Sunday, August 9, 2020

August 9: Book Lover's Day

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Bibliophiles, UNITE!

Today, we celebrate books and reading!

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A terrific quote, dontcha think?

Image from Society6 by Louis Wain
During this lockdown, I've found it difficult to read; my mind wanders easily, and there are so many distractions from the news.

I discovered that rereading a book series that I'd once enjoyed was just the ticket!

Comfort reading?!?

Since mid-March, I've read and listened to audiobooks for:

Laurie R. King: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Russell series
Ben Aaronovitch: The Peter Grant series
Jim Butcher: The Dresden Files series
Alan Bradley: Flavia De Luce series
Richard Castle: Nikki Heat series
Kelley Armstrong: Rockton series
Shirley Rousseau Murphy: Joe Grey series
Catherine Coulter: A Brit in the FBI series

Thankfully, when the library building was closed, I was able to check out ebooks and audiobooks via phone apps.

Now the library is open, and I've enjoyed reconnecting with my favorite librarians and staff.

In addition, I volunteered with a group to help convince voters to pass a millage for our local library.

I put up yards signs, attended Zoom meetings, and hung door hangers with a handful of other local library enthusiasts.

Image from "Vote Yes for Mt. Clemens Library" FB page
Image from "Vote Yes for Mt. Clemens Library" FB page
And the millage passed, by a good margin!

Our 1969 library is going to get new HVAC, lighting, and electrical systems.
New meeting rooms, new children's area, new furniture, and computers and genealogical set-ups.

Yes, I am an avid book lover!

And yet...

Mother Nature soothes the soul.

Being outdoors while listening to the birds, watching the squirrels and butterflies, and simply breathing; this too has helped me negotiate these unusual times.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Pic taken at Kensington MetroPark, where The Hubby and I enjoyed an excursion this Friday.
I used my Prima app to play with the colors.


  1. Hooray for your libraries! We've been worried about their survival with all of the eBook stuff but ours are doing okay here too.

  2. Reading has helped keep mum sane this year. Glad you can get back to your library.

  3. What a wonderful quote from Mr. Clancy.
    You called that right who indeed had earthquake on their Bingo card...NO ME. Next will be pestilence..I hope and purr the murder hornets don't find their way to NC
    Hugs cecilia

  4. I can't believe our mom didn't blog about this day! We love books!

  5. #1 listens to audio books a lot as she drives quite long distances regularly. Currently, she is listening to an unabridged version of "Just One Evil Act" by Elizabeth George and very much enjoying it.

    Tama and Genji

  6. I don't know what I would do without books I guess that's why I have at least thousand here in the house...hardcover...through the years.

  7. Good job! love libraries. So much. I was amazed at how well they melded with the computerworld!!!

  8. International Cat Day yesterday and Book Lovers Day today! They just go together.

  9. I love reading too and support our libraries.
    Readers gotta read!!
    Good to see money going into libraries :)

  10. I am glad you were able to access books when the library was closed. I resorted to Kindle. Our library has curbside pickup now. Thanks for the puzzle. XO

  11. It’s wonderful you support your local library and yay that millage passed :-) The image of a kitty with a book is very cute!

  12. Good Heavens, you've read a lot. It's no wonder you're a fan of the library.

    1. I usually listen to audiobooks at 1.25 speed, sometimes 1.5 speed, and when actually READING, I'm a speed reader. Learned in 2nd or 3rd grade as a kid, and of course, when reading a good whodunit, I'm burning up the pages to find out what happens!

  13. We love our library too. It is our favorite building filled with thousands of stories.

  14. The Human comfort-reads too. Dorothy Sayers has gotten her through many a life crisis! And she also rewatches familiar movies/TV shows--the Harry Potter series, Breaking bad and so on. We all need some soothing, she says.

  15. much packed into one post! The housekeeper is an avid reader, too, now taking a break from thrillers to read the biography of Jimmy Stewart.
    I'm glad your library received the votes for extra funding. It's quite a striking building! Just a heads up here - besides taking care of us, you probably know our housekeeper also writes..I call it diddling..but don't tell her!! - Tom xx

  16. We love our library and visit often. My husband introduced me to Arthur Hailey's books. All have been good reads!

  17. Methinks the peeps are thinking 'bout escapin' to the north shore again this afternoon, or maybe tomorrow. Peepers always takes a book with her when she goes, and gets a couple hours readin' in. purrs

  18. The Sherlock Holmes/Mary Russell series was recommended to me by a friend. I haven't read it yet. I read the first book in the Peter Grant series. Will have to revisit it. During lockdown, I've reread the first five books in The Chronicles of St. Mary's series -- to remind myself before I continue with the 6th.


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