27 December, 2015


While preparing for my family Christmas Eve gathering, I wrenched my back something awful.  The Hubby helped me to bed to lay down, brought up a bag of frozen corn kernels (for the ouchie spot on my spine), and pain pills. Until this morning, that's all I could do for days; even laughing hurt!  Could barely pull on socks...well, we've all had our aches and pains.  Sweetie and Patty O'Malley ate tuna for Christmas dinner, and Angel and Chuck were offered popcorn.

Am better now, thanks to rest.  And although the temps have been mild here in Michigan, it is now dropping into freezing territory. My sympathies go out to the folks in Texas and parts of the South that are getting hammered by storms and cold.  

23 December, 2015

Farewell, Sophie

Sophie in front, Shelby in back
I posted about Sophie and Shelby four times this year (4/12/15, 6/14/15, 6/26/15 & 7/1/15). Unfortunately, Sophie was struck down suddenly yesterday, and passed away within a mile of the veterinarian's office while on route.   It was a seizure, which they attribute to a blood clot.  She heard loving words and felt loving hands as she left this world.

Paws For The Cause cared for these two all of their lives, and will continue to search for Shelby's furrever home.  Rest in Peace, Sophie; all of us loved your sweet face, your flirty personality, and your sisterly devotion.

22 December, 2015

Patty o' the morn!

Patty O'Malley followed me to my car this morning, as I tried to leave on time for work.  He was meowing and lovin' and so sweet...

Patty had no intention of standing still; I could NOT get a clear photo of him!

And yes...I was late for work.

P.S. The Hubby witnessed this entire exchange from the front porch, where he sipped his coffee and chuckled.

18 December, 2015

He's back!

Look at him, giving me the stare!
After this, he climbed along my window too
This cheeky squirrel was all over me this afternoon!  He took begging to new heights, in my opinion.

Could this be the same squirrel that jumped on my car hood in January (see post here) or visited my picnic table in August (see post here)?

All I know, is that today my sandwich was already eaten, so I had nothing to give this crazy squirrel. I do not agree with feeding wildlife (HA!  I feed stray cats, right?!?), but I would have tossed this guy something if I would have had it.  It's been a fairly mild winter so far, little squirrely, so I think you are doing okay.

Note to self: stash a bag of seeds in the console!  If I'm going to visit a park that is a squirrel heaven at lunch, I had better be prepared in the future.

15 December, 2015

Obsession with Socks Continues

Found: in other bedroom
Found: in downstairs hall
Found: in upstairs hall
Found: in Chuck's new luxury box suite
Found: stuck under bedroom door
(Notice home-made cat flap cut into door!)

Chuck is still stealing my socks, and depositing them all over the house.  In the middle of the night, stepping on a soft, woolly sock can give a person a heart attack!  Wha...did I just step on a cat? A dead...something?  A hairball...or worse...?  Yet, I pick up all the socks, and put them back where they came from.  Seems to be a game that only Chuck and I play.  There are two blue and grey socks, two tan/grey, and two blue stripes/grey. Sometimes, all six socks are missing and other days Chuck doesn't take any.  He doesn't steal any other types of socks, such as dress socks or The Hubby's athletic ones.  He often carries two socks together, too, and I assure you that these are washed and clean socks.  Finding a sock in his new favorite box bed was a real treat!

14 December, 2015

Cat Photos Disaster Averted

Saturday began like any other day.  But when I loaded the library movie DVD into my iMac computer, it would not play, nor would it eject again. Horrors!  I searched online to find a solution. Reboot, reset, hold down four keys...nothing worked.  In desperation, I called Apple Support, and made an appointment to bring my computer to the local store for a check-up on Sunday.  Overnight, I thought that maybe I had inadvertently left an old CD of cat photos in the optical drive, and I had stuffed a second DVD in there. No wonder things aren't working!

Next morning, with The Hubby's help, we put double-faced tape on an old credit card, and managed to fish out the library DVD.  Whew!  But no other CD or DVD or anything came out of that slot.  I tried to scour the internet again, looking for self-help...and our internet service went down!  So did our TV feed, and the hour was close approaching when NFL games were broadcast.  OH NOES! After calls and reboots, we got our internet and TV back, but that darn optical drive was a no go. I started worrying about the 10,000 or 11,000 (yep, thousand!) cat and family photos I have on my computer; could they be in trouble too?  Sweat broke out on my forehead. No way was I losing Chuck and Angel's baby photos, or pics of Sammy and George, who are no longer with us!

The nice people at the Apple store whisked me to the Genius Bar, and my iMac was looked over. The 2009 optical drive is kaput, and they no longer make parts for it.  We discussed obtaining a external CD/DVD drive ($20-$30), and that's when I asked about backing up my cat photos.  Let's face it; they are mostly cat photos, with a couple of hundred of family or travel. That's when the price tag jumped to $70, for an external drive of one terabyte.  I gladly handed the credit card over, because CAT PHOTOS MUST BE SAVED, at all costs.

