13 April, 2024


It's Caturday, and Sweetie's photo was put through a couple of Prisma filters, then another iPhoto filter.

Love how colorful she is!
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12 April, 2024

Another Thing

So, I did another thing...
This is the artwork that my tattoo guy used on Tuesday.

Will take clear pics to share, after the wrapping comes off and some healing happens.

My Swee Wee, in her tiara and reclining upon an open book.

Before my appointment, I enjoyed a walk through my favorite natural landscape, Tenhave Woods, in Royal Oak, Michigan, and snapped a few pretty things:

Am pretty sure these will be white, but they could be red.

The red sap is used as a dye.
Trout Lily
The speckled leaf pattern reminded someone of a fish!

Also met a fellow nature-lover, who was watching for birds.

She pointed out a hawk not far above our heads.

We compared tattoos, our love of libraries, and had a delightful few moments of chat.

P.S. It's The Hubby's Birthday today, but he doesn't want to hear the 'b' word!

It's lucky that he doesn't read this blog.

Happy Birthday, dearest, and may you celebrate many more.

11 April, 2024

National Pet Day

11 April is National Pet Day

The goal of National Pet Day is to celebrate and bring awareness to the special bond between humans and their pets.
And we can debate as to whether the cats are OUR pets...or we are theirs, but let's enjoy all of our invited family members on this Pet Day!

Sure am thankful that we were chosen by our feline overlords.

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10 April, 2024



Just WOW!

Have witnessed partial solar eclipses, partial and total lunar eclipses, a myriad of meteorite showers, comets, and more, yet have got to say being in darkness during Monday's celestial event was incredible.  

Yes, we got stuck in traffic due to road construction...going both ways...but it was worth it.

The Hubby and I returned home about 5:45 PM, just 45 minutes behind Cat Feeding Schedule, and we were NOT devoured by Da Boyz immediately upon entering the house...lucky us!
Most of my photos came out poorly; being there was the thrill.

09 April, 2024

Sacred Ground Operatives

9 April, 2024 is National Library Workers Day!
The Library staff are operatives who dole out information, assist with copiers and 3D printers, jigsaw puzzles, checking out materials, checking in materials, replacing materials on shelves, signing up new library patrons...or those who've lost their card (I used mine as a bookmark once, then forgot which book I'd put it in...).

I hope to be a library worker; libraries are the bestest places on Earth...well, besides where I am a human cat bed...and I visit libraries wherever I roam.

Libraries are not silent; they are full of youngsters and oldsters, having conversations about books, films, making a video using the library green screen.

There is research, there are stories, there are folk from everywhere...rubbing elbows, and enjoying a newspaper, an audiobook, a discussion about history, or writing a class report.
Visit your local library, and thank a Library Worker for their help.

08 April, 2024


I've taken a vacation day from work.

The Hubby and I will drive from home in Michigan to some point in Ohio nearest 100% totality.
The trip by The Cat Car will take about about an hour.

Once the sun is again full in the sky, we'll drive back home again.

A once-in-a-lifetime event for us.

Have the glasses, along with a filter for my iPhone.

A full tank of gas, snacks, and maybe a handful of CD's to enjoy...road trip!
😎 🌚 

07 April, 2024


Due to upcoming events, we'll be posting our usual posts out of order this week.

It's PO'Monday...on Sunday.

April, 2014; can you believe it was a decade ago?!?
Celestial Paddy O'Malley was a terrific subject for photos.

His coloring was easy for the iPhone camera settings to capture without too much fuss.

06 April, 2024

The Plaids The Thing...

6 April is Tartan Day!

Tartan Day is a chance for people around the world to celebrate their connections to Scotland. 

First recognised in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1987, the event is now marked around the world as a celebration of Scottish culture and heritage.

And for your entertainment:
And more info:

Both plaids and tartans are woven of stripes that meet at 90-degree angles. 

Tartans have an identical pattern of stripes running vertically and horizontally, resulting in overlapping square grids. 

Regular plaids are not necessarily the same in both directions, with variation in color, size, and/or pattern of stripes.

In Scotland, the word “plaid” comes from the Gaelic word for blanket, and it’s used to describe the large kind of kilt worn over the shoulder, not the fabric pattern.

Sweetie got into the act, wearing a tammie.
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05 April, 2024

Cat Man James Mason

Legendary British actor James Mason (1909 to 1984) was a devoted lover of animals, particularly cats. 

He and his wife, Pamela Mason, co-authored the book The Cats in Our Lives, which was published in 1949; James also illustrated it.

The Cats in Our Lives
Publisher: Current Books, Inc., First Edition (January 1, 1949)
Language: English
Hardcover: ‏ 199pages

 In The Cats in Our Lives, he recounted humorous and touching tales of the cats (as well as a few doggos) they had known and loved.

Haven't yet had to pleasure of thumbing through this book.

Images found on the interwebs.
Mr. Mason had an extraordinary voice, it seemed to me, and he could play a deceitful bad guy like nobody's business, such as in "North by Northwest".

He also played Dr. Watson to Christopher Plummer's Sherlock Holmes in "Murder By Decree".

Of course, his career was long and varied, and that he was a Cat Man makes him all the more attractive!

04 April, 2024


We have confirmation that Henry was TNR'd; the ear tip is key!
We know folks don't like the idea of the ear tip, but now you can see its usefulness.

If Henry was living in a feral colony, the human caretakers can tell which cats were already spayed/neutered, and which had not...because of the ear tip. 

Henry continues to prefer to stay a distance from me, but he gives me many blinks every day, so I know that he knows, that we want to help him.

Am so very thankful for whomever TNR'd Henry; they are doing good work, and more gratitude for all who get out there to trap and take care of colonies of community cats.
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03 April, 2024


It's Sweetnesday!
Spicy Outside Cat, caught in mid-hiss.
April, 2013
Imperious Inside Cat, who is not amused.
April, 2024
Oh, how she's changed, yes?

02 April, 2024

Non-Dynamic Duo

Twozday Sunshiney Boyz!

Sleeping in the sun...
...the lazy louts!

But, they do get around too...
...watching Squirrel and Bird TV out the front window.

01 April, 2024


Mercury Retrograde 1/4/24 to 24/4/24

Three or four times a year, Mercury appears to be traveling backward through space, and astrologers have deemed these retrograde times as causing difficulties with the communication, information, and travel spheres in our lives.

The best idea is to slow down and reflect.

However, popular opinion about the doom and gloom of Mercury Retrograde events have meme's and cartoons everywhere, so let's enjoy a few!

Or, fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Maybe hide UTB, with your cats...
πŸ™€ 🌎 πŸ™€

OH, and I've discovered why my photos weren't loading in Blogger; my browser cache was full.

If anyone is having troubles with getting our post emails, or issues with opening the link when you do, please let me know.

31 March, 2024

She Wore A Greyberry Beret

The closest Queen Sweet will get to wearing a bonnet!

The purrs were added at no charge.

Here's hoping that Spring is smiling down upon you today.

Still cannot upload photos to this blog; must copy and paste.

However, I've just discovered 67 comments stuck in my 'awaiting moderation' folder.

Have no idea why those were stuck there, but I've now cleaned it out, and will keep an eye on it from now on.

Thank you all for your comments, even if I got to them a bit behind schedule.