30 November, 2017

Tee-Hee Thursday

Patty O'Malley (The PO'M) is beyond adorable!  These photos were snapped this morning, as I was supposed to be entering The Cat Car for my commute to the office.  But how could I, with such rampant silliness and adorableness at my feet?  One cannot hold onto sadness for long, when The PO'M turns his goofy dial up to 11!


28 November, 2017


Can Chucky really be gone a week already?  It just doesn't seem possible.

Chuck loved this beddy!
The Hubby and I have chosen to observe the Tibetan or Buddhist tradition of bardo, for Chuck.  In a nutshell, while a soul is in transition between the physical and spirit worlds after death, the family shows great love by leaving everything as that soul knew it in life.  Beds, bowls, favorite toys, pile of woolie socks...all remain and are not put away. 

We created a Chuck shrine, which consists of a framed photo, and we talk out loud to Chuck.  The presumption is that he will visit 'home' during the 49 days after his passing, to observe us and recall his life.  We honor him with our loving words and this allows him to remember everything, and will help him move on to his next life.  After the bardo period, we will rearrange things to suit living with Angel alone, such as removing a couple of litter pans, uncovering the chairs that are draped with blankets under which he loved to sleep, and dispose of his medicines.

I suggest that you search the interwebs under author David Michie, where you can read about bardo in his blog dated August 5, 2017.  Mr. Michie has written many books, but we cat people may know his "The Dalai Lama's Cat" series most of all.

Again, thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers. 


27 November, 2017

Outside Scratchers

Sweetie and The PO'M have enjoyed using the awning wood support as a scratching post, and I finally caught some live action! 

The post

(Excuse my noggin: I was trying to catch a selfie with The PO'M smacking me in the face with his tail!)

The front edge is almost whittled away!
The PO'M likes to scratch horizontally too, thus he expresses his creativity on the feed station edge.

25 November, 2017

Kit Kat From Japan

My nephew treated the family for Thanksgiving this Thursday: Matcha Green Tea flavored chocolate Kit Kat bars, from Japan!

Actual product box
They taste like white chocolate to me; sweet, but really no discernable green tea taste.  But how fun! 

Kit Kats are popular in Japan, due to their name being close to "Kitto Katsu' in Japanese.  So, Kit Kat bars are considered a kind of lucky charm, supposedly.

Um...who wouldn't want to munch a yummy chocolate candy bar, and wouldn't you feel lucky to be eating one?

And I feel VERY lucky to have my family and friends, both in person and online.  You all are the best!

22 November, 2017

Thank You For The Love And Condolences

His tail fur never grew in again.

The Hubby and I cannot tell you how much your kind and thoughtful words mean to us.  We miss Chuck with all of our hearts, and are lavishing Angel with everything we can.  She and Chuck were together for their entire lives...even in utero!  We are grateful for the wonderful years we had with Chuck.  How strange it is now to only dish out one plate of food, and to not look for him in his favorite napping hidey-holes.


17 November, 2017

Friendly Fill-Ins

This is my first Friendly Fill-ins!  Visit 15 And Meowing and McGuffy's Reader!

1. I can’t wait to eat Tofurkey on Thanksgiving.  It's the only time I get some.

2. My favorite kind of pie is none.  Never liked pie, but once I had a pear pie with glorious vanilla ice cream, and it was wonderful.

3. This year, I am particularly thankful for being gainfully employed.  'Nuff said.

4. A funny holiday tradition in my/our house is "Bring Out The Joint!".  Okay, okay...here's the story.  Back in the day, when hippies and psychedelic stuff were the norm, at one family gathering my father clapped his hands and said, "Bring Out The Joint!"  He meant the words as some old-timey Elizabethan-like usage of 'joint' as a big chunk of meat, but many of us young-uns thought about roach clips, bongs, and eating Fritos...if you know what I mean.  We kidded him about that for years, until his death in 2004, and we still giggle about it now.  Love ya, Puba...we miss you terribly.

