27 November, 2019

December 1: Da Boyz' 2nd Gotchaversary!

Two years already?!?

Manny and Chili Bruce are so very delightful; full of charm, energy, and adorableness.

Here are images that I managed to record when standing in the pet store on December 1, 2017, as I fell in love!

I then called The Hubby, completed the paperwork, and paid the fee.

After work, I returned, and carried out two cardboard boxes full of housepanthers!

πŸ’“Manny and Chili BruceπŸ’“

My office is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday and the Friday after, and The Hubby and I will be traveling a bit to visit relatives and work on household chores that need getting to.

Oh, and...snuggling with Da Boyz, Angel and The 'O' Cats too!
Plus, I'll be reading books while The Hubby watches football on TV.

To all who are traveling, take care; there is wicked weather afoot.


26 November, 2019

Farewell, KaTwo

All images used with permission

Our dear friend KaTwo has run off, over The Rainbow Bridge.
Everyone at 15 And Meowing Blog is heartsick.
Please visit and give a few words of comfort.


25 November, 2019

Monday O'Malley Musts

When I sit, The PO'M must sit on my lap, and I'd better keep petting him or else!
As I do, he licks his chest over and over again.

When I walk in the yard, The PO'M must follow me, to snoopervise my actions.

Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, we had sunshine. 🌞

The leaves are still wet from recent snow and rain; once dry, we'll mulch some with the lawnmower, and then rake some into the gardens.  We also leave a portion in the yard for the critters that overwinter underneath their protection.


22 November, 2019

Farewell Mirsku

Images used with permission

Our dear friend Mirsku had to run off to The Rainbow Bridge, and we have the sads.

Visit Catio Tales Cat Blog to voice your sorrow.

Angel Mirsku was a character; so round and full of sisu!

We hope to see Angel Mirsku in the revontulet.


21 November, 2019

Thankful Thursday

The Hubby snuck this note into my lunchbox!
Isn't that sweet?
Yesterday was our 26th wedding anniversary.

I cannot begin to express what this man means to me, and how very lucky I am that we found each other.

And when I wanted to become a cat lady, he wanted to be a cat man!

The Hubby and Chuck

So very thankful for The Hubby!


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20 November, 2019

Two Years

Sphinx Pose
He had white fur at his throat and on his tummy
"Mom!  Stop taking photos and LET ME IN!"
July 18, 2004 - November 20, 2017

πŸ’”Forever in our heartsπŸ’”

I've turned off the comments today


19 November, 2019


Twin peeballs!

Christmas Tree, covered in snow

(Actually, it looks like a mushroom cloud, such as after a nuclear bomb explosion, but that's too militarist and violent for me, even though I just finished reading a book about The Cold War.)
 The three above images are in honor of Trout Talkin Tabbies Blog, who originated the litter box artwork display...

Taa Daa!
Aww, I wouldn't let a Two-zday go by without Da Boyz!
Chili on the left, Manny...with his paw on his brofur and his underwear showing...is right.

18 November, 2019

Monday O'Malley

"If a magnificent cat is caught looking or behaving like a doofus, such appearance or behaviour is thenceforth accordingly considered magnificent."
Quoth E.Thorvald, 2019

The PO'M hangs out on his perch.
Snapped before the big snow.
I am just the pedestal...


I have a new boyfriend!
His name is Rito, and we had a moment this weekend.
He stared into my eyes, and I into his...

Rito, an Eastern Screech Owl
Yes, I was out cavorting with owls again!

Support your local wildlife and humane societies, folks!


15 November, 2019

Femcat Friday


⭐ Alana Grelyak⭐

Read my post about meeting Alana Grelyak in Chicago HERE.
Currently, she is the Marketing & Community Relations Manager at Tree House Humane Society.

In the past...and maybe in the future...Alana wrote and starred in...

Cat CATastrophes web series!

Below are two of my favorite episodes:

To see more videos in the series, go to YouTube Cat Catastrophes!


14 November, 2019

Thankful Thursday

We are so very thankful for a few cat gifts!

My sister gifted us this adorable plate...thank you!
It will join my 'blue cats' collection near the front door.
 If you don't visit Four-Legged Furballs Blog, then you are missing out!
Lorianne and her furry crew are incredibly entertaining, and daily feature a doodle or two.
Awhile ago, I boldly asked for a custom doodle, and look what arrived...along with cat toys and adorable cat lady items too!

It's an Eastside Cats Doodle!

Looky, looky!  Isn't this adorable?

Close-up of Manny and CB in the bookcase.

Angel, on her usual chair, with a picture of Chucky!

The 'O' Cats, looking in from outside:
Sweetie and The PO'M!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
Oh, how lucky we are to have friends who think about us!

What are you thankful for today?

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13 November, 2019

Owl Be Seeing You...

Last Friday, my brother and I went on an Owl Hoot!

At Lake Saint Clair MetroPark, in Harrison Township, Michigan, we attended a brief lecture about native owl species, then wrapped ourselves in hats, scarves, thick coats and boots to traverse the trails in the dark.

Our MetroPark guides had recorded Screech and Great Horned Owl calls, which were played here and there within the forested area.

Not only did a Great Horned Owl return our calls, but we could see him 'way up in the treetop!

It was nighttime, so there wasn't much to photograph, except the stuffed owls on display:

Screech Owl
Barred Owl
Snowy Owl
See?  My wee camera wasn't a match for the darkness!


Saturday, I went on a Autumn Color Walk at Tenhave Woods in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Due to lots of rain and cold (the snow didn't hit until Monday...), our seasonal color is mostly gone, but walking around with knowledgeable tree, bird, and fungus experts from The Royal Oak Nature Society was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot.

Interesting leaves
Witch Hazel blooms
Although pretty, these berries are from an invasive non-Michigan plant that will be pulled out in the spring.
I enjoy this park, which is less than two miles from my office.
I visit often on my lunch breaks.

Here's a jigsaw puzzle!

We have another owl event this Saturday, where we will visit living owls at Stage Nature Center in Troy, Michigan.

We are fortunate to have such resources nearby.

12 November, 2019


How nice...your brofurr as a footrest!

Note: The Hubby is incapable of hanging up his coat!

Even The Hubby is stumped as to which cat is which in these images!

His best guess for both photos:
Manny on right, CB left.


11 November, 2019

Monday O'Malley

The PO'M and I had a snuggle session yesterday.
He snoopervised my winterization of the feeding station!
"Looks good, but come closer to pet me some more!"
This morning, we have snow, but The 'O' Cats ate in relative comfort.
The feeding station is made of up an old card table, on top of a wooden picnic table.  We were feeding up to five cats in the early days, so the openness made sense.  Now, with only two cats, I've chosen to make a winter barrier on three sides from leftover foam core and zipties.  I didn't want the barriers to flap in a breeze, like a tarp would.  In the spring, we'll build a new station, with easy barrier set-up, and it will look a trifle better than my cobbled-together one!

Happy Veteran's Day!

Image found on the interwebs