07 November, 2017


This is where we *CAN* make a difference, people!  Get out there and make your voice heard, by casting a ballot. 

And here are results of folks standing up for their beliefs:

"Denver council unanimously votes to ban cat declawing"

This happened yesterday; the City of Denver, Colorado has made it illegal to declaw a cat within city boundaries.  Those of us who partner with The Paw Project, City The Kitty, and Declawed Cats Betrayed By Veterinarians are buoyed by this one vote, in the hopes that it will begin a domino effect across America and Canada.  Get out there, folks...make your desires heard by your politicians, family, friends, and anyone you meet.  Make it TODAY! 



  1. That's incredible news!!! It's an embarrassment to this country that we're so far behind most of the world in banning declawing. I hate that so many apartment companies require a cat be declawed to rent from them.

  2. We have a mayoral run off here in our city!
    Hugs madi and mom

  3. Hooray, we love that kind of good news!

  4. That is such good news and we too hope it spreads all over. It is a terrible thing to do to a cat.

  5. Seriously great news. Such a barbaric practice.

  6. That is great news!

    Our voting day is next Tuesday because, you know, we have to be different. Mom voted early as she now does as a matter of course, after having missed one mayoral election back in '13 due to a client issue.

  7. Paws up for Denver. Let's hope this starts a trend.

  8. That's fabulous! We don't have a local election this year but if there was I'd be voting!

  9. That's wonderful!!!! I'm still waiting for them to act on the bill to declaw in NJ. Maybe now that Krispie Kreme isn't gov anymore.

  10. Dat's pawsum mews!!! WooHoo Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena


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