Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Too-Cold-To-Head-Bunt Tuesday

"I'm fine!  See you later!"
The PO'M wouldn't come out of his suite in The Cat Hotel this morning!  Usually, if I'm around, he's rubbing on me, meowing at me, head-bunting my hands...but today was just too cold, so he winked at me instead!  Mind you, this was as I was leaving for the office; he and Sweetie had already eaten their breakfast.

Please visit Marg's Animals Blog, to offer your condolences for Angel Lucky.  And, if you donate toward vet bill's, make sure to comment at Marvelous Is Marvelous, to be entered in a custom portrait giveaway!

Image from Marg's Animals
Angel Lucky
What a handsome mancat you were; RIP dear boy.


  1. Kitties know when to be out and when to stay where it's warm. Too cute.

    Yes I didn't hear about the portrait from Marvelous Marv. Lovely thing to do in honor of Lucky.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the kitty. ♥

  2. I don't blame them for staying cozied up inside their house this morning. It's cold here, too!

  3. oh Angel Lucky is so beautiful. RIP

  4. Paddy is a smart on and says Brrrrr Humbug on the cold. We sure were sad to hear about dear Lucky.

  5. When you REALLY want pets ... but you finally got warm ;)

  6. We don't blame Paddy one bit! It's waaaaay too cold for this time of year.

  7. So sad to hear about Lucky! But Paddy is lucky to have you looking out for him and keeping him warm!

  8. I am glad POM has a warm spot. I was sad to see Buddy went to The Bridge.

  9. Yep it IS cold!! I learned something new, I always thought it was head BUMP.....oh well!

  10. We're so happy to hear he's takin' advantage of the warm spot you've created fur him. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena


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