29 May, 2019

The Cat Hotel's Spring Refurrbish, and Farewell Felix

The Cat Hotel had a Spring Cleaning!  Old straw out, and new straw in.  An inspection of every inch was made...

First Floor, fresh straw

Penthouse, with new straw

Paddy snoozes on top!
 ...and our snoopervisors gave the refurrbishment a Four Paws Gold rating!  The PO'M allowed Sweetie the first opportunity to nap in the new digs, so he gallantly slept up on top when we were done, so the straw was pristine for her.


On a sad note, Angel Felix unexpectedly ran off to The Rainbow Bridge yesterday.
His humans Trish and Scott are very sad.
They've lost Angels Sweet Pea and Rupert this year also.

Angel Felix
Image used with permission
Katnip Lounge Cat Blog hasn't been active in a long time, but you can communicate with Trish here.


28 May, 2019


Critter TV has had some great shows on recently!
Da Boyz run from one window to another, and they hunker down, tails twitching!  A bird, a squirrel, a butterfly...all are entertainment!  Although we continue to have rain daily, there are enough dry time spans so the fauna can run, jump, fly, or flutter about.  In this photo, I managed to get outside to snap images of Manny and Chili Bruce from the other side of the well-worn screen.

And from inside the house:

They completely ignore us humans!


27 May, 2019



Monday, May 27, 2019 is America's day to honor 
those who sacrificed their lives for our country.
My heart goes out their families and loved ones,
who carry pride and sorrow in their hearts.
We remember these fallen people,
on Memorial Day...and every day.


Free image from Pixabay
It's time for the human race to solve their problems with diplomacy, and the mutual respect for ourselves, The Earth, Mother Nature's creatures and plants.  We are finite, not infinite, and we need to hold open our arms and love.

Make Love Not War


26 May, 2019


I posted that The 'O' Cats were acting a bit off.

Update: Sweetie and Paddy O'Malley are back to their usual antics, and neither have disappeared or missed a snack since late last week.  Even though the weather continues to be up and down, we three shared some time together on the deck.

Sweetie loaf

Wha OH!  Photobombed!

Goofball Paddy
Whatever disturbed them has faded.
Thanks to all who suggested that I be patient.
You were right; they are tough kitties!


24 May, 2019

Postcards From Denver: Day 2 Driving

Postcard From Denver: Walking Day 1

Our first trip of the day was to Golden, Colorado, for a tour of the world's largest brewery!  The drive was about 30 minutes, and it was a warm day.  We waited in line (in the shade!) for less than 20 minutes, and the tour was about 45 minutes.  Learn more here: Miller Coors. 🍻

Beer Vats
Feeling a bit peckish after sipping our samples of beer, we lunched at The Miners Saloon.  As we left the restaurant, a storm was barreling down upon us, and we hoofed it back to the car.  Just as the huge raindrops began to pelt down, we were strapped in, and ready for our next destination. ⛅

The wind whipped up, and the temps dropped!
While driving up into the mountains, the wind blew, the lightning flashed, and the rain turned into fat globs of white snow for a few minutes!  But, as we drove higher, the sun came back out, and the view became spectacular. 🌞

And where did we go, you ask?  Surprise!  We visiting Katie, Waffles, and Debbie from Glogirly!!!

Waffles, my new boyfriend, sniffs my tote

Debbie took this image of us standing on the balcony
Left to right: Sue, Meg, me, Georgi and Deb

Another balcony view

Waffles giving me kisses; Glogirly is amused!

Our socks were charmed off...I swear it!...by Debbie's hospitality and smiles, by the views from EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE, and Waffles...dear, sweet, ginger boy!  Katie remained demurely in her napping space; no overt showing off for her!  But "Show Off" is Waffles' middle name. 😺

After a delightful visit, and I refrained from hiding Waffles in my tote, we drove to Eldorado Canyon State Park.  This park is simply stunning; the raw beauty of the mountains takes one's breath away (and I'm not talking about the thinner air!) 😸

Me, in front of a 'boulder'


A pair of deer chose to entertain us for a few minutes
Driving back to Denver and our hotel, we were too tired to go anywhere for dinner, so we ordered in, climbed into comfy clothes, and whiled away our time watching DVDs until late at night.  We each flew out of Denver Airport, going in different directions, but the memories of our fabulous days in the Denver-area kept a smile on our faces!  I plan on returning to The Mile High City, and I recommend that everyone put it on their to-do list! πŸ‘

Thanks again to Debbie, for your hospitality, and to Waffles and Katie for your adorableness! πŸ’–

Waffles: "I will perform AFTER treats are given!"

Glogirly: "Here you go, Waffles."
Waffles: "Num num num..."

Waffles: "More!"

Glogirly: "Let's do your meerkat impression, Waffles!"
Waffles: "Anything for treats!"

Waffles: "So yummy!"
The rest of us: "You are too cute, Waffles!"
Waffles: *blink*


23 May, 2019

Thankful Thursday: The 'O's Toes

Sweetie's Feeties, taken May 23, 2015

Paddy's Pawsies, taken May 23, 2015
Two days ago, The PO'M did NOT show up for breakfast.  He's done that a few times over the years, so I didn't panic.  I did, however, ask The Hubby to call me when he spied that tiger tabby so I could ease off of my nervousness.  Within a couple of hours, The PO'M was reported safe and sound on the deck.

Yesterday, Sweetie was missing, and when I finally coaxed her out of wherever hiding spot that she'd found, she wouldn't eat.  And, again, this morning, no Paddy for brekky.

We've had hot and cold weather; wind and rain, and thunderstorms.  The utility company sent out tree-trimmers to cut limbs back from wires, and they've been up and down our street, with their saws and grinders, and more loud noises than you'd think was possible.

