31 August, 2020

Cat Scratch Force Field

Monday O'Malley

The PO'M loves me, and I love him, but he's hard on my clothes!

Drool and snags on my pants.
More snags on my shorts!
I needed a solution, and I found one:

A force field between me and The Padster!

Image taken from Blue Q website.
I found this amazing apron at Leon and Lulu in Clawson, Michigan.

Now, once I tie on the apron, and go outside to get some lovin' from The Padster...

I'll have an apron force field between us!


Disclaimer: I purchased the apron for my own use and amusement, and mention the store and manufacturer as a courtesy for my readers.  I only post about items that I think you all would enjoy, and for no financial gain for myself.  

30 August, 2020

Dontcha Just Hate That?

This morning, I cracked open the can of turkey cat food.

It's the same brand we've been using for a long time.

I dole out for Manny and Chili Bruce.

Sweetie gets her Sweetie-sized bowl.

The PO'M gets his more robust lot.


Manny won't eat.

CB walks away, not a lick taken.

Sweetie walks past her bowl as if it wasn't there.

Lastly, Paddy walks up, walks past, then sits down on the edge, staring out into the yard.


Obviously, a bad can!

I gather up the bowls, bring out new bowls, and give them all something else.

Each. Cat. Eats.

The Hubby and I examine the 'bad' can, examine the due date, then examine the other cans from the same case.  We can see nothing different, and we smell nothing different.

Dontcha just hate that?

However, cats know when something isn't right, and there is no way to convince them otherwise!

This is how they should be eating!
Taken in January 2018.

Jigsaw Puzzle
P.S. Thank you all for your lovely comments to yesterday's post!

We could feel your hugs and heartfelt expressions of love.


29 August, 2020

8/29/04: Angel and Chuck Come Home

Well...that's the date that Chuck and Angel arrived...in a box...at our home.

Did The Hubby and I know anything about having cats?

Were we ready to learn, and love, and enjoy?

16 years ago, Chuck and Angel were only six weeks old.
We kittenified the house, making sure the wee cats couldn't fall through the stair rails
to the hallway below.

The Hubby would nap on the futon, and the kittens would curl up with him.

We were so very happy to have added these two munchkins to our lives.
And look what they started!

Angel & Chuck
Sweetie's kittens, Sugar and Sneakers
Paddy O'Malley
Manny & Chili Bruce...

Happy Gotchaversary, my celestial kitties!
You'll always be in our hearts.

Jigsaw Puzzle

27 August, 2020

August 28: Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

"Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day was founded in 2015 by Deborah Barnes, award-winning author, and blogger of Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles in tribute to her Ragdoll cat, Mr. Jazz, whom she had to say goodbye to on August 28, 2013. She shared the journey of letting him go in her critically acclaimed book, “Purr Prints of – A Cat’s Tale of Life, Death, and Beyond” and decided to create the day in his honor as a way for others across the world to share memories of their own pets they had loved and lost."

August 29 is the Gotchaversary for Celestial Angel and Chuck, so let's celebrate our Rainbow Bridge kitties!

Jigsaw Puzzle
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Sweetie helps keep my nose to the grindstone, and reminds me to take a break!

She is my Coach, and my Honey Bunny!

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26 August, 2020

Final Friday Fails on Wednesday!

Pet Photo Fails this month is moved to Wednesday!

Friday is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, so Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries and Meows chose to move their last Friday of the month Pet Photo Fails blog hop to today.

Let the horror begin!

Well...it's debatable whether this is a fail or just The PO'M being goofier than normal... 
Sweetie ventured down the stairs, but someone didn't focus AND got her finger in the way!
Manny looks cute on top of the fridge, but the photographer focused on the wrong thing!
Blurry and tongue-out Boyz!
Jigsaw Puzzle

Let's Hop!

25 August, 2020

Downstairs Boyz

Goofy Manny
Watching out the back door
Praying for cooler weather?
Chili Bruce has a comfy!
Hot or cold, Da Boyz will snuggle together!
While I work remotely, my home office is upstairs in Sweetie's Apartment.

However, I must visit downstairs, to make new cups of tea, and to snorgle the bellies of these two rascals!

💕I adore them both!💕

Jigsaw Puzzle

24 August, 2020

Epic Fail!

Monday O'Malley!

We tried to trap Paddy O'Malley on Sunday, for a veterinary visit.

We removed the feeding station awning, and set up the drop trap a week ago.

We've done this many times before.  
Drop Trap, with extra leg.
At first, The PO'M was wary.

Wary PO'M.
As the days wore on, he seemed to relax.

But, he's a smart cat, and managed to run out of the trap.

Me: 0
The PO'M: 1

Jigsaw Puzzle

I love The PO'M with my whole being, and only wish him to be as healthy as possible.

However, he's not a housecat; I cannot pick him up to put him into a carrier, nor will a blanket and purrito work.

We may need to find a vet that does home visits, or one that can tele-diagnose (if there is such a thing!)  Or try again when the temperature is a bit cooler (near 90 degrees F today!)

No worries: Paddy has returned!

21 August, 2020

New Friends

You'd think I'd already made friends with every cat in my neighborhood.

Actually, there are new kitties to meet all of the time!

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Image from AHBE LAB

20 August, 2020


A collection of cat cartoons/memes for your entertainment:

Warning: there is a little bit of profanity...

The little things that brighten my day!

Hope they do the same for you.

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