Computer back home, and The Hubby hooked up our old DVD player, so I could finally watch the movie from the library without incurring late fees. Only shot about ten cat photos this weekend, due to these other issues, but now they are all safe!  Disaster averted!

Blurry Sunday selfie with Chuck

Not my home computer, but you get the idea
of how many cat photos I have!
You too?

11 December, 2015


Received early Christmas presents from my co-worker, and boy, does she know what I like!  The book, "Sorry, I Barfed On Your Bed" by Jeremy Greenberg is an adorable set of essays by kitties who are trying to live a cat life in human homes.  I also received a very cool photo frame; it says, "Love My Cat"!

AND...My very own Quint painting has arrived!  Go to Colehaus Cats to see all the neato artwork that Quint creates, plus a terrific blog by the kitties mom.  I chose Quint's painting of Spring, because it's my favorite time of the year.

I am so excited to have this cat booty!  Thank you, CD for the gifts, and to Colehaus Cats for the painting!

But wait...there's more!  I purchased a big cat pillow over the weekend, and used an old box to make a new beddy for Chuck, up on the bookcase. Actually, I thought it would suit Angel's black-and-white fur perfectly, but once Chuck found it, he claimed it as his!  That old Gateway box is a hoot; cannot believe it's been kicking around the house for all these years.  We all certainly SCORED this week, with great cat stuff all around!

08 December, 2015

Outside Stairs Update: Progress!

Here comes Patty, climbing the stairs!
Come a little closer, big guy!
Eating some kibble in the open door
Checking out the rest of the balcony
Tried to lure him inside, by going in myself
He was nervous about stepping in
Patty looks in through the cat flap
After one final tweak of the outside stairs, I can get Patty to come up to visit!  The open door and cat flap are still too scary for him to venture through, but each day we move his challenge line a tiny bit farther.  Sweetie watches from below; she has not yet jumped up.  And don't mind the scrapes and scuffs; everything is ad hoc around here.

07 December, 2015

"Wasn't me!"

"Don't know what you're talking about, Mom!
There's no white fur hanging from my mouth!"

"Nope, I didn't take a bite outta Angel!
Oh...that...well, you haven't swept in a day...I got it from the floor!
Yeah, that's it...not Angel's fur, nope..."
P.S. Chuck has not really recovered from his last vet trip.  The things he stopped doing; mostly litterbox items, have resurfaced.  The Hubby and I hope Chuck will settle down again, but unfortunately yesterday he had a run in with the fabric I used to cover Patty and Sweetie's traps during their visit for dental exams, and he now crouches in the corners as if expecting visitor cats to appear!  I've secured everything now, but we've got to get Chuck to feel comfortable again.  He's just so very sensitive!  I've tried diffusers purchased at the box stores in the past, with little success.  If anyone has suggestions, please comment.  Are Jackson Galaxy's herbal remedies, or Bach Flower Essences helpful?  Thanks!  Otherwise, I'm thinking a script for Xanax or Zoloft may be our next step, poor baby.  For the cat, not for me...but then again....?!?

03 December, 2015

Patty O'Malley: Clown Cat

Who cares about gravity?

Photo-bombing Sweetie

Looking gorgeous

Sun worshiper

Snow Cat O'Malley
The Many Silly Faces of Patty O'Malley
No wonder why I love this kitty!

01 December, 2015

When I get home...

I am the primary cat food distributor in the house.  The Hubby subs for me if I'm out late at work, or when I take my annual girls-only long weekends in the summer.  Therefore, when I step in the front door after work, this is Angel and Chuck's cue to start dancing for their dinner.

During the recent Thanksgiving holiday, I was home four days in a row.  With shopping and visiting family, I was in and out of the house quite a bit. However, even when I arrived home at 2:30 pm, the cats went into their begging mode, as if it was dinner time!  They kept at it for as long as it took for me to cave in and feed 'em.  Then, of course, they were hungry before bedtime, and tried for more food then.  I ended up dishing out venison and green pea so many times, that the kitchen sink filled up with used, empty bowls, and thats when The Hubby started to yowl too!

Being back to the usual work schedule has put an end to this dance.  And did I mention that Chuck won't eat all of his meal, until I put sprinkles on it? "Sprinkles" is our word for nutritional yeast, which is powdery, flaky stuff, Parmesan cheese-like.  I've been mixing it into the 'o' cat's food, and learned that it was a great way to encourage Chuck to eat when he was off his feed while sick.  Now, he'll eat about 1/3 of his meal, then step away until I 'sprinkle' the bowl with a pinch of yeast.  Angel makes a sweet 'meow' as I sprinkle her food too.  Do these two (or is it really four?) cats have me wrapped around their paws or what!?!

Feed me, Mama!