30 April, 2024

Tabby Tabby

30 April is National Tabby Day!
These days, our only tabby is Henry.
Classic 'M' on the forehead, stripped tailio, and markings.

Celestial Paddy O'Malley was a tabby through and through.

There are so many tabbies to adopt!

Angel Elvira earned her angels wings.
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29 April, 2024

2016 Belleh

It's PO'Monday!

Late April, 2016, and Celestial Pommy was letting it all hang out...
Using my noggin as a footrest!
That was an impression belleh, no?

28 April, 2024

Gone to Pot

We all know that cats like cardboard boxes and paper or plastic bags, but how 'bout kitchenware?!?
Images grabbed from who knows where, for your amusement.
Cats in pots!


And for those of you who may have thought this was another 420 post, well, where did you think I got the idea?!?

27 April, 2024


It's Caturday, and Chili Bruce was so chill in his shades; what a cool dude!

A few Prisma filters, and a collage.
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26 April, 2024


In our neck of the woods...pun intended...today is Arbor Day!

Plant a tree, hug a tree, take a walk in the park on a foresty path.

A few tree images for your entertainment:
As I walked in my neighborhood, Michigan
February, 2024
Central Park, New York
November, 2023
Backyard Maple trees, caught in the setting sun, Michigan
November, 2020
Beech Tree, Michigan
August, 2017

Artsy Shot, Savannah, Georgia
May, 2013

25 April, 2024


Happy Heavenly Birthday, Dad!
Thankful that this tie was gone by the time I was born!
My father, with my older sister, a long time ago.
So what other photos are dated 25 April in my library?
Celestial Chuck, 2015
Sweetie, 2020
Celestial Paddy O'Malley, 2020
Celestial Angel, 2015
Da Boyz, 2023

So much to be thankful for:

Family, cats, my wild gardens, gainful employment, laughter, books, my photos, and so much more.

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24 April, 2024


It's Sweetnesday, and The Swee Wee is quietly enjoying Spring.
Actually for her, the seasons are all the same, except windows are opened more often when the temperatures are higher.

At her recent veterinary visit, she'd gained a smidge of weight, we decided to try Gabapentin, and a lump was discovered between her shoulder blades.

The vet's staff will avoid giving any injections in that area, hoping it's a reaction to past jabs, and may not increase.

We are hoping it's nothing, and will simply pamper her as much as she allows.

Am determined to remain hopeful, and as tranquil as she is.

Well, except between say 2 and 4 am most mornings, when she must make sure some human is paying attention to her enough to lull her back to sleep.

Am happy to be a comfort.

23 April, 2024

Shakespeare's Book Dragon

23 April is:

World Book Day
Purchased or borrowed, read in hardback, paperback, ebook, or audiobook...just enjoy!

Talk Like Shakespeare Day
🎭 🎭 🎭

Dragon Remembrance Day
(Actually, it's the Feast of St. George, known for slaying a dragon...the big meanie!)
πŸ‰ πŸ‰ πŸ‰

22 April, 2024

What On Earth?

22 April is World Earth Day, and we all want Mother Earth to remain happy, healthy, and okay with the stupid, polluting, and violent homo sapiens sapiens that live here, as well as all of the other species of flora and fauna.

Afterall, as far as we know, Earth is the only planet with cats!

21 April, 2024

Tea Day

 21 April is British National Tea Day!

Tea holds a special place in the hearts of the British, and National Tea Day in the UK, coincides with the Late Queen Elizabeth II's birthday.

I enjoy tea: Earl Grey, Green Tea with Mint, and Peppermint Tea.

No additives, just hot tea!

20 April, 2024

Going to Pot

Saturday marks marijuana culture's high holiday, 4/20, when college students gather — at 4:20 p.m. — in clouds of smoke on campus quads and pot shops in legal-weed states thank their customers with discounts.

And a psychedelic-y pic of tree spring blossoms, using Prisma.  
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19 April, 2024

18 April, 2024

No More!

Cats have four paws, and 18 nails, hence April 18 is International No-Declaw Day.

 There is no reason that this surgery should still be legitimate ANYWHERE in the WORLD.

I've fired all of my previous veterinarians, to choose one that will not perform a declaw.

While legislators work city by city, state by state to make it illegal here in the States, things aren't moving fast enough for some of us, which is why we talk to other cat lovers, chat up folks at the library or grocery store, and educate on why it is against common decency to maim one's cats in favor of furniture.

Grassroots knowledge can be key to saving another cat.

Am thankful for anyone who is fighting this fight.

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17 April, 2024


It's Sweetnesday, and the Swee Wee managed some window wiffies!
She looks fairly surprised, doesn't she?

We have a vet appointment on Friday; this time, we'll see the doc for her six month check-up.

The appetite stimulant ointment has been working, and Sweetie is mostly used to me applying it.

She really is quite the kitty cat!