07 December, 2015

"Wasn't me!"

"Don't know what you're talking about, Mom!
There's no white fur hanging from my mouth!"

"Nope, I didn't take a bite outta Angel!
Oh...that...well, you haven't swept in a day...I got it from the floor!
Yeah, that's it...not Angel's fur, nope..."
P.S. Chuck has not really recovered from his last vet trip.  The things he stopped doing; mostly litterbox items, have resurfaced.  The Hubby and I hope Chuck will settle down again, but unfortunately yesterday he had a run in with the fabric I used to cover Patty and Sweetie's traps during their visit for dental exams, and he now crouches in the corners as if expecting visitor cats to appear!  I've secured everything now, but we've got to get Chuck to feel comfortable again.  He's just so very sensitive!  I've tried diffusers purchased at the box stores in the past, with little success.  If anyone has suggestions, please comment.  Are Jackson Galaxy's herbal remedies, or Bach Flower Essences helpful?  Thanks!  Otherwise, I'm thinking a script for Xanax or Zoloft may be our next step, poor baby.  For the cat, not for me...but then again....?!?


  1. Aw, poor kid! Have you tried giving him an article of your (worn) clothing to comfort him? We've never tried that but we've heard it sometimes helps. What about a bit of baby food as a special treat? That ALWAYS works for us (but we are little Hoovers).

    Oh, and about that fur? That happens all the time between Ivan and Izzy! Sometimes their playing gets a little wild and Mom finds tufts of fur on the floor, if not stuck in somebody's teeth. Nevertheless, I hope Angel wasn't hurt!

  2. We're so sorry to hear this. Toby is the sensitive one in this house, so we do understand. No real suggestions, just lots of love and attention.

  3. Ah yeah, the old floof-on-the-floor excuse. We're heard that one before. We've heard good things about the Jackson Galaxy herbal remedies but have not had to try it yet. Dad Colehaus swears by Mr. Galaxy's methods though!

  4. guys....due knot laff.....tell yur mom ta put sum harp mewsic on de ray de oh ore her computerz...plane nothin else added harp mewsic....it werked round heer bak when sauce was still with us { ♥♥♥ } chex out this linx ~~
    it iz old...... but mite help


    1. Wow, how cool is that! Thanx for the suggestion!

  5. Poor Chuck. We've tried the JG spirit essences and we'd have to say the jury is still out on whether they work. The thing about using them or any of those types of things is to use a lot and consistency. We hope Chuck settles down soon.

  6. Poor Chuck. I am sorry I have no advice though.:(

  7. Poor Chuck. If his anxiety is severe, it may be more relief for him to be on a prescription medication. There are a lot of options and your vet would need to determine what's safe for Chuck.
    WebMd has a nice article about options and I'm sure lots of other reputable pet sites do too. Hopefully you can find something that helps calm his nerves. Maybe he'd like some nice classical music or extra kitty massages? :-)

  8. I'm sorry Chuck isn't feeling well. Niko is a nervous kitty and I tried both remedies you mentioned, but I didn't see any difference. I'm sure they will work for some kitties, though. What seems to have helped Niko most is safe places, especially high places. I hope Chuck will recover soon xoxo


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