Wanted to share a photo of sweet Bobo, who graces the abode of The B Family.  She is lusciously black, except for white toes on her back feet.  She is quite the cutie, with tons of purrsonality, and doesn't mind when the grandbaby is around.  It was very difficult to leave, without stuffing Bobo in my tote bag to carry away!

16 November, 2017

What A Weird Cat!

I saw this weird-looking cat in the feline section at Premier Pet Supply in Beverly Hills, Michigan!  I was able to pet his head, and stroke his back, but there wasn't a kitty tail as I am used to!

Disclaimer: I like Premier Pet Supply, so this post is purely for my own entertainment.  I was NOT compensated in any way by PPS for this goofy post!

I posted about that weird cat here too!

15 November, 2017

"There's a hole in the..."


No longer good for using to scoop the litterpans!

There's a hole in the paper...

When I find that some cat (Angel) has chewed holes
in the newspaper,
this old song plays in my head...

There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza,
There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, a hole.

        Well, fix it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
        Well, fix it, dear Henry, dear Henry, fix it.

With what shall I fix it, dear Liza, dear Liza?
With what shall I fix it, dear Liza, with what?

        With a straw, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
        With a straw, dear Henry, dear Henry, with a straw.

But the straw is too long, dear Liza, dear Liza,
The straw is too long, dear Liza, too long.

        Cut it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
        Well, cut it, dear Henry, dear Henry, cut it.

With what shall I cut it, dear Liza, dear Liza?
With what shall I cut it, dear Liza, with what?

        With an axe, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
        With an axe, dear Henry, dear Henry, an axe.

The axe is too dull, dear Liza, dear Liza,
The axe is too dull, dear Liza, too dull.

        Sharpen it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
        Well, sharpen it, dear Henry, dear Henry, hone it.

On what shall I sharpen it, dear Liza, dear Liza?
On what shall I hone it, dear Liza, with what?

        On a stone, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
        On a stone, dear Henry, dear Henry, on a stone.

But the stone is too dry, dear Liza, dear Liza,
The stone is too dry, dear Liza, too dry.

        Well, wet it, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
        Well, wet it, dear Henry, dear Henry, wet it.

With what shall I wet it, dear Liza, dear Liza?
With what shall I wet it, dear Liza, with what?

        Try water, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
        Try water, dear Henry, dear Henry, use water.

In what shall I fetch it, dear Liza, dear Liza?
In what shall I fetch it, dear Liza, in what?

        In a bucket, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry,
        In a bucket, dear Henry, dear Henry, in a bucket.

There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza,
There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, a hole.

14 November, 2017

Sweet Sweetie Makes Biscuits Then Gets Photobombed!

I love the way Sweetie makes biscuits while standing up!  Then The POM *MUST* get between her and me.  

And yes, the backyard is covered ankle-deep in fallen leaves.  Sure, it's pretty, but it will take 50 to 60 yard refuse paper bags to remove it all!  

Mostly Maple leaves

13 November, 2017

Sweatery and Faucety Monday

Hello Kitty!
Looky, looky!  I found an adorable Hello Kitty! sweater for myself this weekend.  It's even cute enough to wear to the office, on one of our casual dress days.  SCORE!

And here is Chucky, getting some 'laps' in!

https://youtu.be/KC30UydhC14 if you cannot click the video open below.

07 November, 2017


This is where we *CAN* make a difference, people!  Get out there and make your voice heard, by casting a ballot. 

And here are results of folks standing up for their beliefs:

"Denver council unanimously votes to ban cat declawing"

This happened yesterday; the City of Denver, Colorado has made it illegal to declaw a cat within city boundaries.  Those of us who partner with The Paw Project, City The Kitty, and Declawed Cats Betrayed By Veterinarians are buoyed by this one vote, in the hopes that it will begin a domino effect across America and Canada.  Get out there, folks...make your desires heard by your politicians, family, friends, and anyone you meet.  Make it TODAY! 


