30 April, 2015

Mr. Chunk

Mr. Chunk's story, as told by my co-worker:

"This guy showed up when I was off work for foot surgery, found curled up under my picnic table and it was bitter cold out (February).  I can’t afford another cat and he had and eye infection, worms and ear mites that I could see – more that I could take care of at the time and I can’t afford 4 cats.

I felt horrible but I took him to the Blue Water Humane society – they are basically no kill, but if they are too sick or un-adoptable they will put cats down.  I knew this was his only chance.

Well……happy ending – I donated a bunch of stuff to the Humane Society on Saturday and check on my guy…….well, my handsome stray already got adopted out to an elderly lady.  They said she came in there and fell in LOVE with him so he has a great home now.  I just about cried when they told me!!  They said his eye infection was an old eye injury and he was a little beat up but recovered very well and now has a forever home.  Here is his pic that they took before he got adopted out. 

Just thought I would share – not often that things work out so well – yeah!!!!  They called him “Mr. Chunk” because his face is more of a chunk shape and you can tell his right eye is the one with the injury but they think he will fully recover in time.  He still squints a little but he looks so much better now than sitting under my picnic table in sub zero weather JJJ  He looks so peaceful here!"

I love this story, with a happy ending!  My co-worker loves cats; she and I engage in cat stories often. Kudos to Blue Water Humane Society for caring for Mr. Chunk and for finding him a forever home! And a big thank you to RC: you saved a kitty life!  I cried a little bit just reading your email!

29 April, 2015

Deck Box for Sweetie

Sweetie in the box

Sweetie in the box, inside the crate

Patty using the wood for a scratching post
Sweetie loves boxes, but due to rain and snow, the boxes deteriorate easily.  Luckily, I have a never-ending supply of empty copier paper boxes from the office, so I change them out for her often. Recently, the hubby found some old plastic containers, and voila!  Sweetie's deck boxes now have protection!  I think she likes it.

Now, for some random photos of Spring at our house!



Angel watching

28 April, 2015

The Garbage Truck Cometh

On high alert
Something about the noise made by the garbage truck this morning sent Angel and Chuck flying up the stairs!  They sat up there, staring down at the door, watching the street with intensity and concern. The hubby and I could not lure them to their breakfast at all.  By the time I'd left for work, at least Chucky had ventured down to take a few bites of food only, and Angel wasn't having any of it.
"Don't mess with our stuff!"
Angel has growled at the garbage truck in the past, and she growls when the fire engine goes by from time to time.  Cannot persuade her that the trash needs to go away, and that the trucks are NOT going to bother her, or come into the house, or cause her any harm.  Wonder if there is a noise those big truck engines make that humans do not hear, while cats can.

23 April, 2015

What da...?!?

On Sweetie's fur!

On Patty's fur!


Ice water!
White pellets, falling from the sky...!?!  Frozen water bowl!  Oh noes...

21 April, 2015


Looky at what we have!  An original piece of art, made by Michelle Wolff at Catty Shack Designs!  I won it at Ingrid King's The Conscious Cat.  It took awhile to choose the best photo....

Runner Up

Third Place

Second Place

Da winnah!
How exciting!  Now, I must get it matted and framed.  In a former life, I worked as a framer, so I know just what a I want, and I'm very picky. Angel's sweet face under glass...cannot wait to hang it up!

Thanks, Ingrid and Michelle!  We are tickled pink!

17 April, 2015

Doggie Update


From ReJOYceful Rescue Facebook page, this lost doggie found in my office parking lot has been named Troy, and he's doing fabulously!  

Rescue rescue rescue! Adopt! Don't shop!!!
Why? Case and point #1: puppy mills.
Do you know what they are? Horrendous commercial breeders.
Dogs live in terrible conditions, wire bottom crates that they never come out of, save only for breeding. Once they stop breeding they're kicked to the curb (quite literally, like Troy on the left of the before and after photo). Many have defects and deformities from overbreeding (like sweet Troy). They are cruel and unregulated. A lot of these dogs are killed or dumped.
This sweet, poor baby doesn't even know how to be a dog. It's clear that he's never been in a home before, or on walks, or had treats. It's all incredibly foreign to him, but he's learning so quickly! He is learning love and what it's like to be a dog. Our best guess is when he stopped reproducing they dumped him off in a parking lot. He was terrified and froze there. It is so important to stop giving those places (pet stores, etc) your business, and visit a rescue next time you're looking for a new companion!
The most awesome part of this whole thing? How happy this baby is; how loving, sweet, and gentile. Years of neglect and he is still a lover. He wants to give kisses and be held. I think as humans, we have a lot to learn from that.
Yesterday, he was petrified of walks and leashes. Today he's soaking it all in! Look at this guy! Go Troy!! Look out for updates as he progresses!"

Thank you, Rejoyceful Rescue!  
Troy, way to go, little boy!

16 April, 2015

Kitten Bouquet!

From Best Friends Animal Society
The photo above has just captured my heart!  A bouquet of kittens! Look at those eyes, the coloring...SQUEE!  The article entitled Special Delivery on the News tab at Best Friends Animal Society talks about the Kitten Nursery.

