Sunday, August 30, 2020

Dontcha Just Hate That?

This morning, I cracked open the can of turkey cat food.

It's the same brand we've been using for a long time.

I dole out for Manny and Chili Bruce.

Sweetie gets her Sweetie-sized bowl.

The PO'M gets his more robust lot.


Manny won't eat.

CB walks away, not a lick taken.

Sweetie walks past her bowl as if it wasn't there.

Lastly, Paddy walks up, walks past, then sits down on the edge, staring out into the yard.


Obviously, a bad can!

I gather up the bowls, bring out new bowls, and give them all something else.

Each. Cat. Eats.

The Hubby and I examine the 'bad' can, examine the due date, then examine the other cans from the same case.  We can see nothing different, and we smell nothing different.

Dontcha just hate that?

However, cats know when something isn't right, and there is no way to convince them otherwise!

This is how they should be eating!
Taken in January 2018.

Jigsaw Puzzle
P.S. Thank you all for your lovely comments to yesterday's post!

We could feel your hugs and heartfelt expressions of love.



  1. Oh yea, it happens all the time here too, even with our ferals.

  2. That same thing happened here this morning! I washed a bowl and put out a fresh can of food, and added the warm water, put it down, Marv sniffed it, looked up at me like WHAT is THIS???? I get the other bowl and put another can of food in it (same stuff same box, same batch) put the warm water on it, put the bowl down and he turns into Mr Piggy!
    Meanwhile, Kozmo comes over, smells the first bowl looks at me like its poison and politely waits for Marv to finish then devours the rest of the second bowl!
    Things that make me go HMMMmmmMMMmmm
    Mom Barb

  3. Oh sure to check out the Pickles cartoon I have posted today. Cats have high standards and every so often those standards change.
    Tomorrow that food will probably be acceptable.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Hey, cats are gourmets! That's where it's handy to have a dog... Although if the dog won't eat it either, then it's really bad news!

  5. Nah, they're just trying to keep you humans on your toes!

  6. I have had that happen. Even with a single cat. Sometimes I have had to waste an entire can of fancy feast because it turned into poison. I had to open another can...

  7. I used to have that happen occasionally too. Thanks for the puzzle. I have a lot to catch up with.

  8. There really must've been something wrong for everyone to react the same!

  9. If no one wanted it, there was definitely something wrong with it. Thank you for the puzzle. XO

  10. That sure is a mystery..but it looks like efurrybody gave it the paws down to let you know! - Tom x

  11. I've had that happen, though lately, some cats aren't eating for other reasons...

  12. That is so odd. It has never happened here. Maybe one or two won't want something but not all 4!

  13. Haha didn’t that happen before also? :-) Kitties know if something is wrong or doesn’t meet their standards. They know the best!

  14. Probably nothing wrong. It was a decision taken at a secret committee meeting in order to keep you on your tippytoes at all times. They have unanimously agreed that you passed the test. But trust me, there will be others!

  15. That has happened with me. There might have been a very slight hole that caused the foods to spoil. Trust the kitty who won't eat!

  16. They must have noticed something was different in that can :)

  17. We have that happen every now and again. We do give our furs credit for knowing what is good and what is not. Purrs friends

  18. Jezebel turned her nose up at a container of food that I discovered smelled almost like ammonia! I wonder what was wrong here and glad they ate the next offering.


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