22 June, 2024

Colorful Queen

For your enjoyment this Caturday, I present Queen Sweet the First, in a few of her favorite poses.

Using Prisma, I artified each one, then used Google to make the collage.
Click above to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle
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21 June, 2024

Selfie, Giraffe Style...?

21 June is National Selfie Day.

Celestial Paddy O'Malley and me, all from 2015.

Guess these are really usies...*shrug*

This annual, worldwide event creates awareness and sheds light on the Silent Extinction of giraffes.
October 2019, Giraffes at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio

20 June, 2024


A few Mock Stonehenges for your amusement:
Actually, it's difficult to believe we've made it this far into the year already!

However, am up for some dancing 'round the bonfire tonight.

Am thankful that there are others in the World who enjoy Mock Henges as much as I!

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18 June, 2024

17 June, 2024

Polly Want A Flower?

Let's celebrate all things that make our pollinators happy!

In our yard, we have:
Thimbleweed, which I think are adorable.
Penstemon or Foxglove Beardtongue, with bee friend
Red Columbine, after flowering, look a bit outer space alien, no?
Spiderwort, with Red-Banded Leafhopper
Spiderwort is named from the super-sicky sap, which is what the Leafhopper is after.
Early Meadow Rue, not yet flowering; those wee leaves are cute!

Pollinators include:

16 June, 2024

Love Rainbow

Happy Father's Day to The Hubby and all Dads today.

The wire heart cats was a gift to The Hubby years ago, which is hung on a pin since the wall is made of plaster and lath, and is hard as cement.

A reflection from his bicycle caused this effect.

The Hubby loves his kitties, and they love him.

15 June, 2024


Henry's look of woe tugged at my heartstrings, so I went noir with Lunapic's effect-emboss filter.

She appears like a little wild thing, and our scruffy deck boards only add to the rugged, outcast feel.
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14 June, 2024

Wild 'Hood

As seen while in the 'hood:
Sly, sleeping in the yard
Sneakers, airing out his floof
Ruby is a doll of a doggo, and is rarely still for a proper photo.
Um...a 'hood froggo?

13 June, 2024


Always thankful for the hundreds of images snapped of Celestial Paddy O'Malley.

Purrfect or poor, they bring a smile to my face.

These bloopers are from June, 2014.

What a cat he was!

Too much 'exposure'
The weirdest place he ever sat, inside the cast iron planter.
Too shady for our cheapo digital camera.

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12 June, 2024

Ramped Up

It's Sweetnesday!

Her Majesty was having difficulty navigating the steps that I'd created for her from different levels of cardboard boxes.

She, of course, would not admit to such a thing.

After some research, I learned that steps are harder for aged kitty bones to use, while ramps eliminated the extra pressure on joints.

Therefore, The Hubby was tasked with creating a ramp from whatever supplies he could put together from his vast supply of carpentry detritus (read: scrap) that he's accumulated.
Et voila!
Swee Wee: "Whatever..."
Will admit that she seemed to ignore the thing, and remained on top of the bed much more than usual, and I despaired that she hated the ramp.

But an afternoon away from home (read: not hovering), we discovered that she's navigated around just fine; the food bowl was empty, the water bowl level was lower, and her private powder room accessed.

❤️That's my Sweetie!❤️

11 June, 2024

Doing Their Thangs

It's Twozday!
Chili Bruce, exploring the fridge.
Manny, being a goof.
Da Boyz snoopervise The Hubby with a project.
❤️Life is good with these two housepanthers!❤️

10 June, 2024

🐉 Boat Festival

Today, 10 June, 2024, fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar, is The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as The Double Fifth Festival.

Many believe that the celebration originated in ancient China based on the suicide of the poet and statesman of the Chu kingdom, Qu Yuan in 278 BCE.

The International Dragon Boat Federation governs Dragon Boat Racing all around the world, as the International community has embraced the sport with ancient roots, while bringing it into the present and future.

How 'bout some images of wee dragons playing in teacups to celebrate?

This seems to be a popular theme, as I have many more delightful images of tiny dragons enjoying a bath in someone's hot beverage.

Maybe they are relaxing after the Dragon Boat Races?

09 June, 2024

Sunday Manny

Today's selfie is Manny, while reviewing his empire from atop the fridge...
...and then a short while later, showing how easily he transitions from intense to asleep!

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08 June, 2024

Wood Poppy

It's Caturday!

After a recent rainstorm, I snapped an image of the wet leaves of the Wood Poppy plant in our front garden.

Changing it to noir, it's now the wallpaper on this blog.

Then, I played in Lunapic and liked this color combination.
Click on the image to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.

By the way, we regained power after 25 hours without.

Not too bad; when it lasts days, it's a drag, man!

Chatted up a few utility workers, the firedudes several times, and a city engineer who told me about his upcoming wedding and tour boat on the Rhine honeymoon.
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