17 April, 2015

Doggie Update


From ReJOYceful Rescue Facebook page, this lost doggie found in my office parking lot has been named Troy, and he's doing fabulously!  

Rescue rescue rescue! Adopt! Don't shop!!!
Why? Case and point #1: puppy mills.
Do you know what they are? Horrendous commercial breeders.
Dogs live in terrible conditions, wire bottom crates that they never come out of, save only for breeding. Once they stop breeding they're kicked to the curb (quite literally, like Troy on the left of the before and after photo). Many have defects and deformities from overbreeding (like sweet Troy). They are cruel and unregulated. A lot of these dogs are killed or dumped.
This sweet, poor baby doesn't even know how to be a dog. It's clear that he's never been in a home before, or on walks, or had treats. It's all incredibly foreign to him, but he's learning so quickly! He is learning love and what it's like to be a dog. Our best guess is when he stopped reproducing they dumped him off in a parking lot. He was terrified and froze there. It is so important to stop giving those places (pet stores, etc) your business, and visit a rescue next time you're looking for a new companion!
The most awesome part of this whole thing? How happy this baby is; how loving, sweet, and gentile. Years of neglect and he is still a lover. He wants to give kisses and be held. I think as humans, we have a lot to learn from that.
Yesterday, he was petrified of walks and leashes. Today he's soaking it all in! Look at this guy! Go Troy!! Look out for updates as he progresses!"

Thank you, Rejoyceful Rescue!  
Troy, way to go, little boy!


  1. We would never have guessed this was the same dog. We're so glad he got a happy new life chapter!

  2. Wow, what a difference! Hope he finds a home soon.

  3. That's awesome!! Thanks for caring enough to take action for him!

  4. What a wonderful update! Love the "after" photo. Troy looks super handsome! I hope he enjoys lots of walks, treats and love that he so deserves, and finds forever home soon!

  5. Look at that smile and those teeth! I imagine he is a new dog just by being free of all that matted fur. Hope he finds a wonderful home.

  6. Troy must feel so much better after being groomed. It's wonderful that he's enjoying his new experiences. Hopefully he'll find his new forever home soon.

  7. Wow, what a difference! We purr that cute Troy finds his forever home now.

  8. that's the same dog? Wow. Hoping he finds a furever home soon!

  9. I am glad he is doing so well and still loves people.

  10. high paws & big woofs two ewe troy !!! we hope ewe continue on de pawsitive; de blessings o st francis two ewe each N everee day ♥

  11. What a great update! Love his new look!

  12. Oh what a GREAT ending for Troy--thank Cod for the Humans who saved him XOXOXOXO


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