29 November, 2018

Thankful Thursday: Artemis and Apollo, The Maine Coon Life

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Disclaimer: I purchased this book for myself, and am sharing it with you because Artemis and Apollo are just too darn adorable!

Apollo, on the front cover

Artemis, on the back

Aww, c'mon...too cute!

Some serious snark going on...

WHAT?!?  Artemis in a deerstalker...oh MY!

Bowtie Adorableness!

And I scored a bonus book bag!
*fist pump*
Today, I am very, VERY thankful to have received my "The Maine Coon Life" book, featuring Artemis, the tortie lady, and Apollo, ginger boy.  Somehow, I found their Facebook page, and I fell in love at first sight!  Check out their wee backpacks on The Maine Coon Life!  If I'd had any inkling, I would have visited these sweeties while on my UK trip earlier this year.  Guess I'll have to go back!

Gorgeous, fluffy, funny, and quite irreverent...what's not to LURV!?!  

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28 November, 2018

Worn Out Wednesday

Angel, ready for a snooze

You can see why I wore these socks to death!  So cute!

Years ago, a friend gifted me with these fabulous cat socks.

I've worn them countless times, and they now have holes in the soles.

I may be an excellent sock darner (I really am!), however these are past it, I'm afraid.

Think I'll cut off the ankle part, and create some sort of cat toy from them.

Farewell, cat socks; you've served me well!

Hole at the toe, and both socks have them
Heels too thin

27 November, 2018

Too-Cold-To-Head-Bunt Tuesday

"I'm fine!  See you later!"
The PO'M wouldn't come out of his suite in The Cat Hotel this morning!  Usually, if I'm around, he's rubbing on me, meowing at me, head-bunting my hands...but today was just too cold, so he winked at me instead!  Mind you, this was as I was leaving for the office; he and Sweetie had already eaten their breakfast.

Please visit Marg's Animals Blog, to offer your condolences for Angel Lucky.  And, if you donate toward vet bill's, make sure to comment at Marvelous Is Marvelous, to be entered in a custom portrait giveaway!

Image from Marg's Animals
Angel Lucky
What a handsome mancat you were; RIP dear boy.

26 November, 2018

Criminal Report: Munched On

Forensic image of munched on toast

"Wasn't us!"
The Hubby's slice of toast disappeared from the toaster.  It was discovered on the floor, with munch marks around the edges.  The usual suspects were rounded up, but they denied any knowledge of the incident.  The case remains unsolved...

23 November, 2018

Friendly Fill-In Friday

Angel, on Thanksgiving Day, 2007

Friendly Fill-Ins are hosted by Four-Legged Furballs and 15 And Meowing!

The fill-in statements this week are:
1. Black Friday _________.
2. A pet peeve of mine at this time of year is _________.
3. 'Tis the season for _________.
4. I never jumped on the _________ bandwagon.

And my answers;

1. Black Friday is an awful title for the day!  Why not 'Fabulous Friday' or "Frivolous Friday'?  I understand that retailers use the term as a way to gauge whether they were in the red (lost money) or in the black (made money), but let's grow up and find a new term.  Heck, why not call it "Shopping Day"?

2. A pet peeve of mine at this time of year is the cold and snow.  I am NOT A FAN!  Perhaps I need to find a reason to live half of the year in the Southern Hemisphere, and the other in the Northern Hemisphere...

3. 'Tis the season for counting the days until SPRING!  See answer #2 above.  Seriously, I keep a spreadsheet and everything...

4. I have never jumped on the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Game of Thrones bandwagons.

Now it's your turn!
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21 November, 2018

Whaz Up? Wednesday

Chili Bruce, left, and Manny, right, try to determine if I've got anything that they really need!
Happy Thanksgiving to all who
are celebrating it tomorrow.
The Hubby is roasting sweet potatoes, cauliflower, beets,
and artichoke hearts, and mixing up
some of my favorite black bean dipping sauce.
Be safe out there, friends!