I believe that The 'O' Cats are simply shaking in their wee boots (hence the paw images) from the constant barrage of noises and weather, and maybe some other wild animal was frightened by the same things, and is giving them territorial fits.

We'll sort it out over the long weekend, when I can spend time just sitting on the deck with them.  I was away for almost four days too, in the midst of the rest of this stuff.

All I know, is that I am so very thankful that I've got these two kitties to love, snuggle, worry about, and to fuss over!  You'd think otherwise, but no, they are as affixed to my heart as any cat I've ever known.

Paddy O'Malley and Sweetie, you are family, and I'll take care of you furrever!


Let's Hop!

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22 May, 2019

Postcard From Denver: Walking Day 1

Thank you for your kind words as I unexpectedly mourned Chuck in my last post!
You all are the Cat's Pajamas, the Bee's Knees, the Monkey's Eyebrows!


And now...Denver, Colorado!

Nestle Purina Pet Care Co. Warehouse, as seen from the freeway

A Denver U.S. Mint building; there are several!
Did you know that the U.S. Mint is NOT run by the U.S. Government?!?

Denver City Hall, in panorama

Fabric Cat Head Costume, at The Denver Art Museum

Caricature of "Whistler's Mother", with Siamese Cat

Yes, that's a cat at the bottom, but it's more like a little piglet!

Another cat image from the Denver Art Museum
The exhibition "Serious Play" was a collection of items from 1950-60's, organized around three themes—the American home, child’s play, and corporate approaches to design—encouraging visitors to consider how design connects to their daily lives.

Huge artwork outside; I was being silly while between the monoliths. And no, I did not bring The PO'M along to style my head...😸

We toured The Molly Brown House Museum, which had some fabulous lion statues!

"Pete the Cat" stuffies at The Tattered Cover Bookstore

My new bestie, Barrie, at The Tattered Cover Bookstore
Yes, her dress is all cats, and we discussed the cat book section, and everything 'cat'!
(Ellen, from 15 And Meowing, I told her to stock your books in the kids section!)
Denver, Colorado, and it's environs; what a fabulous place to visit!  We were there and back before the snowstorms hit, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to walk, walk, walk, then drive, drive, drive!

On our first full day, we toured The U.S. Mint, and then The Denver Art Museum.  The two locations were a few blocks apart, so we walked.  We encountered a couple carrying a cat; next door was a vet's office!  Not quick enough on the uptake to snap a photo.

Just another five blocks to The Molly Brown House Museum, and we arrived for the last tour of the day.  What a fabulous place, and Margaret Brown was one heck of a person, and she NEVER yet by Molly!  It was rush hour as we walked back to the car, so we decided to hang out at The Tattered Cover Bookstore, which was huge, fun, and luckily, full of nice chairs to rest our weary bones.  While there, I met Barrie, who is a huge cat lover, and we chatted and chatted, and had the best time!  Remember, Denver made it illegal to declaw cats...YAY!

A welcoming restaurant was next door to the bookstore, and there was vegan food for me, and normal food for everyone else, but wouldn't you know it, everyone wanted the cauliflower starter!  Our evening was spent enjoying our favorite TV show, "The X-Files".  What a great day: coins, cats, artwork, cats, museum, cats, books, cats...then aliens!


21 May, 2019


Screen-door whiffies!
The Hubby removed the heavy storm door, and dragged the screen door out for our rear entrance.  Da Boyz were looking out before the dust, cobwebs, and general detritus could be swept off.  But how could we deny these two cuties their first few moments of breathing the Spring air?


My vacation was astounding, and I'll post more about it soon, because...CATS!  However, one never knows when the memory of a passed loved one will hit.  While packing for my trip, I grabbed the pill organizer that we've had for eons, to keep my vitamins and stuff organized while traveling.  What should I discover, but the last bits of Chucky's medicines in one of the compartments.

These meds helped keep Chuck alive for almost three years after the diagnosis of his bad heart
That stab of pain was so unexpected.  Took my breath away, and I sat on my bed, dry-eyed, but my body wracked with pain.  Oh, Chuck!  It's been 1-1/2 years since your passing, and I miss you so.

I put the pill pieces back, closed up the container, and put it on the shelf.  I'm not ready to throw them away.


14 May, 2019


Chili Bruce is left; Manny, right
We have had a surplus of wet and below average temperature days.  Here, I managed a photo of Da Boyz on the stool, backlit with the sun shining through the backdoor, on a rare instance of Sol breaking through the clouds.

I'm off on vacation for the next few days, so my commenting will fall off.  The Hubby is home to care for all Eastside Cats, and he'll watch those old cowboy TV shows that he so enjoys.  Actually, he watches them whether I'm home or not!  😹


13 May, 2019

Bohemian Rhapsody Review

"Bohemian Rhapsody", released in 2018, is a film that follows the life of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the rock group Queen.  Yes, it was in theatres months ago, but I caught a free showing at a local library recently.  They served popcorn and soft drinks too!  I snagged a seat in the front row, and snapped photos of any cats on screen.  You see, Freddie loved his felines! 

Of course, this is a Hollywood movie, and the facts and timelines aren't purrfectly accurate, but kitties in a movie...Yes, Please!  There were only a few quick glimpses, but my phone camera was ready.

Rami Malek, the actor who portrayed Freddie, won an Oscar for his unique skills in representing an icon in music history.  While watching the film, I'll admit to singing along (quietly) and wriggling my booty a bit in time with the music!  Queen's music is quintessential, and Freddie and his band members made beautiful, and everlasting songs.  I recommend this movie!