31 August, 2022

Such a Sweetie

It's Sweetnesday!

There have been Sweetie cats for a very long time:
Image provide to me by #1 at The Poupounette; thanks!
And, 'our' Sweetie continues to leave smiley faces in her bowl:
These recent ones have noses too!

Such a talented yet old-fashioned kitty.

29 August, 2022

Puzzle PO'M

It's PO'Monday!

From August, 2019.

I found a terrific image of Celestial Paddy O'Malley, and an unused artified version too.
Click on the image above to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.

28 August, 2022

Dual Gotchaversary: Chuck and Angel 8/29/04

Sweet babies; littermates Angel and Chuck taught us a vast amount about being owned by cats.

Neither The Hubby nor I had ever been in thrall to felines prior to 8/29/2004.
Kitten Angel, so named for my father who'd very recently passed.
She was a beauty, with delightfully soft fur.
Brown Baby Chuck, hence the name Chocolate, Chucky for short.
What a cat, despite years of health issues.
Just gazing upon these photos brings back so many memories, and of course, we have small shrines to both of them.

We'll always have cats in our lives now, especially housepanthers.

Happy Gotchaversary at The Rainbow Bridge, you two!

27 August, 2022

Not Easy

It's Caturday!
Click on the image above to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle!

It's Da Boyz, curled up together and asleep.

I ran the photo through my Prisma app filter, then ran it through another filter.

I love colors, but had to keep some of the housepanther vibe too.

It's not an easy puzzle, yet that's the fun in it, isn't it?

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26 August, 2022

'Hood Convos

As I walk around our neighborhood:

Me: "Good Morning!"

Neighbor: "The cats just knocked over a plant and we're cleaning it up!"

Me: "Oh!"

A plant knocker-over: Buttercup

Me: "Hello, just visiting my friend."

Neighbor, to other neighbor: "That's Sly's girlfriend."

Me: "Hehehe!"

Handsome Sly

The Hubby: "I saw your black-and-white friend while I was out yesterday."

Me: "Who?"

The Hubby: "You know, the kitty that you talk about."

Me: "Ah, that's Star."

Star, my friend.

Some sad news: 
Hotesse earned her angel's wings.
Please visit The Poupounette Blog to leave a kind word.
#1 and Hotesse, in happier times.
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Image from The Poupounette Blog.

25 August, 2022

On The Job

 About a month ago, my boss resigned from his job.

As an executive administrative assistant, not having an executive is scary!

Am so very thankful that with some company reorganization, someone stepped up and said, "I need you!"

So, I have an new executive who seems like a cool dude, and am on great terms with my old boss, now a CEO at his new company.

It's pleasant to be able to keep the cat food cans rolling in, no?

A few work-related giggles in honor of my gratefulness:

Above images copied and pasted from the interwebs, and used for recreational purposes only.
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24 August, 2022

Action Packed Sweetie!

It's Sweetnesday!

Yep, our Sweetie lives a life that is full of constant action!
Watch as she reacts during a rainstorm, while in the open window!
Sweetie is full of energy while practising her jackknife dive!
Whoa, murder mitts on display! 

23 August, 2022


It's Twozday!

Sometimes, I can tell which one is which.
Manny has a large white fur patch on his tummy, and we can see it here: Manny is left, CB right.
And then, there is virtually no way to tell them apart here!
Now, this one is tricky!
Manny has a tiny bit of white fur under his nose, and we can just see that here.
Therefore, Manny is left, CB (asleep!) is right...or flat...

22 August, 2022

It's PO'Monday!

August, 2016.

So many of my photos from that month are blurry; did I not know how to set the iPhone focus?

Even those few short years ago, the cameras have gotten incredibly better, so even a poor photographer (waving my hand) can capture better images.

Celestial Paddy allowed some camera time, before he demanded and received his fair share of head bunts, scritches, smoochies, and overall adoration.

PO'M: "Really?!?  Let's get this party started!"
PO'M: "Last pic, lady!  Time for kisses!"
PO'M: "Yep, that's what I'm talking about!"


21 August, 2022

Minuet and Smiles

Angel Minuet earned her wings.
Click on the image above to visit I Have Three Cats blog to express sympathy for this lovely oldster.

It is cool, rainy, humid, grey, and the news about Madame Minuet is sad.

Therefore, here are a few naughty cat memes and cartoons, to bring a wee smile to your faces.
All images copied from social media, and used only for entertainment purposes.


20 August, 2022

Pop Art

It's Caturday!

Today, I offer two pieces for your entertainment.

The first is a very colorful rendition of Sweetie, using my Prisma app.
Click on the image above to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.

My second offering is a very, VERY pop arty version of...wait for it...rocks.

The original pic is below.
Click on the image above to enjoy an jigsaw puzzle.

This is the original photo that I artified.
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19 August, 2022

8/19: World Photography Day

World Photography Day is an annual, worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science, and history of photogrphy.

Use #WorldPhotographyDay on your posts!

However, there are currently 57,279 pics in my photo library, so how do I choose the 'good' ones to share today?

Well, how 'bout cat teefs and bleps?!?

Oh yeah!
Celestial Chuck yawns, rather frighteningly.
Celestial Sammy bleps.
Jiminy Crickets, Sly has one BIG MOUTH!
Celestial Angel, trying to be fierce but still looks like a bunny rabbit.
Celestial Paddy O'Malley, keeps his fur in good order.
Sweetie, making her kibble opinion known!

18 August, 2022

Another Piece of Yard Art: Polecat

Imagine my surprise when I met this pretty thing wandering the backyard! 

Am thankful for the abundance in our yard; the animals, the plants, and that we have a few pence in our pockets to purchase a few artistic items for our pleasure.

Just so you know, I have some rocks too, but they aren't as cute as this skunk or our cat statues!

Purrsonally, I adore how skunks waddle.

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17 August, 2022

8/17: Black Cat Appreciation Day

It's Sweetnesday!

And, how best to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day than by highlighting our formerly feral Sweetie.
Giving me the 'look' in 2018.
Claws out in 2019.
She's a bed hog, as soon as I get up.
Sweetie often climbs onto my chest, using me as a breathing cat beddy.

It's okay with me; after over a decade outside, any perk that we can give her is worth the few moments of not sleeping that it causes.

She really is a Sweetie!πŸ’•πŸ˜»πŸ’•