20 November, 2018

November 20, 1993

My parents were married for over 50 years.
These are images of the greeting card that my mother sent The Hubby and I today.  25 years ago, he and I flew off to Las Vegas, and got hitched.  The last sibling in my family to marry, we chose to be low key and quiet.  We'd been a couple for many years, so why throw a fancy party?  That year, my family gathered for Thanksgiving, and surprised us with a coconut cream cake in celebration of our marriage.

We are comfortable like an old pair of shoes, but there is still plenty of fire and laughter.  We complement each other; he is careful and methodical...and I am quick and dreamy.  Losing Chuck on our anniversary last year was difficult, and yet it seemed inevitable; I had the day off from work, and our love for him was the most important thing.  That's what a family does; love and laugh, cry and grow.


Farewell Angel Caroline

Caroline left for The Rainbow Bridge.
Her bright blue eyes and crusty personality
has entertained us for years.
We'll miss you, beautiful girl.
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19 November, 2018

One Year Ago: Chucky

July 18, 2004 to November 20, 2017
Chocolate (Chucky)


Chuck's Baby Picture

In The Hubby's lap
Dear Chuck:
We miss you every day.
It's hard to believe that a year of time has already separated us.
My wooly socks don't migrate anymore, so you schooled 'em well!
You taught us how to love cats.
We will have housepanthers in our lives forever, in your honor.


17 November, 2018


This adorable floof cut me off today, as I strolled to the library.  She threw herself in front of my path, and I was obligated to offer petting assistance.  Lucky me!  Yummy belly...

16 November, 2018

"They're MY cats...I can lick them if I want to!"

Artified photo of Da Boyz by Prisma app

The above quote was uttered by me, after I pushed my face in between Manny and Chili Bruce during one of their mutual grooming sessions.  Although...technically...I did NOT lick either cat, I did rub my lips and face and chin on their sweet noggins.  The Hubby suggested that I leave the cats alone while they were 'en toilette', so I turned to him and said, "They're MY cats...I can lick them if I want to!" I hoped to be added to their lickfest, but they ignored my intrusion.  *sigh*


15 November, 2018

Thankful Thursday: Job

The Hubby's drawing, no telling if it's Manny or Chili!
Today, I am very thankful for being gainfully employed.  Yesterday, and throughout the rest of this week, my company is cutting headcount.  I still have my position, but others who've worked at our campus do not any more, and it is a weird feeling.  The office is very subdued today. 

Thought I'd include The Hubby's doodle-drawing thing to give us all a chuckle; I hoard his wee drawings, because to me, they are snippets of his deep love for our cats.  He draws on sticky-note paper.

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14 November, 2018


Temperatures are about 20 degrees F below average, and we've had a couple of significant snow storms.  This morning, I put out kibble only for The PO'M and Sweetie, because wet food would freeze solid before they could finish their meal.

Sweetie: "How is your kibble this morning?"
Paddy: "Quite delicious, Moma brought us a fresh batch!"

This bowl was used by my family since I was a little girl.
Now, it's The 'O' Cats's warm weather water bowl.
I don't remember where I put their winter bowl, but I'll find it!
And don't worry, I put out fresh...and liquid...water after this photo was taken!

13 November, 2018

Tiger Tuesday

Before he was named Paddy O'Malley,
The Hubby called him "Tiger"!

No hard feelings about being picked up for an usie,
The PO'M gives me some licks!
The PO'M's chin doesn't appear to be bothering him in the least, so perhaps he just lost some fur a few weeks ago.  And, if you didn't notice, I'm holding him in my left hand...the one that I smashed in March...and it's just about as good as ever.  So very lucky that a) it was my left hand, and I'm right-handed, b) no surgery was needed, and c) I continue to exercise per the directions given by my occupational therapist.  If there is a downside, other than the extra money that came out of our pockets to pay medical bills, is that my wedding band won't fit.  Yes, I could have it resized, or get a new one (The Hubby has hinted at this), but I'm a sentimental fool and I want MY ring on my finger.  It was chosen 25 years ago, when we were broke, and the set was the least expensive that the jewelry store had. 

