14 December, 2015

Cat Photos Disaster Averted

Saturday began like any other day.  But when I loaded the library movie DVD into my iMac computer, it would not play, nor would it eject again. Horrors!  I searched online to find a solution. Reboot, reset, hold down four keys...nothing worked.  In desperation, I called Apple Support, and made an appointment to bring my computer to the local store for a check-up on Sunday.  Overnight, I thought that maybe I had inadvertently left an old CD of cat photos in the optical drive, and I had stuffed a second DVD in there. No wonder things aren't working!

Next morning, with The Hubby's help, we put double-faced tape on an old credit card, and managed to fish out the library DVD.  Whew!  But no other CD or DVD or anything came out of that slot.  I tried to scour the internet again, looking for self-help...and our internet service went down!  So did our TV feed, and the hour was close approaching when NFL games were broadcast.  OH NOES! After calls and reboots, we got our internet and TV back, but that darn optical drive was a no go. I started worrying about the 10,000 or 11,000 (yep, thousand!) cat and family photos I have on my computer; could they be in trouble too?  Sweat broke out on my forehead. No way was I losing Chuck and Angel's baby photos, or pics of Sammy and George, who are no longer with us!

The nice people at the Apple store whisked me to the Genius Bar, and my iMac was looked over. The 2009 optical drive is kaput, and they no longer make parts for it.  We discussed obtaining a external CD/DVD drive ($20-$30), and that's when I asked about backing up my cat photos.  Let's face it; they are mostly cat photos, with a couple of hundred of family or travel. That's when the price tag jumped to $70, for an external drive of one terabyte.  I gladly handed the credit card over, because CAT PHOTOS MUST BE SAVED, at all costs.

Computer back home, and The Hubby hooked up our old DVD player, so I could finally watch the movie from the library without incurring late fees. Only shot about ten cat photos this weekend, due to these other issues, but now they are all safe!  Disaster averted!

Blurry Sunday selfie with Chuck

Not my home computer, but you get the idea
of how many cat photos I have!
You too?


  1. Whew! Disaster averted is right! My mom's photo collection dates back to her first digital camera (before me, even!) and it's mostly us too, so she can only imagine the panic you felt! (She did learn the hard way to back everything up on an external drive years ago.)

    Maybe Santa will bring you a new Apple!

  2. scary! Glad you the photos are all safe and sound! Also glad to know I'm not the only one with thousands of cat pictures! Don't take pictures of much else. people? why get photos of people when you can get the cats!

  3. I'm glad you averted a cat photo disaster.
    I'm only at 19.2 GB of cat photos which is easy enough to copy to a flash drive and put in the safe. The older paper photos would be a bummer to lose...I should get to scanning those but what a chore!

  4. Wow, that's a lot you had to deal with! So glad the kitty photos are safe. I have gazillion of kitty photos, too, and would be devastated if I lost them. Disaster avarted indeed!

  5. guys....tell yur mom ta chex out shutterfly; noe feez...noe worreez....noe limitz.... we got a bazillion fotoz ther N haz had em there for like kleer bak ta gram paw dude's time !! ♥♥♥

  6. I am glad your photos and the dvd are safe.


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