18 February, 2022

Wild Walk

Although walking in my neighborhood is good exercise, a work break, and a great time to listen to an audiobook, it's not without dangers!
A skunk, who was very nervous when I stopped to look for my boyfriend Old Guy.
I backed away quickly; didn't want that skunk running toward me!
Old Guy was non-nonplussed.
The gang...er, um...gaggle of Canada Geese made me walk all of the way around them, so they wouldn't rough me up.
Frozen kitty sniffs at frozen pup.
Last weekend was an ice-carving festival in town.
Sly: "Halt!  Who goes there?"
Me: "Sly, it's me, the lady who walks by daily."
Sly: "You cannot pass, not without the password!"
Me: "Um...how 'bout I give you some scritches?"
Sly: "That'll do!"

Yep, it can be dangerous in my 'hood!


  1. I love that kind of bribery. You made me smile. I also linked this post to Feline Friday.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  2. Sly is very handsome, and deserving of scritches even without coercion!

    Tama and Benny

  3. A skunk out during the day? The possibility of rabies concerns me. I hope I'm wrong. :D Stay safe in out in that wild country. lol But in truth, yeah, everyone should stay clear of Canada geese. And I'd love to witness ice carving. What an amazing sculpture! Be well, my dear.

  4. More fun than Mr Rogers neighborhood ...

  5. Cool critters, but it's good not to pet the skunk!

  6. I love that ice carving! Some people are so talented.

  7. I wonder if Old Guy is accustomed to sharing his food with the skunk? Sly is absolutely gorgeous.

  8. At least you got to see Sly on your walk.

  9. Old Guy is a tuxedo cat ? Wow - that is some friendship !

  10. Sly is such a cutie. And the ice sculpture is beautiful. XO

  11. Yeah, stay away from the skunk :o
    Love the ice sculpture!
    Sky is a one good looking cat!!!
    Purrs, Julie and mum

  12. We have lots of skunks in my hood. TW saw a baby in our courtyard. Where's that cool PO'M art I saw on the blog hop? We miss puzzling so much.

  13. Foley liked to charge at the birds and make them fly away.

  14. I have had the misfortune of walking upon skunk several times. I backed away as I could. Sly is gorgeous. I forget how handsome he is till I see him again.

  15. When we wa1ked our dog in Chicago, there were so many skunks after dark. Im kind of surprised you found one out in day time.

  16. I'm not worried about skunks. They don't want to spray me anymore than I want to be sprayed. And if they are runnign toward me, they can't spray me. The geese are another matter...


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