Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Obsession with Socks Continues

Found: in other bedroom
Found: in downstairs hall
Found: in upstairs hall
Found: in Chuck's new luxury box suite
Found: stuck under bedroom door
(Notice home-made cat flap cut into door!)

Chuck is still stealing my socks, and depositing them all over the house.  In the middle of the night, stepping on a soft, woolly sock can give a person a heart attack!  Wha...did I just step on a cat? A dead...something?  A hairball...or worse...?  Yet, I pick up all the socks, and put them back where they came from.  Seems to be a game that only Chuck and I play.  There are two blue and grey socks, two tan/grey, and two blue stripes/grey. Sometimes, all six socks are missing and other days Chuck doesn't take any.  He doesn't steal any other types of socks, such as dress socks or The Hubby's athletic ones.  He often carries two socks together, too, and I assure you that these are washed and clean socks.  Finding a sock in his new favorite box bed was a real treat!


  1. We just love this! Could it be a kind of reverse dead bird thing--maybe he thinks you're leaving them as gifts for him to take? In any case, we just love the obsession. It's so much better than, say, Ivan dropping toys into the water fountain.

  2. Hey, socks are a really big deal... with some kittehs. Our cousin Max (woofie) LOVED pulling socks right off people's feet.

  3. That is so funny! We've never taken up sock stealing.

  4. Socks! Hey, we never thought of lugging one of those around... *taking notes, so many notes*

  5. It's so funny Chuck steals wool socks but not dress or athletic ones :-) How cute he brings them to his suite, too!

  6. dood....may bee de dood in red will bring ewe a bak up set oh yur fav o rite sox.... N then yur mom will be like...huh....eye thought eye picked that sox up !!! ♥♥♥

  7. Odd as it may be to step on a sock in the middle of the night, these sock adventures are going to be fantastic memories. Hopefully Chuck keeps this little game going for a long time.


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