31 January, 2024

Gaudy & Grousing

It's Sweetnesday, and we are both colorful and bossy.
Click on the image to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.
Bonus footage; Sweetie Tells It Like It Is!

30 January, 2024

B/W x 2

It's Twozday, and today Da Boyz are in black and white.
Manny and Chili Bruce are adorable both in color and noir!


29 January, 2024


29 January is National Puzzle Day

And here's an online jigsaw puzzle of artified Sweetie for your entertainment; click on the image.
I adore online jigsaw puzzles, as well as sudoku (at which I'm only fair), and crossword puzzles.

Life goal: visit hedge mazes to puzzle out, hopefully in countries across the water.
✈️ 🧩 ✈️

26 January, 2024


What are you up to this weekend?

Hints on my activities below.
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Audiobook series that I've completed recently:
Simon R. Green's Nightside 1-12
Sarah Yarwood-Lovett's Nell Ward 1-4
Cara Devlin's Bow Street Duchess Mysteries 1-4
Laurie Forest's Black Witch Chronicles 1-4
Peter May's The Enzo Files 1-7

All from the library!
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25 January, 2024

Rabbie Burns

 25 January is Robert Burns Day

A Burns supper is a celebration of the life and poetry of the poet Robert Burns, the author of many Scots poems. 

The suppers are normally held on or near the poet's birthday, 25 January, known as Burns Night also called Robert Burns Day or Rabbie Burns Day.

The text to "Auld Lang Syne" was written by Robert Burns in 1788, being based on an older Scottish folk song.

A few sillies in celebration of the poet, and Scots in general.

Thankful for the authors who've written books, with plots that take place in Scotland, both in moden times, Victorian Times, or 'way further back in history.
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24 January, 2024

Four Years

Celestial Angel left us on 24 January, 2020.

A few pics from her early years with us; she was a beauty!
With plenty of character. 
Miss her.

23 January, 2024

Pommy Action

PO'Monday has been shifted to Tuesday this week; we've been a bit low on Celestial Pommy recently.

These image are from January, 2017.
He was a ham!

22 January, 2024

Why, why, what

 22 January is Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

Chili Bruce:
"Why can't I go outside, to play with the squirrels and birds?"
"Darling, you are too precious to us, and we fear you'll run straight into the street.  You like it inside; it's warm, you've got beddies everywhere, your Brofur Manny to chase, bite, and snuggle with, and those are all good things."
"Why can't we play with the ribbon toy all day?"
"Dude, there are two reasons:
1) You bite the ribbon and drag it away, ending all play, and 2) although we know we are at your beck and call, as we are humans and you are a cat, I must maintain my full-time job and The Hubby must do his house stuff, so we can only devote just so much time to this game.  Sorry."
"What's with the constant photo action?  Can't you tell I'm rather unimpressed?"
"Too bad, so sad, Wee One...I've been snapping pics of you since 2009; did you think I'd stop when you moved into your retirement home?"
Probably not the answers that they wanted, but answers nonetheless.

21 January, 2024


21 January is Squirrel Appreciation Day.

In our yard, we have Eastern Grey Squirrels, the black-furred version of the Eastern Grey Squirrel, and Fox Squirrels, and is a Squirrel Heaven; lots of trees, rooflines to run across, and plenty of notches, crooks, gardens, and such to bury their food.
While on my 'hood walk.
The window next to my desk; this critter crawled up the window screen.
A blast from the past: Celestial Angel and Chuck being highly entertained by a squirrel enjoying the helicopter maple seeds that came to rest on the flat roof over our front room.

Squirrels are a bit like tree cats, no?

Well, anyhow...I think they are cute!

20 January, 2024

Look Down

It's Caturday, and Manny looking down from on top of the fridge is today's subject.

Fooled around with Prisma, then made a collage.
Click on the image to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.
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18 January, 2024


Am NOT thankful, to have a new cat wandering the yard in the bitter cold.
We pulled The Cat Hotel out from storage in the garage...
...added heaps of fresh straw, and set it on bricks.
Cat tracks!
And a pic through the window of our visitor!
 Thankful that we have a comfortable shelter, straw, and water bucket; the remains of Sweetie and Celestial Paddy O'Malley's outside life.

Should this fine kitty choose to hang around, we will put out food.

And if said kitty becomes a regular at the food bowl, then our humane trap will reappear, for no cat wanders our yard without TNR some day.

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17 January, 2024

Busy At Rest

It's Sweetnesday!

During the extreme cold snap, Sweetie has been hard at work...

...as a oldster kitty, staying warm, napping her usual hours of sleep, and enjoying any bit of sunshine that comes her way!

The Sweetie Spa is only empty when Sweetie chooses to rest herself on a piece of cardboard that is atop a heat vent in the spare bedroom.

Yep, a heated beddy, or a warm chunk of cardboard.

Sweetie is definitely living the dream.
Sadly, Lola earned her angels wings yesterday.

Farewell, Calypso

Calypso and Amy and Brin is where to visit to send condolences.

 πŸ’”Hugs and purrsπŸ’”

16 January, 2024

15 January, 2024


15 January is National Hat Day!
Manny: Beret
CB: Aviator Cap and Goggles
Manny: Chefs Toque

A few synonyms for hat: