sweetie!
Again, PO'M steps into the frame!
Aha!  The tables were turned, and PO'M was annoyed!

19 February, 2022

Grin 😹

Goofy Celestial Paddy O'Malley!

Used by Prisma app, Hot Tea filter.
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18 February, 2022

Wild Walk

Although walking in my neighborhood is good exercise, a work break, and a great time to listen to an audiobook, it's not without dangers!
A skunk, who was very nervous when I stopped to look for my boyfriend Old Guy.
I backed away quickly; didn't want that skunk running toward me!
Old Guy was non-nonplussed.
The gang...er, um...gaggle of Canada Geese made me walk all of the way around them, so they wouldn't rough me up.
Frozen kitty sniffs at frozen pup.
Last weekend was an ice-carving festival in town.
Sly: "Halt!  Who goes there?"
Me: "Sly, it's me, the lady who walks by daily."
Sly: "You cannot pass, not without the password!"
Me: "Um...how 'bout I give you some scritches?"
Sly: "That'll do!"

Yep, it can be dangerous in my 'hood!

17 February, 2022

Especially for DV

Today, and every day, I am thankful for those who miss Paddy O'Malley as much as I do.

Especially, dear friend DV, who follows Eastside Cats on Facebook.

Although Winter is my least favorite season, I would spend hours outside with The PO'M, wrapped up in my warmest coat, my thick knit cap, and wool scarf, then sit on the deck with him for as long as I could.

He, in kind, would climb into my lap, head bunt my back, gently bite my fingers, and give as much as he got...and you know he got a lot!

The following images were snapped February, 2019.

I have thousands more photos of Celestial PO'M, so he'll continue to be a feature of this blog for a long while yet.

Thank you all so very much.
💕For DV, with love, as promised.💕
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16 February, 2022


It's Sweetnesday!

Someone had a wild party or something...

The Sweetie Spa was knocked sideways!

Me: "Dudette!  What the hey...?"
Sweetie: "No problems here...move along!"
Sweetie: "Okay, fine...you may straighten my Spa, peasant!"
Me: *bowing* "As you wish, Your Majesty"
Sweetie: "And never call me Dudette again; remember, I have murder mitts!"
Me: "Your forbearance is appreciated, Ma'm."
Me: *backs out of the room*

15 February, 2022

The Big Bed

It's Twozday!

Variations on a theme: Da Boyz in The Big Bed.

 The Big Bed fits two long housepanthers purrfectly!

Just don't ask me which one is which...😹

14 February, 2022

Library Lovers Day!

 February 14 is Library Lovers Day, as well as The Feast of St. Valentine, or St. Valentine's Day.

I love books, I love cats, and I love libraries too!

The above pins were gifted by a dear friend who knows me!
Am also on the Board of Trustees for my local public library, and we are in the middle of a huge renovation of our 1969 building, bringing it into the 2020's!

Sure, libraries are about books, but they are for research, for knowledge, for gathering, and for gaming.

Meeting spaces, genealogy and historical collections, outdoor seating and gardens, children's engagement, and even a new Bookmobile to deliver items to the public AND as a sort of roaming piece of the library. 

Also, the library is where I like to go to talk to interesting patrons and the staff, plus attending seminars, films, live music, and authors talks.

My proposal to have a library cat was voted down, but I'll try again!

12 February, 2022


Oh, it's cold in them thar hills!

Manny and Chili Bruce curl up together, to share warmth, and to make their human's heads explode from the CUTE!

I played with Lunapic, and even added a border.
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11 February, 2022

Learned From Cats

1. If you want something, ask for it.

2. When in doubt, pretend like you don't care.

3. A good stretch or scratching an itch is impawtant for physical well-being.

4. Watching from the window is a lovely way to spend time.

5. Showing affection makes two hearts happy,

6. Sleep sharpens the mind when awake.

7. Once in awhile, run like hell, or climb as high as you can, or yell out loud.

8. Make yourself comfortable.

9. If you don't like what is going on, go somewhere else.

These memes and cartoons were grabbed from social media.