09 April, 2015

Lost Dog

Last week, a co-worker alerted me to a dog in our parking lot!  Both he and I gingerly approached the pooch, but the dog just sat there and panted...and seemed to be shivering.

Scared doggie!
We went inside, pulled a ham sandwich apart, and put the pieces on a plate.  With a bowl of water, I approached the scared dog, and at first he didn't move.  We thought maybe he was injured; the road is not far away.  But then the dog walked over and wolfed down the food, and drank thirstily. 

Now what to do?  Thank goodness for Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue, because Laura answered my texts, then she got to work using social media to find a dog rescue group.  And she did!  A ReJOYceful Rescue raised their hand, and within an hour, the doggie was on his way to a better life.
Duet Selfie
He was horribly matted, and had gunk around his eyes stuck in his fur.  However, he became super playful, and once he knew we were bringers of food, he barked and jumped and was as sweet as could be. 

A email from A ReJOYceful Rescue a couple of days ago:
"He is doing great. He is still at the vet's being monitored. He should be going to a foster home this week.  Thank you for helping."
The dog was unneutered, and no microchip.  No tags either.
HURRAY!  And no, don't thank me...you are the one's with the hearts of gold who rescue day in and day out; that's true dedication!


  1. This is story is both uplifting - and sad beyond words. We purray that this sweet guy finds his forever home very quickly.

  2. dood...we R veree sorree circumstances bringed ya ta wear ya R in life rite now....high paws N headbonx...ouch.... two EVEREE ONE who helped get ewe de help & treet mint ya needed....all de best in findin a for evers ♥♥♥

  3. YAY!! We are glad he ended up in a good spot where he was found by you and then taken in to find a great new home. :)

  4. We're so glad the doggie has be rescued and we purr he finds a good home.

  5. We know he'll find a much better home now who'll take care of him properly!

  6. Oh, you are really wonderful! You save the life of this poor doggie. His life will be so much better thanks to you and everyone involved! It's great he is going to a foster home. I hope he will find forever home!!

  7. I am glad he was rescued and will have a good life now.

  8. Yes, but thank YOU anyway because they couldn't have worked their magic unless YOU brought him there. There are plenty of kudos to go around, with some for EVERYONE involved! XOXOXOX

  9. no matter what I am STILL thanking you!!!!! You probably saved that adorable dog's life. I hate to think that someone abandoned him but that sure appears to be the case. That poor baby! Sending ALL of you much love!

  10. This is your Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth serving all anipals except snakies!

    We is happy to reads good story! XXXX

  11. What a lucky guy to have found you and that you were able to help him get a new start at a great life. Hopefully he'll thrive in his foster home and find a great forever family.


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