06 November, 2017

Cats Are Aliens: Post #2, The Cat Who Saw Stars

Book Review:

The Cat Who Saw Stars
by Lilian Jackson Braun
Published February, 1998
(227p) ISBN 978-0-399-14431-8

Book 21 of 29 total
"The Cat Who..." books total 29, beginning with the 1966 publication of "The Cat Who Could Read Backwards", and concluded in 2007 with "The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers".  James Qwilleran, once a down-on-his-luck journalist turned wealthy philanthropist, decides to take a summer vacation with his two Siamese cats Koko and Yum Yum.  The Mooseville locals talk incessantly about The Visitors, and report seeing strange lights and green blobs at night, but Qwill is skeptical. 

The story takes our hero out to explore:
-Sand Dunes
-Wool shearing, carding, and knitting
-Mark Twain's travels
-Commercial Fishing
-Barn Theater
-Local Parades
-The Study of Crows
-Restaurant Management
and of course...murder!

And after all of that, Qwill 'witnesses' his own cats sliding down a light-beam from a silver craft over the beach, one starry night!

Proof that I am NOT THE ONLY ONE who knows that there is a strong space-cat connection! 

Lilian Jackson Braun was employed at both The Detroit News and The Detroit Free Press, local newspapers here in Metro Detroit, Michigan.  Much of the fictional locations named in "The Cat Who..." books resemble parts of Michigan, Illinois, Ontario, Canada, and the MidWest in general.  But you don't have to know any of that; just read and adventure with Qwill, Koko, and Yum Yum!

03 November, 2017

Cats Are Aliens...Don't Read This Post, Cat Chat!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody was concerned when I showed off The Cat Car's Meow magnet after my Mee-owww! post two weeks ago.  There was worry that I would begin to cover my vehicle with all manner of 'crazy cat person' items, making me a target of foolish people as I maneuver 'round the streets of Metro Detroit.

Cool, man!


Cats are from outer space, after all!
So, here is my warning...more magnets have already been purchased!  The peace sign was The Hubby's idea; he ALWAYS kids me about being a 'hippie-wannabe'.  He, of course, was the real deal, such as not wearing shoes for an entire summer!

And, if you know me at all, you know that I believe that cats are from outer space, 'cause that's the ONLY way to explain what they do.  I also have a bumper sticker that reads: "Wear Your Seatbelt!  It Makes it Harder for the Aliens to Suck You Out of Your Car!", which was purchased in Roswell, New Mexico.  Yes, I visited the very epicenter of UFO/alien phenomena.

Aliens and Cats...they are the same thing, in my book

P.S. I am just kidding, Caren and Cody!

02 November, 2017

Sassy Needs A Home!

Sweet Sassy!
Sassy is 4-5 years old, and her family has developed allergies to her, that nothing they've tried has cured.  They love their four-paw declawed kitty, but must rehome her.  In the downriver area of Metro Detroit, please contact me if you can take in this sweet, loving and playful kitty.  She is spayed.

Thank you!

Disclaimer: You ALL know how I feel about declaw, but a kitty is a kitty and I love all kitties.  I make no other judgements about this situation; just giving the facts as they were relayed to me. 

01 November, 2017

Woofie Wednesday

Maverick has one ear up, Macey's ears are up or down

My co-worker's new puppies are the CUTEST!  Even though I had her convinced that it was time for CATS, her husband went out and found these two babies instead.  I LURV German Shepherds, and am enjoying watched these two grow via photos.  Hope to meet them someday in purrson...er, um...pawson?

And thank you all for the well-wishes.  36 years is a really long time, but I'm not that old...must be some fuzzy math involved!  Chucky perked up again; he greeted me this morning, meowing for brekkie, and my heart truly leaped with the joy of it!  If we can keep him eating, then we can keep him here on Earth for that much longer.  No food interests him when he's in that stage; trust me, we've tried everything.  The Hubby says patience and love are the key, and I agree with him. 
Chucky's photo, enhanced by Prisma App

Angel peeking out from the cat flap,
augmented by Prisma App