30 November, 2023

St. Andrew's Day

30 November is St. Andrew's Day in Scotland.

St. Andrew's Day is marked with a celebration of Scottish culture, and with traditional Scottish food and music. 

In Scotland the day is also seen as the start of a season of Scottish winter festivals encompassing Saint Andrew's Day, Hogmanay (31 December), and Burns Night (25 January).

Have collected a few Scottish memes and cartoons, for kicks and giggles, and no disrespect paid to anyone.

Am thankful for silliness!

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29 November, 2023

Just Don't!

It's Sweetnesday, but Queen Swee Wee isn't always the most photogenic when she's in a mood: 
Doesn't like when her human cat bed moves or speaks.
Just plain NOPE!
Having a bit of a difficult time getting her to eat in the past few days.

However, I mix her appetite stimulant into her food, and if she won't eat her meal...well, that's the conundrum.

The Hubby and I plan to carefully catalog what canned food she eats or turns away from, so I don't keep giving her what she doesn't like.

Despite this little set-back, we are very stubborn and will get yummy gushy 'fud' into our little old lady kitty!

And today, with it's 10 degree F windchill, makes me so very glad that she's asleep in her heated Sweetie Spa, with sunshine pouring in the window.

She'll never have to brave bad weather again.



27 November, 2023


It's PO'Monday!

From November, 2018:

What a presence Celestial Paddy had.

25 November, 2023

Nephew Doggo

It's Caturday!

Had the pleasure of visiting my doggo nephew on Thanksgiving...along with human relatives...but his portrait was more fun to artify
Prisma app, then I created a Google collage.

This is Sparky, who is 16 years old.
Click on the image to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.
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24 November, 2023


 As if we always call our feline overlords by their given names!

A list of recent lovey-dovey monikers:
Chili Bruce:
Neighbor's new cat Green Bean:
Baby Doll

23 November, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

May the warmth of the harvest fill your hearts this season.
We are thankful for all of our blog friends, commenters, and lurkers.

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22 November, 2023


It's Sweetnesday!

November, 2015, while an outside cat, the bright Autumn sunshine made Sweetie's fur simply glow.

21 November, 2023


It's Twozday!

Da Boyz have migrated to the huge doggo bed that we'd purchased for Celestial Chuck and Angel many years ago.

The countless adjustments they make in their napping positions, as they snooze away, are always favorite sights for the camera to record.

18 November
17 November
11 November

Interestingly enough, it appears that Manny is up at the top in all three images, while Chili Bruce takes up more space from his location.

CB is a bed hog!

20 November, 2023

November Blur

It's PO'Monday!

November, 2014

Poor photography skills on show, yet we think you still get the idea that there was some lovin' going on.
Paddy O'Malley: "Och, ya daftie, where'r me ears?"
20 November, 2017

Celestial Chucky flew off over The Rainbow Bridge.

Dude, we miss you, and know that your brofurs Manny and Chili Bruce have kept up with your manly housepanthery shenanigans.

19 November, 2023

Blink, and it's Monday

For kicks and giggles...
However fast the weekend seems to fly by, I am beyond grateful to be gainfully employed, have a sturdy roof over our heads, some spending money, and a life partner who continues to make me laugh after 30 years of marriage.

18 November, 2023

Home is Where The Cats Are

It's Caturday!

The weather has been changeable; rain, wind, clouds, then bright sunshine, falling leaves, gentle temps.

Black cats and sunpuddles, for your viewing and jigsaw playing pleasure today:
Sweetie, with a faceful of sun.
Artified with my Prisma app; click on the image to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle.
Chili Bruce, ears and ears.
Artified and made into a jigsaw puzzle.
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17 November, 2023

Postcards from NYC: Frick & Cloisters

Lastly, some images from the Frick Madison Museum, and The Met Cloisters.
"Ballet Rehearsal"
Edgar Degas
Frick Madison
"VΓ©theuil in Winter"
Claude Monet
Frick Madison
"Self Portrait"
Frick Madison
The Met Cloisters, situated in Fort Tryon Park, is full of European medieval art and architecture, with a focus on the Romanesque and Gothic periods.

Governed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it contains a large collection of medieval artworks shown in the architectural settings of French monasteries and abbeys.

Its buildings are centered around four cloisters.


A view of The Hudson, from The Met Cloisters.

Thank you for traveling with us around the art of New York City.

I'll spare you all the visit to the New York Natural History Museum, with its meteorites, dinosaur bones, the history of the indigenous peoples of the world (fascinating!), birds, and our solar system and The Big Bang.

Had such a wonderful time!

Am grateful to be home again, with Sweetie head-bunting my chin in the middle of the night, Manny always trying to jump onto the kitchen counters, and Chili Bruce licking out my oatmeal bowl every morning.

The Hubby kept Eastside Cats in purrfect running order while I was away; guess he's a keeper!