31 December, 2020

Thankful for 2020

 How could I be thankful for such an ugly year?

January 9, 2020: Farewell Cat Car The Hubby was in a auto accident in early January; Cat Car I was totaled, but so very thankful that he walked away. 

January 24, 2020: She's Gone: We made the decision to let Angel leave her failing body.  Despite the continuing ache in our hearts at her loss, we are beyond thankful that she was a loving personality in our lives since 2004. 

March 18, 2020: Welcome Spring! Joyously happy for a surprise birthday party thrown for me, on March 14, with terrific friends, hilarity, and yummy yum food!  

March 19, 2020: Whoa! What?!? Was when Sweetie became a housecat, and despite losing diseased teeth at the veterinarian's office, she's doing great, and we love her to pieces.

April 10, 2020: Four Weeks Thankful for a corporation that pulled us out of the office at the first notice of the COVID 19 pandemic.

August 3, 2020: Launch Into The Future Scary was the July call from my supervisor, who informed me that my position was being furloughed/eliminated, but in the same breath, offered me another job...very thankful for THAT!

Thankful that my elderly mother is going strong, despite a few oopsies and booboos, while she lives alone.  Since Michigan has had such a huge spike in COVID cases, I haven't visited her in months.  Several of my siblings ARE able to visit her, and every one of us telephones her multiple times a week.

Me and Mom!

Thankful for The Hubby, who took in stride my working from home, even though he is used to having the house to himself for most of Monday through Friday.

The Hubby with Celestial Chuck

I am so very thankful for my friends and loved ones, this blogging community, and the Facebook communities of cat lovers, owl lovers, books lovers, and hilarious memes and jokes that keep me smiling and giggling!

And let us all be thankful for the frontline health workers, and the folks who work at the grocery stores and post offices, to keep things going as well as possible.

My heart goes out to those who've lost loved ones and friends to this illness; may the end of this pandemic be SOON.

⭐πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‡ Happy New Year!πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‡⭐

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30 December, 2020

A Good Set-up


From the olden days, Sweetie and Hobo hang out
Nowadays, Sweetie brings cat toys up onto the bed to play!
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29 December, 2020



Da Boyz never fail to offer photo ops of the two of them being twins!
Napus Interruptus
Even their front paws are twinning!
Like bookends, back to back...
Or face to face!
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28 December, 2020

PO'M Makes Biscuits


As usual, he's happy to enjoy my lap.

"Look into my eyes..."
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We had torrents of rain, which pretty much washed away the snow that fell last week. 
The sidewalks are clear for me to walk the neighborhood...yes! *fist pump*
The temps are dropping, however, so it's going to get cold.
Lucky for me, I have a big tabby cat to warm my lap when I'm outside.

26 December, 2020


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Today I used my Prisma app for Da Boyz,
iPhone noir setting for Sweetie,
and Lunapic for PO'M!

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25 December, 2020

Snowy PO'M on Catmas 2020

This morning...

⛄πŸŽ„Merry, Merry to All!πŸŽ„⛄

And a blast from the past...

Celestial Chuck, wearing Christmas Elf gear!
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24 December, 2020

Pickle Slices

When I commute to work, The Hubby fixes a packed lunch for me.

As I've been working from home since mid-March, I've been able to enjoy one of my favoritest snacks: a pickle and almond butter sandwich.

One cannot pack a sloppy sandwich like this to be eaten four hours later...it would get mushy.

Nowadays, I work all morning, step downstairs for lunch, and I find pickle slices waiting.

All I have to do is toast the bread, spread the almond butter, place the slices, and ENJOY!

With a cup of Earl Grey tea, this repast is a slice of heaven, and I am thankful that The Hubby anticipates my lunching needs so very, VERY well! πŸ₯ͺ

 Da Boyz are very interested in the almond butter, but I haven't yet caught them in a photo...probably because I'm eating with gusto, and cannot hold the sandwich AND use my phone!

They have no desire to indulge in pickles, however.

If pickles are not your thing, try a sliced ripe banana instead!🍌

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23 December, 2020

Yes Sir! That's My Baby!


Sweetie and The Hubby continue to bond, and I fall in love with her more every day.

Sweetie rests her noggin
Full out nap with no worries
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22 December, 2020


Sometimes, they are bookends...
...or are in purrfect sync...
...and then, they simply hang out in the same locale!
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21 December, 2020

19 December, 2020

Caturday Puzzles

Friends, the year-end at the office is now over!
My time was swallowed by the load of work, but now it's all gone bye-bye until January!

Today's images were all artified by my free Prisma phone app, including the last one of Celestial Angel taken a year ago.

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Contemplative PO'M
Da Boyz are just too...!
Sweetie's curled talio
Angel, my girl!

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16 December, 2020

Lazy But Cute!

Pretty eyes!
You can really see the white hairs sprinkled all over!
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By the way, someone reached out to me, but I've lost your comment!
If you go to the left hand side of this blog, then down to the bottom, is my comment box...please feel free!

15 December, 2020


Yesterday flew by in a flash!
Wasn't until this morning that I'd realized that I didn't post.

Today, I give you both PO'Monday AND Twozday...be warned, this is TRIPLE the amount of mancat goodness at once!

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13 December, 2020

Beddy Evolution

In February, 2017, I posted about New Beddys, which I received for a donation to New Beginnings Animal Rescue in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Over time, however, the thick crocheted beds fell flat, and no cat used them.

They're flat and that's that! 
But wait...there's more!
Turn 'em inside out!!!
Et voila...like brand new!
Chili Bruce
Both beds are now in constant use.

12 December, 2020

On An Angle

You may think that this is a conscious effort at being arty...but you'd be wrong!

I take most of my photos a bit off from the horizontal.

It's just part of my charm.
Used my phone's Prisma app to artify.

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