31 October, 2019

Happy Meowl-O-Ween!

Happy Meowl-O-Ween!
Ann @ Zoolatry gifted us with this great graphic! 
The Hubby and I had our first date at a Halloween party.

I dressed in my great-grandmother's long gown, velvet hat, and opera gloves.
The Hubby dressed as a plumber.

We've been an item ever since, despite our costume choices...😹

The Hubby naps with kittens Chuck and Angel in 2004.
I am so very thankful for him!
Today is an extra special day for Eastside Cats!

Wishin you all a fun Meowl-O-ween!


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30 October, 2019

The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium

Mama & baby Polar Bears

Arctic Wolves

Rescued Bald Eagle

Grey Parrot

Horned Viper

Mama and baby Snow Leopard

Red Panda

Lily Pads in Rose Garden

Other critters seen:
Bengal Tigers,
Silverback Gorillas,
Birds of every stripe in the Aviary,
Seahorses, Sharks, Rays...
and much, much more!

From Eastside Cats to Toledo, is just over an hours drive.
We were there on a cool, misty day, which was good because the crowds were low.

I took over 300 photos...

The Snow Leopard and cub were amazing to watch in particular, as were the Elephants.
We discovered a vegetable garden, that they use to feed the residents...which seems so very smart!

Cannot say I'm a huge zoo fan, however it's quite obvious that this zoo takes care of it's charges well, and has lots of open space and enrichment, tailored to every living creature.

Disclaimer: I purchased a ticket to The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium myself, and have not received any compensation for this post.  I write about things that interest me, and that I believe will interest readers, and I give my honest opinions.  

29 October, 2019

National Cat Day


Here are my Two-Zday twinsies...
curled up together in The Hubby's coat.

Cats Rule!
Cats Rock!


Please extend a quiet farewell to Angel JJ, from Mickey's Musings

JJ was 22 years young, a lovely gentlemancat who enjoyed naps with his sisfur Georgia, and sharing treats with sisfur Julie
Image from Mickey's Musings Blog, used with permission

28 October, 2019

Monday O'Malley

The PO'M is just too hilarious!
When I scratch his back just so, he licks his chest!

The money shot is the 4th image...what a goof!

26 October, 2019

Caturday Art Blog Hop

This is a pen drawing by The Hubby, and I gave it color using Prisma
Let's jigsaw!

preview110 pieceExpressionist Cat
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Happy 8th Blogoversary, Athena & Marie!

25 October, 2019

Photo Fails!

Photo Fail!  That's Sweetie hiding in the long grass.
Looks like a blob!
Photo Fail!  The PO'M has chicken legs...
Photo Fail!  Neighbor's cat is covered in dirt!
Photo Fail!  What's with the finger, and why shoot an image of the back of Angel's noggin?
Photo Fail!  But, The PO'M is entertaining, nonetheless!
Photo Fail!  Sweetie, too up close and purrsonal.

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24 October, 2019

Thankful Thursday

I just can't help it....

We are so very thankful for our


Chillin' like a villain!

Enjoying the autumn sunshine

I love the way her ears become translucent!

Angel has become light as a feather, but she's eating, drinking, and using the litter box as normal.
At age 15, she deserves...and receives...anything that she wants.

And we all know what she DOESN'T want...those crazypants twin DaBoyz bothering her! 

Our dearest Angel:
with the softest fur,
the cutest murph,
her clickety nails on the floor,
her love for fresh wheat grass and cobwebs,
and her special hidey hole when there is stormy weather.


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23 October, 2019

Book Review: How To Land On Your Feet

  • Title: How To Land On Your Feet; Life Lessons From My Cat
  • Author and Illustrator: Jamie Shelman
  • Hardcover: 128 pages
  • Publisher: The Experiment (September 17, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1615195920
  • ISBN-13: 978-1615195923

I LURV Jamie's artwork; I've been ordering greeting cards from The Dancing Cat for awhile now.  And how delightful is this slim volume, beautifully illustrated with her unique take on feline life!  And when I opened the package, included with my order was a signed note from the artist, thanking me...plus a bookmark, which has already gotten a workout.

Here is my November 2018 blog post: Eastside Cats: The Dancing Cat.

I think all cat enthusiasts will enjoy "Life Lessons From My Cat"!

Disclaimer: I purchased this book and other items from The Dancing Cat for myself, and have not received any compensation for my post.  I write about things that interest me, and that I believe will interest my readers, and I give honest opinions.  


22 October, 2019


Seriously, can these two get any more adorable?
Can you tell which one is which? *waggling eyebrows*
I played with some filters for this one...and made a jigsaw puzzle!

21 October, 2019

Monday O'Malley

The PO'M follows me around the backyard
All images posted today were taken yesterday afternoon, when Michigan experienced a delightfully sunny afternoon, with mild temperatures.  I sat and read a book, and petted The PO'M and Sweetie.  Lovely!


20 October, 2019


Double Tocks!
Paddy & Sweetie
Angel bootie!
Unnamed neighborhood cat Tocks!
Neighbor cat Kiki shows his Tocks!
Sweetie Tocks
Dear Chucky, showing his Tocks.
His tailio was shaved for a blood draw and blood pressure check.

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