06 May, 2019

Another Cat Surprise While In The Woods

Sunday, May 5, I attended two separate Spring Wildflower Walks.  Although the day was sunny and warmish, the ground is still saturated from all of the rain we've experienced.  Not only were my shoes and pants very mud-spattered, I stepped straight into a hidden swale with five or six inches of water, so my socks and feet were soaked too.  I didn't wear boots, in order to be stylish, but I paid the price!

First, I was at Balduck Memorial Park, in Detroit.  This walk was sponsored by The Detroit Garden Center.  There were about ten of us; nice and informal.  Unfortunately, I lost my native plant guide, andso I do not remember the names to some of these.
See the little serrations on the leaf edges?
I thought it was cool.

Our guide said that some plants have extra tannins in their spring leaves, causing them to be reddish.
Some critters don't like tannins, so this is a way for the plants to ward off being eaten up during this important growing time. 

Heck if I can remember this one, but it's cute!

White sharp-lobed hepatica

Jack-in-the-pulpit buds

In the afternoon, I was in Tenhave Woods, in Royal Oak.  The Royal Oak Nature Society was on hand to show about 50 people around.  We saw:

A bank of trillium

The expert didn't know if this was a Grey Tree Frog or a Cope's Grey Tree Frog.  The only known difference between the two frogs, is their mating call, and this frog wasn't saying nuthin'!  The expert released the frog onto the nearest tree...

...Can you see the frog on the oak tree?
Blends in extremely well, yes?

May Apple

Jack-in-the-pulpit bloom

And, as the tour was wrapping up, a man came along, wearing this t-shirt:

Cats drive us crazy first, THEN we consult them for therapy, amIright?
He graciously allowed me to snap a photo, and I am again amazed at how my attempts at hanging out with Mother Nature seems to throw some feline action at me too!  It's beginning to get weird!

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  1. I would have loved to join your wildlife walks. I love spring.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  2. I love reading your posts and being reminded of what the names of all the flowers are. I love the t shirt too

  3. Getting weird but WAY cool! What a super wonderful set of walks today, loved it - thanks!

  4. You are definitely a magnet for all things feline. Oh, and I too hate wet shoes.

  5. That was looks like fun and the frogs are magical, but so is that shirt!

  6. Well, we do rule the world, in not so secret

  7. We love seeing everything getting so green. :)

  8. I'll say he blends on well! It took looking away for a few minutes and coming back and there he was! I have never seen a Jack in Pulpit...I LOVE the type of walks you did. I've never seen several that you got to see. Difference in the part of the Country I would say.

  9. Ha!! You never know who you will meet in the woods :)

  10. Wonderful pics. Our mom should have that t-shirt!

  11. Nice photos and I love the shirt :)

  12. That seems like an excellent way to spend the day even with soggy feet. That frog is very impressive at blending. Thanks for taking us along!

  13. You go on some really cool adventures. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  14. A lovely spring walk! I think that t-shirt is pretty cool :)

  15. Jack-in-the-pulpit... I haven't heard mention of that plant in decades...

  16. Great nature photos - and I love the shirt!


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