Sorry I've been lax in posting.  My head cold has turned into a cough, cough, cough, and then horrors of horrors...our power went out all evening (electric company said it was "equipment failure"), then the next day they said they had to cut off the power AGAIN to fix the fix! Needless to say, coughing and hacking, and sniffling and grousing (a fringe benefit of being sick), plus no power and an old house that CREAKS in the middle of the night when a cat walks across the floor...I haven't gotten much sleep!  I usually have a fan running to mask the street noise, the train noise, the cat noise...but no power means NOISE. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that I am high maintenance, but really, that's just silly.  I'm easy as pie!

I so admire Best Friend's Animal Society...wish they were located closer to Michigan so I could visit them!  Has anyone gone to Kanab, Utah for a visit? Do tell in the comments!

12 April, 2015

Sunday Adoptions


First off, I wish a very Happy Birthday to the hubby!  He NEVER wants to make a big deal out of his birthday; I usually find a way to make a fuss, but this year both he and I are trying to overcome our respective sinus issues, so he enjoyed watching the Detroit Tiger's win their game on TV, and he whipped up dinner for us both.  A beautiful day in Metro Detroit today after a rough Winter; a perfect birthday day!

Secondly, I spent a few hours today with Laura from Paws For The Cause Feral Cat Rescue where they have adoptable cats housed in the permanent display area.  What's so nice about this area, is the plexi-glass...NOT CAGES...and the cats can move freely between areas.  Today there were many folks asking about the cats, and a few completed applications. Missy was the one garnering the most looks; she's about seven years old, and she has a white undercoat, with dark grey overcoat. Her story is sad: her owners claimed they are moving, and brought her to the veterinary office to have her euthanized!  Thankfully, the staff there said they don't do that sort of thing, and they convinced the family to sign her over as a surrender.  That's when Paws For The Cause stepped in. Missy is sweet as can be, although a little shut-down because her quiet home life was turned on it's head a week ago.  But she'll find a home quickly; her personality shines through that lovely floofy fur!  Marco has strikingly good looks; his fur is grey and peach, with beautiful blue-green eyes.  Sophie and I played with wand toys together, and I believe a good time was had by all!  Sophie is bonded to her sister Shelby; they will be adopted together.

Back home again, I watched Patty O'Malley and Sweetie nap in the afternoon sunshine on the deck, and some of my worries about them slipped from my shoulders.  It was a wicked Winter, but the warmer temperatures and plants beginning to bud can only mean that we are headed into Spring now.  YAY!

09 April, 2015

Lost Dog

Last week, a co-worker alerted me to a dog in our parking lot!  Both he and I gingerly approached the pooch, but the dog just sat there and panted...and seemed to be shivering.

Scared doggie!
We went inside, pulled a ham sandwich apart, and put the pieces on a plate.  With a bowl of water, I approached the scared dog, and at first he didn't move.  We thought maybe he was injured; the road is not far away.  But then the dog walked over and wolfed down the food, and drank thirstily. 

Now what to do?  Thank goodness for Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue, because Laura answered my texts, then she got to work using social media to find a dog rescue group.  And she did!  A ReJOYceful Rescue raised their hand, and within an hour, the doggie was on his way to a better life.
Duet Selfie
He was horribly matted, and had gunk around his eyes stuck in his fur.  However, he became super playful, and once he knew we were bringers of food, he barked and jumped and was as sweet as could be. 

A email from A ReJOYceful Rescue a couple of days ago:
"He is doing great. He is still at the vet's being monitored. He should be going to a foster home this week.  Thank you for helping."
The dog was unneutered, and no microchip.  No tags either.
HURRAY!  And no, don't thank me...you are the one's with the hearts of gold who rescue day in and day out; that's true dedication!

05 April, 2015

Leaping Bunny

What better day to talk about Leaping Bunny?  From Leaping Bunny:

The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program administers a cruelty-free standard and the internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Logo for companies producing cosmetic, personal care, and household products. The Leaping Bunny Program provides the best assurance that no new animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or suppliers. 

Go check out the website, and you'll learn that there are lots and lots of people who care!

Take the leap to cruelty-free products!

01 April, 2015

The First of April

Lots of overtime this week; leaving the house when it's dark, and exhausted when back home again.  No new photos of the kitties therefore, but the upset in their routine is so evident!  Chuck is scowling at me...or I think he is...and both Angel and Chuck seemed to think that there should be an extra meal in the day, because of the upset schedule!  Thank goodness for the hubby; he sets the alarm two hours early (gulp!), makes my breakfast, packs my lunch and gets me out the door.  Then he feeds the inside cats and the 'o' cats, and goes about his usual business.  What a guy! 

The international meeting at the office ends today after lunch.  Once everything is packed away, my life returns to normal.  Whew!  For awhile there, I didn't think I'd make it; little sleep, super busy, and no regular, day-to-day processes at all.  My co-workers have helped out, but the pressure was on me.  Yay, it's almost over!

And that Patty O'Malley, my sweet boycat, made sure I got some of his lovin' before I scraped the ice off of my windshield and drove off this morning.  He wasn't worried about his breakfast; he wanted me to know he was there for me.  What a guy!
Old photo of Patty O'Malley watching and waiting