12 November, 2018

The Dancing Cat

Having discovered a "Dancing Cat" greeting card at a boutique gift shop, I sought out the website to see if there were any other cool cards for me.  And boy, oh boy, are there!  Here is a sampling of my first order: 


Birthday Card

Sympathy Card

My order!


There was even a personalized note and cat drawing for ME!  And a bonus bookmark; NO ONE can have too many bookmarks!  My disclaimer: I purchased these items for myself, and received no compensation for my post.  I simply adore the art, and want the rest of my cat friends to know about them!  Terrific quality, wonderful quirkiness, and of course...cats!  Links below.

On Facebook: The Dancing Cat
Etsy Shop: The Dancing Cat

There is much more than greeting cards, so off you go, to take a look!  You'll have fun! 


09 November, 2018

Friday Friendly Fill-Ins

Sponsored by 15 And Meowing Blog and Four-Legged Furballs Blog, it's Friday Friendly Fill-Ins!


1. I've just purchased a new laptop!
2. My next manicure nail polish color will be dark red or grey.
3. The sound of metal rubbing on metal makes me cringe.  Think of a chef sharpening a knife...makes my teeth curl!
4. Right now, I am craving toasted pumpkin seeds.

For your purring pleasure, here is a 2015 video of Paddy O'Malley, giving his signature rumbling yet squeaky purrs!  Turn up the volume!  It's a bit blurry...

Go here: https://youtu.be/HIOIO0lVHw4 or watch below!


AND OH!  Look what happened this morning....

Only took a full hour to commute to the office in the slush...

08 November, 2018

Thankful Thursday: Sweet Sweetie

Sweetie in the afternoon sunshine
Having a guest feral cat, who has learned to trust and love you, is so terribly wonderful!  Sweetie was anti-human for years, but now is as friendly as can be.  I am deeply grateful for her affections, and will do everything in my power to keep her protected, healthy, and content. 


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07 November, 2018

Ooh That Squirrel!

Squirrel: "Ha ha HA!  You can't catch me, cat!"
Angel: "One day, squirrel...one day...!
...after I've had my nap..."
The battle continues...
fought on either side of the window

06 November, 2018

Twosome Tuesday

Seriouslies, can these two cats gets any cuter?

These photos were taken at three different times over last weekend, as they repeatedly stuffed themselves into a one-cat beddy!  It's not like the house was cold, since The Hubby is now monitoring the thermostat as if his life depended on it.  But Manny and Chili Bruce just were in a cuddling mood, and I wasn't going to allow such adorableness go by the wayside!  Almost looks like one cat body with two heads...

Get out there and VOTE!
From Clipart Panda

05 November, 2018

Time Is On My Side

Found this on FB; made me LOL!
I have no idea who created this, and it's back one hour, but...

Sweetie, in the sunshine

The PO'M
By the way, he appears to be in fine fettle,
but he's not really allowing me to examine his chin
Every year, I start getting nervous about the extra hour added to the day, as The US ends Daylight Saving Time.  That's a long time for the kitties to wait for their meals, until they get used to it.  The Hubby laughs at me, because he can ignore meowing cats for an entire hour, while I would start a week ahead, and slowly move feeding times back 10 minutes at a time!

Needless to say, all cats are already adjusted, while I'm still traumatized.  At least I spent some quality time with each cat group this weekend: The 'O' Cats, Upstairs Angel, and Da Boyz.

On the other hand, I have no internet service at home, so I am looking to get it added, for the least possible cost.  While I'm on the computer all day long at the office, Monday through Friday, having no access on the weekends and evenings makes me a bit bonkers.  I also miss commenting on your blogs, FB, IG, etc., so there is a lot of catch-up on Monday.